Mr Egg – Puzzle Master

Author: MPB Game Studio

100K+ install


Mr Egg – Puzzle Master® has landed on Google Play now!
Move your fingers to find a way to open the door for Mr Egg;
The secret is that every element in the level can be a pass code!

We have:
100 levels of non-repeating puzzles, the adventure will never end!
Simple stroke style, magical and interesting~
Retro stand-alone gameplay, start a brain-burning adventure anytime, anywhere.

Not enough?

We still have:
Mysterious props to help your adventure;
The level increment package meets the infinite brain-burning needs!

Hurry up and download Mr Egg – Puzzle Master® and experience the pure brain-burning fun!

*This product is a stand-alone game, uninstalling and reinstalling will cause data loss, please do not uninstall it easily~

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Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 18, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: MPB Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kameron Maddux

Ads every second possible.

Becky Obasohan


Rush E

this game is pretty well made and actually has alot of effort put into it. new mechanics in each level. nicely made animations. overall, 10/10.

Rameen Rameen


sepehr salemi

Mr egg ☺ games

yj chiow


Bcyap Yap




Kale Trimberger

Cool And Fun

Sofea anis

Omg I love you


I love it

NaTreal Myers

the best game ever the best game ever

Kelvin Loo

yeah it's OK well I still don't know if it is hard or not cuz it seemed to be... easy at the first stage?

juan toledo

This is a good game the only thing I don't like is that you used the jump sound It sounds weird out of a mario game.

Axvy Kaeyl


Seth Lowery

cool game


so good


Forced ads, forced internet connection

Joshua Portillo


Charles Chicken

Could not get Past level four. And when i went to hints i went to watch a video and it said could not load.

Afiqah Syahirah

too much ads

Samsung A10s


Fire Bug

Bombards you with ads right out the gate. Short and easy levels and ads between them to go any further

Nasir Ali Gamer

Awesome Game i like it very much

Nazirul mubin

Too much ads

Roman Reeese Gaming

WAY to many ads practically unplayable

eyanzal eddy



This game have so many ads and i just play in level 3 and my internet all gone:) *poof*

Jennifer Runion

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Dizzle dizzle Dizzle

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A Google user

wow best game ever🤩 and not bad🥳

Juan Ibarra


Chin Yi En

i love this game so much

A Google user

This is really bad like really bad there's to many ads wont even let me in so I cant play it one star rating


Quite fun and challenging

Samaria Williams

egg tastic

Destiny Beech

It's kinda hard

Araya Ann Wong

This game is eggy and sorta fun even though I first tried it it was very eggy 🥚

Jill Lim


Sara Galbraith

I gave it a three because I liked it but there was a lot of ads

Izzy B

Good game but way too many ads in my opinion.



C Xiong

how do u do level 4 i hate it

Puertorro Vive

Love the idea of the place and game

Carlos Lopez

I like it

Dominic Scarbrough


Niyah Booker

I actually really like this game. Simple mechanics and the puzzles make you think outside of the box. The title of each level seems to give hints as to what you should do which is helpful.

Ayden Carpenter

Can't beat level 13!!!!!!!!!!

Tamara Linton


Ledal ladol

Developers hide bad reviews to make this game appear to be grand the only review I found was from "Garrett England" (which is possibley a bot review) and Healer Medirby (real person) and the biggest red flag is how this is the developers only game

Healer Medirby

Why are there no reviews?

Garrett England

Amazing game you have to try it