Muscle Race 3D

Author: GOODROID,Inc.

10,000,000+ install


Muscle Race 3D – Collect your own color dumbbell and Build up your body.Win the race!!

Detailed info

File size: 84M
Update time: August 19, 2021
Current version: 1.0.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: GOODROID,Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Md Faruk

You are BOSS is the best wife e-mail address and student loans no credit for you to the same time and where? I have a

Poor Boy




PCP Prashanto

So many ads

Onexent Abbas


Munashe Chipangura

I love this game but the ads are to much

Kiran Gangwar

Add add add add band kro

Brenda bunnyboo

The game is really hard and within the first 2 minutes the game crashed.

Abanga Ayamba

Goooooooooooood game

Monika Baisla

Very good game for bodybuilder 12 year

Mahamudul Hasan Shishir

This game contains full of ads. Don't download it

Dominion Marketing and Logistics Company ltd


Abdullah Algahtani

The developers of this game are simply greedy. The game is unplayable. 1 level has 5 mins of ads.

Sirajudin reza Sheikh

nice to meet your game

Ravi Yadav


gangster gammer


Mekala Babu


ayush vadi

Pls fast download

Somnath Ashtekar

Nice 👍 game

Kiana Karimzadeh

خیلی بازی آشغالیه فقدر می خوام بدونم سازندش کی بوده

Santosh Sargade

लव्ह यौ

wajid ullah

Sameer KING

Ms Sohag

সাজু ইসলাম


Madrcod apps

margaret kimata

Ok u like the l is not bad!

Mani kandan



মযভতম ভণভচভ

Javon Schmucker

WWAAAYYYYYYYYYY TO MANY DAMN ADDS otherwise it's fun....... U watch 2× adds than u do play so I am deleting this game

kumar Anshu

Bad game

Bappe Bappe

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আমার সবুজ বাংলা,


Beckham Gengie

It's not playing And must be more fun

Gary Mcduffie

Nothing but ads

Giwa Ayishatu

It's a nice game

Swajan Bowali

Nice game

Shyam Pokhrel

Thikkai xa guys ,😄😄😄

Noor Hussain

B e jk D

rubina syed

Too much adds

Mushtaq Ahmad Abbas

It is amazing game but too many ads

Devil Gaming

this game is very too bad there are too many ads

Mohammed Mohammed

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Alraf Khan

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yousef shehab

Too many advertisers

krisha Poudel

It is the best game

Sandip Kumar Yadav


Chuks Samson

Muscle Race 3D 💪💪💪

Abhi Jaiswal

Very nice game

reimie debarros

It's a great game when I download it's so very easy to un install.. you know something like that..

Lagos Bistro

l love playing this w

Dhanraj Nesur


Hammad Ali

Very nice let's go to download and enjoy your day

lewam Tesfay

This game is awesome and entertaining but to many ads that's why I only give it 3 stars ⭐ please can you fix that and turn it to a 5 stars ⭐ game thanks

Mikay Castillo

Good game

Jihad Hosen

অনেক ভালো গেমস ছিল 🙂🙂

Nexxi special

This game is horrible, Ads every second.

khalil panhwer

i like this game 7 second ads why reasons

Marvellous Folorunso

F**kin ads 😑 man.. literally every secs.. this game and the creators have no chill at all... if there we're not to choose any star to post the review compulsory y'all guy's are getting zero stars for real!

Atipa Sabrina


A Google user


Rafiq Ahmed


Rinku Gangwar





Installed it then unistalled it in less than 1 minute. Literally ad came after 7 seconds, nd it requires internet to play this game so i think they should have the option to give 0 stars.

Varsha Chaoudhary

Your game is so much nice👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Sinyeoil Nigeria

9th and I have not

Akash Das


Sandhya Rani C.B

3 ster because it is for boys i am a girl so three ster but i like this game and it is very nice game

Firdos Alam


Amara Mashingaidze

This game is full of Ads !!! If I could I would give it a zero!!! Ad after ad after!!!🤬🤬 Do not download this game it's a waste of time!!!! I would give it less than zero if possible....

Emrys Lallawmawma Chhakchhuak

bad games.....can't even play too much ads

Endris zazi Drey

You guys are stupid I mean I download the game with my sub and now you are making me watch stupid ads

Ayan Islam

This game is so good I'm

mike millwood


Nesar Ahmad Shirzy

دوانه بچه گگ

Tuhin Tuhin Khan


Gifty Amiah

This app is soooo nice! Bravo it isva muscaline game indeed

Babul Hosen


A Google user

Haha lol , this game is funny 😄 its pretty good I give it a 79% out of 100%


Worst game so many ads ads ads 😡😡😡😡😡😡

Arti panky



बहुत ही अच्छा है

Norine Faux

This game sucks there are ads every 5 seconds and the people look like old rubber toys being dragged on the floor for five years. This game is boring and sucks🤢

Recardo warde

Good game thanks you for creatin g this game

abdul raouf

They are many ads

John Michael

Games of nowadays are all about ads you can get a good game without going through ads!!!!!!!!!!!! Well the is nice but boring.l!!!!!!!!!!!

Swatantra Srivastav


a_s gam

Great game great game

Oun La

Fhgbv. . .,& 💯}:‑);)B-)o:-):-)(^^)(TT)(*_*)*\0/*

Sankar Murapaka

Very bad game

Japhet Utele

I'm tired of all the ads every second. Can that be improved. The ad that I saw that made me install this game should have been less deceptive. It is a waste of data.

Iqrar Ahmad

Iqrar Amaad

Tshinakaho Netshivhera

Are you crazy guys 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

Aibangbee Raphael

So much ads. Them swear for una?

Benedict Ifeanyi

Not good

Mohd Arbaaj

Arbaz 💔💔💔💔

Sudheer.a Sudheer.a

Avarag 🤨game

gasiya iqbal

Very bad game

Md Salim

Good 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

Agyei Effah

Nice Game

Hellen kabamba

U are awesome