Music Pvp : multiplayer online

Author: linhtran

500,000+ install


Music Pvp : multiplayer online – Defeat rival climb top rank

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File size: 124M
Update time: August 9, 2021
Current version: 1.4
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: linhtran
Price: Free
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Customer review

Alayna Prestwood

I love this game, if you uninstall it and install it back it saves ALL your progress! I just wish you could play with friends and family, other then that 5 star rating!

Wilde Ortilano


Tae Mokuya

This is f Jk

Che Adam


Snow Crystal

I hate when I can't download the app

Matthew hollow

Fr: this game is pretty good, like hey it's a fake Multi-player but that okay. Some of charting on easy is just SLOW and kinda anoying and the game fair. Bf is easy but being a opponent is not that hard just get good at the game. Very fun also stop changing your app's name

Stormy Wiggins

It's pretty good it's cool it's fun but it keeps making me lose even if I won and whenever I use custom it's always makes the song I pick different from what I picked

rivkah Ayurveda

But your fnf lover tho 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭An

Krishna Lal Dey

The best game players are next level they send emoji

Elexus Thomas

It is super fun to play you need to download this now so if you have a downloaded it download it now


I give one star add more mods pls

Damjan Minic

Cool game!I really love game fnf and this is pvp!Soooo COOOOL! I'm give you 5 stars really good game!

Sierra Ravenell

This game is so awesome 😎

Kavin Uberoi

Sue this the blends are and there hacker fix our God game game of your

Zeirin Kamado Kamizaki

I love the game but need bug fix cuz there is a few problem trying to click the battle button but its not working sometimes so i hope this will be fix soon😊

Sondra Williams

Wow where do I begin sorry I just don't know how to say it THIS IS THE BEST MULTIPLAYER FNF IVE EVERSEEN

Studio LLC

i hate this app

Alex Rivera

I would rate it 4.95 out of 5 because I play on computer (Google Chome OS) and i cant press the notes with wasd and the arrow keys. Please fix this. If you fix it, I will rate 5. Thank you for helping if you did.

RP anims

fix the accuracy.

Bahar Bari

I love it but 4 star because I can't play with my brother:/ download this game that's so cool



Nogen Rai

This game is good but it need new weeks and bug fixes

Ma. Jihyanna Rayne Dawal

Can you Make a Update With a New Mod Please Am Bored

ganis abi

It's random song

A Google user

This gamer I want to play time but I want fnf 2 I see so fun let's hang out in gamer real one fun 🙇‍♀️ idk I forgot with a song 🎵 🙇‍♀️ for is real 👉🙇‍♀️


The game is great and is so fun!!! But there is a bug that does not go away at all; every time I a press the arrows my score goes down!!! Plus that happens everytime even when I don't miss any of the arrows!! Please fix this!! Thank you (•‿•)(•‿•)(•‿•)

morshed nasrin

This game is cool but i cant get to week 3 in another device so i rated 3 stars but i got in week 12 in this device

kiki james

There's two things I love this game and gacha Club but you need to let people pick the play with their friends or siblings on offline mode and online mode by the way my name is Kamari Miley Cyrus

Kaleb Pillay

This game this sick

Larry Johnson

Cool 😎👌💎💰💸😎 game 🎮


If nobody have friday night funkin online just play this game

Karter Rives

It is the best game

Cameron Speirs

I love the game but I would like to more mods like mag agent torture and Hank

Julia Abastillas

IDK If its good

E cube- Animates

There's just one issue, in ballistic it's unfair for the person that's playing as whitty cuz after that hard spam section bf starts getting alot more notes making the person playing as whitty just lose

Jacob Fannin

Try this game out its pretty awesome but it's a little hard but good I still give 5 stars

Your local idiot • 10 years ago

I don't play the game anymore it's kinda boring now.

Kayleigh Thomas

Update the game

Axel Busha

I practice fnf you can not win I always win practice everyday

J Gaum

Just like fnf but with mods but the volume is really low

Hamran Anjom

I hate this game this is bad

Ashton Cook

Pretty fun but I think you should make the training mode where you can pick the song you play and it should be not only for offline players. Otherwise I recommend playing as I am hooked

jane Manalo

Good and also hard.


dropping 1 star because the accuracy system sucks broooooo

Ola Akinbote

Ashley just came for very long and I still like it


Needs arrow customization to be different and too many ads

Stewart James


A Google user

It's ok.. ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯ but it was still good fun

Owen Mitchell

It could have been better BUT GUNS AND STRESS ON EASY IS TO DAMN SLOW (it could also have way more weeks)

Nur Rasyida

Wow! I like this game! You can play fnf multiplayer in mobile! But there is one problem.The problem is if you tap long notes in week 10 as bf your accuary is low.And someone hacks accuary.When they playing their accuary becomes up.And the accuary not 100.I saw their accuary is 110.And as i just say that's cheating.

