Multiply Ball – Puzzle Game

Author: AppRover

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Multiply Ball – Puzzle Game – Dig in the sand, multiply, bounce, collect all the balls, easy game, color ball

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File size: 104M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version: 1.04.00
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: AppRover
Price: Free
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Customer review

alexi jacques karlisle cozo

Its so fun

Jayden Salinas

It's addicting but when I stop playing it I realized that it wasn't fun but it's really addicting

Jarred Rhys Maquiling

i love this game i will rate you

Lori Budd

Such a gun game to waste time.

bjp kundan Gupta

Very good

Teresa Riley


Kristen Murphy

this sucks


I love this game I wish it wouldn't end I've done played it twice and then I kept trying to play but I wasn't winning her to get anything but money cuz I got all everything else so kudos for this game 😃

Libi Wilson

SUPER GAME 👍👍😚😚😊😍🥰😄😁💑🤙

Mts Shova

Multiply Balls

M kamran M kamran

g setar

Christypher Shaw

fun game. starts asking if you would give rating starting at level 2 or 3. You will see pop up every few seconds. it highly ammpying that you can't get it to stop no matter if it cancel or remind me later. Even if you do rate. It still still ask you to rate. That why i gave 3. Over all nice graphics,easy to figure out,cute. I have unstalled the game cuz i couldnt stand the rate pop up every few seconds.

Ace Anthony Vitales

Play multiply ball this is times. x numbers I like this game forever Do You Want This. Game Please Download this game I Love this game. Multiply Ball please play this game I Love it

Wen Estorco

These game is nice 👏 I really fill my happiness

Benjamin James Wickham

your dad

Stella Hill

because it wouldn't stop asking me to rate it

Exo Gamer 1

Good game for you ❤️


The game is great, very addicting and can make you lose your boredom. You can also change the textures of the balls and the boats, but the problem is there are ads during gameplay. Which disturbs me when I'm trying to play the game, some of them was kind of long, and unskipable! Yes, I know you can turn on airplane mode so there are no ads, IMO its kind of hard because sometimes I didn't realize I unlocked a new boat and had to switch back to wifi or mobile data. 3 stars overall.

Sherlyn Sumoroy

Ichalenged my self

McKenna Neill

SO,This game has wayyyyy too many adds but it it fun,When you get to play you can also get robux.!!!

Amanda Myers

It crashes alot I like though just wish it wouldn't crash

Omone Okosun

I love this game but the coins

Leah Diamond Lash Hunt

Luv it

Sonia M.


Mubarak Al Thani


Alice Laube

adds,lags and more adds

Andrei Canilang


Debbie Miller

brilliant. keeps my brain working some. im 62

Amanda Dixon

midnight fun!

Mir Alli

I like it 👍👍👍👍👍🥰🥰☺

Shamsol Amy


Sebastian Saldivar


Jenni J


karen beale


nabhjot mittal

I love to play this game

Benjamin King

Most levels are fairly easy to pass but due to poor level design and the inability to skip the level due to it constantly saying check internet connection when I have perfect internet connection as left a sour taste in my mouth regarding whether to keep this game installed.

Angie Gajelonia

This is so amazing and i love balls

my dragon

way too much lag even with a good phone

B david F

its ok

Jasmine Gallardo

I lovethis game

Nia Jones

You a

sreedhar zagabathini


Laura Cerlini


Elisabeth Bailey

it's nice , just sometimes I get stuck but it's fun!

Trevor Pence


Isabella Palacios

Its sooooo satisfying like omg i hot like 50000 coins on this i really like the 50000 coins Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Yakuf Ali Yakuf Ali


Zach Roberts

the best

Zamira Pirzhanova

That's a lot of balls super fat and fun йзв

Larisa Mohammadi

سازنده هه شوخیش گرفته...بازیه سروته نداره


I got past the first level ter the app crashed like five different times, and didn't respond to anything of what you are supposed to do with the game.

Michael Speers

Spend more time watching adverts than I do playing the game

Muqri Hazry

Best game

Billie Hall

It's fun but, we need something to do with our coins ,I have all the balls n boats now what's next I'm on level1500 n I'm just tired of doing the same thing n can't get nothing new.

Linda Ampomah

love it

pancake Houghton


Kimberly Smith

too many ads

Henry Diamond

Love the game but it keeps shutting off automatically please fix it

garima khosla


Jenny Miraflores


Yan Infante


Awais Iqbal

It is so fun!

Leah Rose Ventura

It's good

Peggy Anthony

Fun game

Sara Marks

I choose one star because it won't let me play the game like when I first get into the game then a few seconds later it logs me out.

Devonta Fincher

Is the best game I ever played

kirby meneses


oo ooo

Soooooooooooo good. The game is - - - - > so good

Kayaki Aishi

My childhood game! always entertained me!

Sharon Bishop

it freezes up and close out by itself

Aky4 582kt

good game but it always says "rate this game" even when you put remind me later or cancel

Alvin Hermosilla

Game so much bakit naman ang mahal may ano ka may likers who i am kahit kailan

MinecraftLoving12's Second Account

if it was sand balls

Stephanie Zehr

enjoying the game

Peter Nyakairu

I like balls exploding

Erin Fabian

This is a clear rip off of sand balls. So glitchy.

Thimma Roy

It is a nice game 😁

IRISH Lising


Jerry Vonruedgisch


Mattie-Shea Verge

I had this game a few years ago but uninstalled it. (I dont know why) so I installed it again and this game is pretty good

Shelby-Star White

Amazing game love it

Paulo Ormonde

Good 👍😊

vaibhav maheshwari



我高哦哦的话 提升 尬名额!

Somesh Salvi


Joanne Sears

good game

Saravanan Jaganathan


Sana Adnan

On Lv 4 I got 300 Balls!!!!!!!!!!

Benjamin Denton

awesome game

Sam Wilkinsn

Yikes! Locks my phone up!


Horrible game

Darren Mahony

I love this game so much. and it's great for kids

Elijah Shick

Good game

Clara Eunice

I gave it a 4 because it keeps on diturbing me


uninstalling...when you can't play from the outset using skill but have to watch ad after ad to advance it's just not worth it...there are thousands of clever and absorbing games out there that aren't frustrating and greedy...

Angeliza Jison

I have been 3 with my the old other 5 but I have am still not able to chat to the other people of the solar wind and the weather is going to be caught in bubbles

Sunila Matha



help me

I Lovepikimin

good game not very ads so far and I really like it really good game

Tricia jarvis

I like playing the game