Movie Merge – Hollywood World

Author: Becube Co Ltd

10K+ install


Movie Merge is one of the most exciting merge games you have ever seen!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a producer and making your own movie? Now it’s possible!

In this outstanding game you will have a chance to experience the whole process of making a film – from hiring and preparing actors to making a filming scenes. Create your own production studio making the greatest hits! 🙂

Become a real Hollywood tycoon.


🔧 Merge – combine parts into a useful tools needed for your video production – makeup, costumes and appearance of your actors, parts of your scene and others. Solve all the puzzles. 🔧

🔥 Outstanding 3D graphics – enjoy colorful, bright and elaborated world of movie production. Create the best clips. Feel yourself in Hollywood! 🔥

🎁Customization – only you decide how your film will look like in a cinema. Try different looks for actors and decorations for the scenes to be caught with your camera. Tere is no limits for your creativity, you are the director! 🎁

🕹️Simple gameplay – plain and catchy mechanics will sure make you engaged for quite a while. You will never find yourself idle. 🕹️

❤️Storyline – on your way you will meet lots of interesting characters with their own stories to tell. Some of them will help you and some… You will see. 🙂

Movie Merge is a unique game providing you with unforgettable experience. Discover Hollywood merge magic and enjoy an amazing and entertaining merge game!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 26, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Becube Co Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lynne Gudes

fun to figure what is important and what isn't

Sylvia Walker

awesome game

Maria Stoyanov

It is a very entertaining game BUT by the time you reach level 10 it becomes so hard and time-consuming to fulfill orders it is frustrating. I spent at least a day trying to fulfill 1 single order because the box didn't release the items I needed. If it continues like that, I will definitely uninstall the game despite the fact I like it. Edit: the item was the maximum level of paint as the toolbox rarely releases paint and I needed multiple of them.

Anders Lie

For the line of god let people mute your game when it is first opened

Jessica Smith

They make it too hard to get items to merge and continue playing after a few days and have to watch an Ad after everything!

Death Kitty

love the story

Envidia Sakha Salsabila

So many bug.. I can't continue story because the next quest isn't appearing and locked.. this already happened once and solved when I uninstalled the game.. but my progress is already far. And this game has no cloud save Edit: I stuck at breakfast in bed mission

Joesph Curtis


Charity Cazee

Has lots of potential, but waiting an excess of 4 hours for generators to recharge is a bit much to only get a few items out of it, take several days to get a full popcorn.

Wolfie Allen

so far so good

Erin F.

I play a lot of these little games... and this one is not just a carbon copy of everything else you've already played. It's actually giving you a cool,original way to play these games (who doesn't want THAT?)OH, yeah, the greatest part...NO MATCH-3 PUZZLES!!!! Swwwwwwweet mama baby!

Jennifer Harroun

This game is okay. Characters and their dress are on the stuffy/old, definitely not Hollywood.


Nice game😎

Hadeer Al-Ahmadi

Too slow videos take si much time

Lynn Hartstone

Enjoying it buy can't seem to get past the breakfast in bed one even though its completed

Samantha Wilson


Matilda May

Very fun lil game, i seem to have hit a wall as no new movies are unlocking for me

Barbara Thornton

fun merge game with a nice storyline

Kirsten Hill

Good game/GG

Daniel Yow

it is a fun game and easy to create a place for a choice that is up to you.

Asma Azizi

I've really enjoyed the game but I've reached a point where my game isn't progressing anymore, I've just finished the breakfast in bed chapter but it isn't moving onto the witch chapter for some reason? Please help!

Amber Waterson

good story so far just started playing

Brittney Traylor

fun and challenging

Lucy Trollope

its ok 👍

Emily Stallings

I don't like a lot of those merging games, but this one I actually like!

Katelin Baggett


Erik Sanchez

awesome game. good story line and lots to do.

Carmen Gilbert

This is a pretty good merge game!!

Stephanie Shorty73


Chris Brown

I like merge game.

Carolyn Palmer

Fun in multiple levels

Parvin Rajaee


Bridget Rogers

Too many bugs

steve fuller

so loving this game, keep up the good work.

Alice In Wonderland

Hello..I love game but why can play only short time? You can merge only 5-6 times and have to wait long time.

