Mutant Run

Author: Sixcube

100,000+ install


Mutant Run – Choise mutant run to win!

Detailed info

File size: 50M
Update time: January 14, 2022
Current version: 1.0.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Sixcube
Price: Free
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Customer review

chea sovy

Good game

Arvind Choudhary


Georges Raad

i gave it 2 stars just for one thing that loading truck has super low capacity while you have 40 pcs capacity it takes just 10 it became super crowded and you cant have the option of upgrade you loading capacity

Badr younsi

It end it so fast

Mohit Pukhraj


Shaista Junaid

Installing waiting time long

Krunal Pandya

Got bored after 2hr

prikitiw ahay

Annoying ads like alwys

Liviu Leonov

After getting all 12 animals, the game is literraly that. Won't recommend playing it more than a few hours.

Shauvik Fouzdar

Very much add. No one can play this game cause of random and repeated add

Lincoln Dude

This game is dope

Rani Abdallah

I love this game


Bad game

Valerie Rocha

fun at first funny actually but after the last animal part (aligator) thats it you just keep collecting money but there are no new animals and now its boring

harry chetry

A bit good

Rabih Elsaleous

Nice game

Reynard Reveche

Dipota law ay2 nga hampang

richard marcilla


manish dangi

-100 star If I can give this game I will. This shitti game I not saw ever. Don't download don't waste data and your time also.

Juan Carlos Magtalas

The track is too short, plus the laboratory thing made the game boring, it takes me more time there than the actual game. There's also so many ads which makes the entire experience just a waiting game.

Credit Junction

Very boring game...don't download

Sitakanta Mohanty

Worst game development.

Justin Thomas

Too many ads

Amitosh Biswas

Finished it within 1 day. After u reach 2M there will be no skin left alligator is the last skin.

Ansh Mahajan


Aditiya varma


Mohd Hasnain Abbasi

Very bad

Salman Diwan


Zerro Tooval


Althiah Marcos

It nice game pero its so sinsitive

Matthew Hatcher


Joe gowler


Ankit Bal

For one of those runner games this has a lot of potential

Robin Carter

Take lots of time, and is buggy

Andrew Hand

Way too many forced ads

Anees Hassan



Not bad

Thanges Pavi

This not long game shord game iam finish in4 days compelte the game not to install the game..😔

Muhammad Fawad

Just finished in a day ... Very short game with less oppertunities

Surendra Reddy

Fake game don't Download this game

YUVI Hundal

Gud game

Emman Penaranda

Its a cool game too

Jagdeep Singh Shergill

Awesome fun game

Rizwan Ahmad

Nice game but too short to play, it tooks me a couple of hours to make everything upgrade, then there is only ads nothing to play more for it

Muhammad Azhar

It is very authentic game who got depression that he will recover easily like me🙂

Qasim Aamir


Lal Thai

So fun game i like it

Kiran KR

Very bad game

Marwa Meer


Nejima Yuuji

Fun at first after 3 hours i finish it. Unlock all animals and unlock all lab machines theres nothing to do anymore became boring well thanks n goodbye

Patrick Jay Claridad

The concept of the game is good but the way you unlock mutations is so trash

whoosh air

Too many ads, with very sly close buttons

Om sai Shirsatg


John soloman

My favorite game

Amy Waine


Shiva prabha 1


MR Bazil

It's great but have some 5 sec adss

Cow AJ

Way to many ads like WAAYYY too many

Ehtisham Ali

It's good game for me 😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌

Fran Guillin

Ads ads ads

Sufiyan Shaikh

Bad game

Pankaj Saini

Bekar game h🤮🤮🤮🤮

Sherie Yat YC

I give it a try...ay d beginning quite fun to play ....after got soo many animals last was gorilla 🦍...then I saved saved alot money to get it next level..not little 2M to get to another level &then after the 2M...they require another 2M for new animal.. repeated 2 times like then I feel like being cheated...soo very tired to play again like no ending

Ramon Cape

+ the game was fun - ads pop up every minute - pretty short gameplay, can upgrade everything in an hour - dead end at 2million upgrade

sufyan sheikh

Land jasa game hn bhusriwalo ko bana ata ni hn bus Kuch bhi bana daty hn bhusriwalo ny Sirf add he rakhy hoy hn ismei.


Great game, but I completed it too soon. Needs to have more longevity, more animal powers and more things to do at the base.

Chaiwat Washirasaksiri

great game

Altamash Sayyed

Very poor 😕

Muhammad Hassan Yusuf Al-Fitrah

Are u sure make this stupid game?

Mahendra Gurung

Nice game

Chase Melton

So what am i suppose to do when my factory is running full force and i have all the aninals like there noting else i can do like maybe upgrade factory to make it bigger and bigger trucks cus of right now its just pointless and didnt take me very long eaither like less then an hr

Alecs Marian


Fun PlayZ

Meh too short of a game

Prabhavathi Gowdas



I like the game but in lab you can't store jars when you put all 10 machines also the truck took 10 jars in once that's too slow developer should upgrade lab otherwise i like the game

M Adnan Shabir

Good game, you can play it offline 👍

Muzamil Khan

Good app

King tf

This is game is very easy ✊✊

swarup Dutta

Most boring game with lots of add

Jumel Baulite

very boring

Mehdi Khyraj

Too much battery consumption but good time pass.

gabriele Ferrero

Nice and funny

Gabriel Algalan


Jolinde van Dijk

Fun game to get you through the day, but WAY too many ads. I get that it's part of a free game, but literally every minute is a bit too much for me. Had a nice couple of hours with it but not worth spending money on an ad-free version.

Its Dawo

It was fun but after I got the crododile it just didnt say what Animal is next and when I bought another Animal it didnt give me anything so goof game but boring end

Tone Tea

I finished the game in less than 2days.

Bittu Bhai

This game is completely useless please no one download it. The run style of this game is completely useless i hate 😖 game

Aaron Fidanza

The game is nice but you CAN'T SHOW ADS EVERY 60 SECONDS

izwan Lahh


Muhammad Luqman

VIP Game

Muhammad Ayan

This is very bad game

Navaneeth N. V

Very bad game,

emad ahmed

Perfect 🥰

Kennedby 04


Laxman Choure


Aesthetic videos By lovleen


Mohit Panghal

Dumb wroste game i have ever played

Akash Tungar


Salman King007

Time pass game

Aman Shrivastav

Too poor