Lydia Marcella

Wow! This game is totally great! I finally can play fnf multiplayer.It's really fun.I and my sister enjoy playing it.But there is one problem.The problem is when we play week 10 and become bf,when i play parish song in easy mode and tap the long notes my accurry goes down than sarvante.I don't know why but this game is fun to.Great game yeah.

Maison Wallace

This is dumb I realized u vs ai that not player screw this I'm out


Its fun but the only thing is all the ads and i wish the creator would add like a friend system or something but those minor besides that Great Game!!

Jaelin Wright

Honestly this is an awesome game! The only problem that I have with this game is that when I play fresh, (the beatboxing section at the beginning and end of the song) even when I hit all of the arrows, ( and holding them for as long as they should be held) my accuracy goes down. You should fix that.

Ashley Tiong


Jared Claassen

I love it but pls make it so that all these weeks are already unlocked and you can pick wich song and character


I love the game but can you add matt mod plz

Jayne Sarah Villaber

Actually EZ to me

Crystal Condo

Sing battles! 1


The game is great! But I wish there was a choice to set up options to play with somebody like a sibling or friend. There was also a bug I encountered while playing week 3. The bug stopped all my arrows when I missed one, and then all the arrows would overlap with the ones at the bottom. Can you fix this please? Thank you :)

John Koffa

Erase the nerd face it's annoying

Ruel Paloma

What is this fake game when my enemy missed i loss the game in, ballastic i have no misses but the enemy is dum,... And i want rounding like phase 1 2 3 round...

Rahul Das

Koushik 💩💩💩💩

tatrell palmer

Love the game but i would like it if u could add players and talk to them and like add new mode ibwould really appreiciate it thank u :)

Aswohlish Bestar


ash tron


Michael Grover


Chris Ortega

I like it but what it looks awesome I like it play day everyday everyday☺

Ezekiel Baldoza

Hello I love this game can you add most score least misses because if I get the enemy I always lose so pls add it

Michael Angelo


Ann Ishola

Love this game it is fun to play with my brother he loves this game!!!!!!!!!!!

Paid Games

I want this game i see and i play this game at my friend his name his its philines his name is koykoy his phone have this game and i want to download it on my grandma's phone i want do to download it bec is the best the reason is i give it 5 star

Levi Siefker

Fun Game

Spencer Dupuis

It's a pretty fun game and probably the closet thing to fnf mobile you can get too. The reason I only gave it 4 stars is because there is no report system. So i can't report hackers

Ali Shuhaybir

ITS THE STUPID GAME IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discount purple guy Walmart brand trash can

Cool when you messup but do not want to work for level ok but it ok


Hackers... it's accuracy increase each time they miss... Fix? (Also randomized arrow all around the screen unable to press cause of hackers)

Sunny MøønŁïght

It's pretty good but one problem when u play as the enemy u ALWAYS lose so can u fix that?

David McKenna

Stupid on hard mode it rigged it's way to fast

Yurie Jhill Camugao

Good game:-)

etsehiwot bekele

Tbh this is the best game but. There Are Hackers. Like dude his accuracy is increased to 107 like rlly dude.

Agung Sudarmaputra

This is so good all the weeks and its so funn

Lianne N. Spruill

Its fun playing it with other players weither you lose or win



Omid Pourhazrat


Rogelbert Tamondong

This game is sucks

Adam Boyd

Please fix your game i all i want you to fix is when you lose you dont lose any chrophes loss that is it please fix that hey i am back and i hit the notes and it wont count them and i lose bc of it please fix that

LovelyLady Carter


Kevin Wong

Fnf is the best thing ever

Sans Uzumaki

Good but it's a bit off... U need to make it look better and plz put indie cross or megalovania idc I just want sans

Zaman Ahmed

I love this game it is so much fun to play but please add some new mods there are so many fnf mods please add few❤️❤️

jedideah Chitsora

This game is amazing but the only problem is that please fix the health bar please make an option were we could do the one with the highest score wins please and thank you

Eesa Hussain

I like this game

Guillermo Morales

I found a hacker named bro but I enjoy this game I am so good at it

Mirembe katsuva Sivahera



This Could Be A Great Game If The Game Was Actully Multiplayer And Have It All Not Be B-Side

TheLonleySewers Rat

Really amazing game but I have come to complain how it chooses the songs for you. Seriously if I get Fresh from week 1 or Monster from week 2 I'm gonna go insane these are my 2 favorite weeks but I can rarely play any other song.

Lauren Owelicio

Maybe can be more like real players and to have more songs?...

David Vega

This game was good but now its now, to many people are toxic not. I would love it if you please removed the emote bar please or atleast make a way to disable it so you can't use it or see others use them.

Kathy Sweet

Very good except the characters are stuck on b side ;-; plz change to original. Overall BEST FNF RIPOFF!