Mumei’s Memory Juggling

Author: SoftDevWu

10K+ install


Follow Mumei’s journey to learn all Hololive talent names in this match-2 card game. Keep in mind this is not your ordinary match-2 game. All cards that are matched can be used to activate special effects that will affect the placement of cards on the table, so keep your eyes open!

Additionally, each Council member has a Unique Skill they can activate after matching a number of cards. Use these skills to help you obtain victory!

The game features a Story Mode, where Mumei will interact with her fellow Council members and challenge the limits of her memory.

Defeat Council members in story mode to unlock them in other game modes.

Challenge yourself in Time Trial Mode, to see how fast you can match those cards in each of the levels.

Take it easy and practice in Solo Mode, where you can choose a Council member to play as, select the cards you want to use and go at it at your own pace.

Feeling competitive? See how you fare against the other Council members in VS Computer mode.

Languages supported: English, Spanish and Japanese

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 13, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: SoftDevWu
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kasumi (Juugo)

This is pretty fun! Hope you can add best girl Yagoo next! and his voice I would suggest "sou desu ne" 😆

Blue Emblem

I really love the game. I have fun playing it on my own or against the ai, and I haven't had any real problems with glitching so far. If you are still doing updates, I'd love some form of multiplayer mode, whether that was online or just sharing a phone. All in all, great game, definitely recommend.


I forgor💀💀💀

The Gnome's Prophet

love playing this in my free time and trying to get new personal bests

Azhar 007

The best game

RAPP 007

AI dominating everything they know where the card and predicting the card LOL

Darell Adham

Congrats, by the time i write this, mumei is playing your game


hell ye


very fun

愛KiriKazu's Amv

I love it, keep up the amazing work

Dawg CPU

I downloaded this just to meme on my friends while streaming but it turned out to be really good. We didn't think a match 2 game could get that difficult so it caught us by surprise. It would probably be dope playing against a real person instead of just AIs. Devs also really know their lore! This is such a nice breath of fresh air from other free games on the mobile market that doesn't respect the time you put into it and leaderboards are a reflection of one's wealth rather than time/skill.


Keep up the good work


Fun game but the ai difficulty spike around the first match against Sana is definitely something to be cautious of if you're not ready. EDIT: turns out I just suck bc I ended up beating her after a while lol

Akai Akuma

Bagus banget, bisa bikin tau beberapa nama, suara, dll nya vtuber tapi kayaknya blum ada vtuber dari Indonesia deh

ChiyuRii อ่านว่า จิยูริ ไม่ใช่ชิยู

Very cute art style and cute game! I love this!


This is a great game but this is better if pass n' play mode to play with friends

Umba Malobavatican

Less than more fungus fun gu$ okkk

Steven Jackson (Induratize)

Great so far I noticed that when I adjusted the sliders for audio to half I could not hear a thing even with my phone at max volume and the Music slider at max is I think much louder than the rest. Otherwise it's a cute game great job

Lester Walker

Simple game but pretty fun

Anh Vũ

I forgor💀 Update: Thanks to the game, now I rember🦉


Very cool game, but the AI is wayy to brutal. It seems at times like they just know where the cards are.



Dra Thicc

My phone's laggy, well time to buy a new one next and play this. Well this game is really good. Kids would also prefer a memory game same like this with a lot of twists. I was expecting the fans' mostly favorite voicelines and it could better when updated. And also I'm expecting the same game as this but they are all Nijisanji members which is a lot more harder because all the members are in mixed genders. Anyways, keep going on making these kind of game concepts and this will reach more on top.

Eyan Lo

Very epic, love Mum

Adam Haikal Mazlifendirizan

This is good for the people who are new to hololive. Can you say hi

riko safe

I love holo and learning oshi marks that I didn't know, but CPU's memory starting at Day 6 is simply way too perfect and RNG too good for even the best memory players. Please nerf. I had to uninstall after multiple losses to Sana on Day 7. It's just too much.

Darryl Chionh

Besides the difficulty implemented playing against AI, the app serves its core purpose to educate or reinforce knowledge about Hololive, and does the job well enough with crisp and clean graphics.

