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Moy is back!

In this brand new Moy game you will be a Zoo manager and take care of loads of different animals.

You can design your Zoo in any way you want, build hamburger joints, pizza bars, baloon stands and other ways to keep your Zoo guests entertained!

Make sure you take care of your animals by cleaning their cages and giving them food!

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Customer review

Cylene Sison

Love game zoo

MjKhan Vlogs

Nise games

Bella Coetzee


Maria Gretchen

Fun though

Mehdi Kh

خیلی عالی هست

Saroj Bala

Good game

علي ولاء


john greenwood

Good but I think you should add an add thingy where you can watch an add to get stars to help u level up also you should keep earning coins whilst your not on the app as well as when u are on the app

Ira puspita

I love real life i really want a zoo, and this game makes my dream looks real...

Victoria Cisneros

Love 💕🤍😘💕💌 ?mmmm! Hi

Joy Cotic

I Like

parmida parmida

Hi , I like this game , but why are all those colored creatures waving ? But overall this game is good , dedoct 2 stars from it . 👍👍👍

Rameen Musa

I like it sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Really good game 👍

Keivan Jamali


PVPO gaming

This game awesome

anita asayesh

Perfect I downloaded for my cousin. He loves it

Mehran Amini


Ragul Krishnan


obada ٠1

This app for gays

Fazliana Rambli

Gamameme bomodomo bumurikmik bamabimi

Sham Altal

I love moy zoo💖💖💖💖💖

Hajar Alsaady


robert wiblen

It was fun for a while but it doesn't have much experience cause it's a 4_8 days to complete game!

Rhiannekate Pahiculay

Yohooooo..this is my favorite game

krishna mondal

This is very nice game😍😍😘😘

Shubhi Bhalla

How to play this game tell me please

Mindy Barth

Love this game lol

Arvie Agustin


Andrian Marwan

Game epvic

jeevandar poojary

I like

Thidaoo Thida Oo

Good game

Rupali Shalke

Industriesfeg dnshksv, but it's not a lot more of directors and unfortunately for a lot more u

K.G gaming

This is amazing game i like it

al latip


om 2

Idk I'm currently installing dis game

youssef sakher

This game awesome love moy zoo 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Sajan singh Rathore

👌 👌 👌 👌 👌वेरी very Nice

Hero Boy

Good I am hacker child

nid aguilar

I wish it had more animals things and shops this game blow my mine