Amelia Hammell

It is super fun and engaging 5/5

Alisa Mosley

It is different from the other merge games. It is easy going for me. I like it.

Vanessa Whitehead

Fun so far, waiting to see how good the story gets

kitCat TV

love it graphics amazing

Michael Hornberger

I've finished the 5th episode and I can't unlock the next(6th).

michelle abrams

like the game a few fixes n its all good cnt see the people wen they talk

annalease lee

1 of my new favourites and I have aot

Caroline Hewitt

Just finished the first movie and I gotta tell you I LOVE this game

Angie Harper

fun game!

Ed Edwards

One of the best mergers with a young female character

realmew5 playz


Madelyn Bennett

Enjoying it so far

I_am_ da_strange

It's alright- everything us just too bouncy for me, like, the things you can merge together should be th only things bouncing, but so do all the things you use energy for... and it made my brain hurt. I don't really understand why...?

Latoyakey Sanders

this is the best game and i love it

Karen Williams

The game I had been looking for after I had deleted-oops, but I'm Not going to do that again! In conclusion:Awesome game for Merging!

Andriele Silva

Tutorial is enormous

Kyoka Himura

I change my mind...i thought fun first but waiting for time so loooongggggg....7 or 6 hour ?! Over 1 hour is ok to me...but this NO NO NO

Lori Cuadrado


Andrika Eaddy


Fox queen 13

Great it is so smoothly designed it is also a fanatastic plot

Melissa Lloyd

Game freezes alot and won't allow me to click on the items or my chest after the time has ran out to open them

Amber Edrington

fun game

Kristin Colyar

Very cute. So far its pretty straightforward. I like it! More later as I play longer

Patricia S

Seems interesting. I like the different objectives so far. Hope it continues to be enjoyable.

Dawn clark fox

so.far.its.a good game the items move kinda glitchy. but other than that it fun interesting story line

Melissa Lovell

so far good 👍

Theresa Grant

so far so good

Aimee Singletary


Lynn George

fun game

Kirnetta Griffin

This game is pretty fun. it reminds me of Project Makeover.

Lilli Endicott

Stuck on a hand trying to move something to inventory but it's full so I now cannot do anything

Jamie Ongley

it's been a fun game to play so far.

K Ronnie

I did enjoy it for a bit. I have only found parts for the first booster. The sources time out too fast but I have a lot of energy unused and therefore wasted. I don't see this getting better anytime soon so I might revisit this game somewhere down the road.

Casey Hengoed

Glitches and get second person doesn't work

Deb O

The seems to be ok except for the fact that it freezes everything and you can't do anything not even go to your home screen

Sheelah McBride

love it


Wanted to love it. Got past the first objective and froze on the second. Reinstalled and still same issue. Moving on.

Melanie Fowler


Pamela Johnson

this game is awesome

Pixie N

Loved it till it froze, and now won't do anything. Please fix. Thank you

zap in flap egido

Love it.

Sierra Cundiff

its a fun game

Cecilia primera

it and cool



Amber Ely


Tiffany wright


Isabel McGarry

Love this game amazing

emma stacey


Cyin Dowsett


Thea Mae Osorio


Krislyn Scullark

It reminded me of Project Makeover and it's fun to customize everything.

3 Miraculously smart but Silly Girls

fun story line

Samantha Fortune

Awesome game. Love love loooove it

Babur Mehmedi

Nice game! I very happy

Capibara boroboka

My favorite game <3

Sarah Darconte


Rose Snook

I loved this game at first but when i got to level 4, it kept switching stories i was doing the noir story and i was about to do a task on the makeup room to take a cap off but it then said that even though i had just started this movie, it said i had cut it and i went on the the next movie makeup room and kept doing it. I have uninstalled this game now and going to install it again and even if i have to restart i hope that it works this time

Deanna Muldoon

Love the design!


nice game


Uninstalled Games keeps shutting off

Gemlover Allday

Game has absolutely no storage they really messed up on this one I'm uninstalling

Kitty Bishop

love the game so far

Elize Barnard

love the game

Douglas Davidson

Great game.

Daymien Dellinger

One of the better merge games out there. It's different than the other home decorating merge games. I'm only on level 5, so my rating may change. Update: Generators don't last very long. And the hourglass parts (to speed up recovery time) are difficult to get.