Muscle Race 3D

Author: GOODROID,Inc.

10,000,000+ install


Muscle Race 3D – Collect your own color dumbbell and Build up your body.Win the race!!

Detailed info

File size: 84M
Update time: August 19, 2021
Current version: 1.0.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: GOODROID,Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Adeyi Ope

I love the creator

Arti Devi

Bakabas game hai

sk alif ff been

আমার ভিশন কট্টর গান গেয়ে যাই আমি গাড়িতে আগুন ভাঙচুর করে দেয় তাই

Farheen Imran


Sango Taite

Ads ads ads



Dioni Munthe

So many ads, and the graphics are suck

Anil Kumar Anil


Kenneth Bande

This game is not dawnload 🙄🙄😡😡

Jorge Esquivel

Worst ad filled game ever

Robbie James King


Vasanthi Vasanthi


Kayla Rose

This game is adds adds adds . every 10 seconds there's an add ,I would of given this a 5 star game if it weren't for the adds .Ok we know addvertisments are so the developer gets money but they must be very greedy because the amount of adds are horrible. please fix this problem

puspa tharu


Sanjay Kumar

Rugth Ghhhhghh

prity Yadav

Very Good Game

Hakim Hakim


Nantayi Websites

It was good

Lovely Boy


Shidhart Singh rajput


Rajender Singh


Sanjib Saha

Is game ko jisne banaya uski maki chud Bhanchon mother chod rendi ka baccha

Rahul Singh


M Hassan

Good game

Tom Wiltshire

Ads in the MIDDLE of gameplay, what fresh hell is this?!

willkits enterprises ltd

They are just many adds

Ijeoma Ohiembor

I love it

Rashid Ali Sodhar

Very bad only permot to ads., ads 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Sangram Sejapada


David Mendenhall

Just like all the other comments ads are horrible. Paid for no ads and still have them. This should not be allowed.

Shahaban Shahabu


Erion Rellama

The rating is very low so I will uninstall it again

Okeke Ndidiamaka

Too much Ads

Nivad Nisha

not so bad

comfort awuah

The game is fun but I get an add every 5 seconds and I just downloaded the game

Cathlene Baard

Too many ads!!!! You cant even finish a round without thousand ads. Its a shame that you cant say zero stars. :(

Ameer Shiraz45

I know this game famous in tiktok

Ramjan Khan

Good game

Mari Muthu


Majharul Islam

Jibon Dgyxyj Guxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx


not satisfied. game paly karte samay advertisement aati hai. third class game. game sahi tarah se khel nahi pate. third class developer jisne ye game develope ki hai

Lemar Garo

😠 I download this app not for ads every 7 seconds have ads😠

J Brensy

Stupid game , Lame Graphics , Ads........... 👎🏽

M. Prakash

Sorry this video please retry the payment will be a good day

Akash Shyam

Full of adds don't download it's a waste

Rahul Goldar



Its the worse ive ever senn theres a lot of adds every ten seconds not worth

Nikki Nunn

Adds every 2 seconds of the game

Li Ho

Sort of fun game but way way way way way way to many ads.

Prajna Tour

Add problam

Alishah Rani


Fa Ja


Chandan Kumar

Boring game

Vinita Kumari

Best game please give me all dumble skin


If it was no stars I will put no stars because there's too many damn commercials every 2 seconds

Common Raptor

I really like the game style, but there are just too many ads. Every game I play, I run through about 7 ads. Definitely don't recommend


To much advertise and you can not ignored it's become ridiculous for the game

Sajjan Rajbhandari

Ok i like this game but there is so much add thats why i give it3 stars.thankyou

Suraj Rathor

Aap aise hi game dalte Ho mujhe acche lagte Hain aapke game

Narayanaswami Vullu

giridhar kumar

Ram Narayanan

Simple waste over ads when i off the data the game is not allowing to the game it is simple graphics

Samantha Bombongan

The kids is not problem to ads:)

dipika surti

Lot's of advertising

Abhay Raut

This game is a nice game the only thing is that the game has way too much ads if the game had less ads I would give higher rates

HM Lanka Rajani Amarasena


Mamta Jaiswal


Hywel Thomas

Thought I was going to play a game, not watch ads forever. Should have listened to everybody else

Sudha Devi

Don.t click Varna troll hojayo ge he he hee


The biggest ads Oscar goes to you guys!

Diana Peligro

Too many ads! It always interrupts in the middle of the game😭

Lindokuhle Mthethwa

This is the best game

Pedram Masoodi

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Vinay Yabav


Javed Kassar

Very nice game

Kaleem Maniyar


Tasmena Sadia


Asmma ghali


Anjali Kangjam

Very Nice game

Sahil sekh

Ec gsf

Harman Singh


Jenish Singh Thapa

Duh! What a ugly game this is ukkkk! This game sucks the word's worst game i have ever played

Mani Kiran

Worrest game of this world no2 and full af ads in one game I got 36 ads waste of playing game

Zenoo Killua

I am going on. It was a little more than just the right now and then I can see that it 50th the same thing as a result of a new phone. The first to,,,,,

Elizabeth Uupindi

It has so many ods and it download vary slow

Nkhwachi Mbale

This game is so cool it's the best game I don't care what people think it's a cool game I like it😊

Charles Mack

Played the game for 5 minutes and never came close to finishing first round because of ads every 7 second...mid freaking game

rashid dhiab

This game is Irritating due to Ads

Wille Johnson

The adds have to go bc I can't not play the game.

Tan Carl

Too many ads. I cant even play the game

Md Rasel

Xxx kayaks uv

Daphne Helton

Can't go one area without an ad

omkar pawar

not support game only error mark

Anjali Nambiyar

D hi do jhf

Rana Waseem

Boring game Ads ads ads ads ads ads please no download this game

M Usman Usman

Your game adds more shows. Please remove the shows

saran shashi

DC, bbfut ItN Ea

Md Hasidur

Nich app

a mack


Rafiq Nasraden

It's a good game

Kaderin Wroth

Could barley play with all the ads. This game was a waste of time and space.