Eli Quon

5 stars just for Rushia inclusion. Thank you

Pineapple Cat

Now, I quite enjoy vtubers in general, but vtubers is all this game has going for it. The game's design is absolutely terrible. The bots have almost perfect memory, even in just normal story mode, which makes actually beating them nigh impossible unless you get god luck. The abilities are also another major problem, the first of which being mumeis as it is literally entirely rng as to whether or not it helps you, and the normal abilities, unless you have perfect memory, make the game harder.

Ls Winter

Lol, funny little game I love it

Lea Xin

The game is good

Ashchi Salleh

You know i love this kind game lol,refresh. Plus interface for vs cp so good it worth fighting ver .well done dev After i read comment ,i just realize Fauna indeed the stronger here with special plus i thought the glitch is part of power itself lol. About Ai ,i like ai really behave like bit regular player in case of forgor .This ai is merciless .like vtuber In case you want make it hard ,try put different vtuber who almost or close enough with og voice itself ,like Ui,Fubuki ,God

The Arrow

Pretty good for a simple game. a nice apps to train my brain

Maxwell Carlton

Very epic I love the story line!

Nezuki Wilson Ch.

Yay i been waiting for this thanks Dayo 👍

Just A “JustAGamer” Gamer

Prone to crash upon opening


This is one of the most inviting memory games I have played in a long time. Not only that but with the cuteness of my Oshi's. It's challenging and well thought out. Minor bugs with some of the cars showing the charater who isn't on the card (It's Ihora but it showed Cali for a split second). Fantastic game. TSKR and thank you for this!

E Koyama

Horrible take on the traditional match game. Match two cards that are completely different but are still deadlocked into pairs. This is essentially non-functional and not even useful as a time waster.

Eddie “ShiftzXQuick” Shiftz

Good way to learn about all the holo talent. 4 stars cause it crashes quite a bit and no myth members as playable characters Edit: sorry cant really say, it was random

TheDeku Angel

AI is still too brutal. At the very least, tone it down even more. I would remove the powerups seeing as there are too many cards on the "table". The concept is fun, simple and clean. Artstyle is cute.

Angel Varela

Love it and runs flawlessly on my device. Appreciate keeping Rushia or the option to remove her if you desire.


Having problems about the options for solo play and computer play, the "options" for card groups and number of cards are invisible unless tapped. Just hoping for a fix. Very great game otherwise, though.

A Grass [Of the mountain] Thank you Kaichou!

The game is really good. But I just found a bug in "Vs Fauna". Game was fine until I used mumei's skill. A couple of turns later(until there were just 4 cards left) AI revealed reine then moona but instead of just flipping them back down, reine card got put in Fauna's pile and moona card just stayed face up. Now neither of us can end cause there were 3 cards

Doom Slayer



I love this game thanks for making it ☺️❤️


I love the is nice and i love the story and games i will give u five stars because i love it

Lemony Gem

Seems fun. Unfortunately I am absolutely trash at these kinds of games. Still, my lack of skill is no reason to give this less than what it deserves. Keep making something that loads of people enjoy :)

takodachi #

really well made. there's still some *hic cup in term of performance tho (pun intended) *edit: i already changed but it still cant run smoothly

Heaven Heaven

Google: Is this game scary? Me: (Smug) Well, it is indeed the most terrifying game I have ever played. Good game, I didn't know I could play this with/without internet connection, w game, w developer. ;)


i forgor

Cameron Green

This is really good, even though I been with hololive for at least 7 years now I loved everything and everyone, but I still sometimes still get mixed up with Towa and Shion i don't why 😂😂 love the game tho.


Tottaly recommend it! I didn't know so many idols were in holostars!

NAJMI Hussaini (J3uNe)

It's really fun


Really fun game

Emma Palmer 6565

I keep forgeting where the cards are and that started to really hurt when need to fight a cpu

Manguy 78

This game is pretty good even if it only a card matching game


Challenging and fun casual game! However I believe the game still needs to fix them bugs and performance optimization.

Craig Chronicles

Love it!!💕 It's a nice game with simple gameplay but detailed art and options. 10/10

cinnamon toast

You put Mumei in the title. Anything else is irrelevant.

Unusually Gaming

Didnt expect something this good, keep up the good work

Mas Cu Enk


Grass Porridge

Will overheat your phone no matter what. Tried on three different flagship devices, all of them give a heat warning within 30 minutes of playing. Edit: Absolutely love the game otherwise, but it's basically unplayable with my phone nearly burning my hands. A Hololive matching game with some versus against AI was an absolutely genius idea. Edit 2: Because the dev is actually a person with morals, automatic 5*. Way too rare, especially in the mobile game industry.

ChaxMk2 88

this game challenging my brain.. i can't beat fauna shes too strong.. I hope there is a multiplayer base.

Gaby Gabriella

Great fan made game very awsome!


Absolutely fun game!

ปกป้อง สุวิทย์


Ryan Stander

Nice game.

Aditya Vaidya

Cute, fun and really made with love

Ez Lopez

Amazing game and great representation of the talents. Would love to see how great this game becomes in the future.

Super Boat1211

Rigged game, CPU keeps winning. Sorry but it has nothing to do with skills it's with the CPU's RNG always picking the correct cards & pretty sure you're kami clips 🤮🤮


YOOOO LETS GOOOO I hope I can rember and not forgor.


it's really fun but the AI is brutal as soon as their special abilities and the random power ups are introduced. i have to remember what i flipped, what the ai has flipped and what was moved around or shuffled in addition to the type of card (audio, text, emoji or image) all the time which makes for a very frustrating experience once the ai starts comboing, it's basically gameover for you by then. i still enjoyed the presentation and the overall concept. so, it's not bad just really hard.

LD Akira


Sean Dalino

I don't know what to say because I forgor... Yes now I remember don don don it's a good game.


This game is so incredibly indepth for a fangame, very high effort and passion clearly went into this.

April Blackwell

Really fun game to pass your time with. It implements different memorization strategies that are helpful! Also love how there is a little story involved. Great for people who are getting into hololive and would like to know who is who. The AIs were a bit difficult for me but fun game regardless. Would recommend!!

Angelo 28

It was good at first until it introduced the bots. Every single bot you will find has perfect memory and can find the cards so easily. Its so hard to enjoy the game when you constantly lose to aimbotting bots


cute concept, but the actual gameplay was extremely glitchy. there were times i wasn't able to turn cards, or the ai wasn't. there was also a point where my screen rapidly flashed black and white; please fix this, or put an epilepsy warning. i did enjoy the story and art, tho. please keep up the good work!

bruh man bruh

I forgor 💀 Anyway, the game was very well made, had a great art style, and had cute story.

Gilga Zack

Good game, nightmare should have a different ability


i forgor 💀


Not bad

Solehan Zailan

wthell your computer like cheating huhhh it also know where the card was going huhh


I see Bae I click 5 star

ruby jane!



I love it very muchhhhhhhhhhh, thank you for making this game

My day is Blessed

First of all I Love Mumei. There is only one word I could use to describe this incredible game, masterpiece. Also, thanks for Andrea for sending the link to this beautiful game, so big shout out to you! I had the best time of my life


very fun game, simple and very cute 🥰>///< I love it


Cool game

Fuyuki Alter (Fuyuki D. Alter)

It's a very good game for mumei who's always forgor 🤣


based birb

猫 Libertia

Really a fun game and perfect for hololive fans ! . Also I really the game and the designs cute :) . Also it's kinda help me to remember more hololive vtuber hehehe . Really recommend this game !! .

Doki • Doki

i've been a hololive fan for a while, and this game is super cute too! i like it a lot. thank you for making this game and i will give it 5/5!!

john antonio

Okay as fun as it is this is a hard memory game. Now minor issues are the background of the table and the borderline of the cards hurts the eyes possible to thicken the lineart for the cards. There is no pause or reset button during a game and the reason we need this is because we know we are gonna lose so just reset and try again. Not to mention AI in the game will take advantage of any mistakes and this is only story. Also it glithes out and the game is stuck wit the AI spam picking cards.

Axeleile Marigsa

This game isn't downloaded yet on my home screen but the screenshot is good


Oh my goodness... this is such a fascinating game! It's cute, it's fun, and it's even helpful! Truly a recommendation for both new and long-time fans!

Ronnie Harris


Angga Putra Dwi Nugraha

I'm addicted to this game


This game really makes me know all of the hololive members and their differences. The story is nice as as usual Mumei will be the one having difficulties knowing things and Kronii will be one to help her. Tbh the game is really interesting as it makes hololive and puzzle games together and also it help me to train my memory cause sometimes i forgot easily :)


Great game overall really fun to identify holo members :) 10/10