Moth Lake: A Horror Story

Author: Sui Arts

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Moth Lake: A Horror Story – This is the story of Tina Lago, a small village that hides a terrible secret behind its peaceful facade.
Only a group of young people with a difficult life will reveal what has been hidden for generations.
Mysterious events accelerate before the solar eclipse,
and our young friends begin a journey into the shadows and into their own souls.
What to expect from this game:
In short:
•2.5D pixel art (frame-by-frame animations, just like in the 90s)
• Simple controls (supports touch screen, mouse, keyboard and controllers)
• Unusual puzzles (don’t worry, if you need help, there’s a free pass!)
• Stealth action
• Choices that change the connections between characters and the spirit of the experience (Just like in life, a choice can make the difference between friendship, love, hate, life or death)
• Thrills, emotions and terror (not a survival game, but it can be scary or scary at times)
• Bad humor and strong language (They are teenagers, don’t judge. them) ​​
• At some point, this experience might even make you cry (I don’t cry, I’m just a speck in the eye)
• 6 different endings
• A soundtrack that is original, evocative and exciting
More specifically:
Moth Lake is story-driven experience with lots of text content (add more than 20,000 words) and hundreds of different scenes (more than 300 scenarios).
The scenario is a long journey through mysteries, horrors and the hearts of the characters.
It has dark themes and very sad things, but also a lot of nonsensical jokes and weird conversations, so it’s hard to tell if it’s a horror game or not.
The main characters move through a 2.5D world and interact with many hotspots and NPCs.
They can drag objects and perform certain actions to solve various puzzles.
The artwork is modern pixel art with a large color palette and lots of frame-by-frame animations.
There are tons of animations including talking, walking, running, crouching, crawling, pushing, climbing, crawling, punching, throwing… and more.
scenarios feature modern lighting/shading with particle effects and continuous parallax to simulate a 3D environment.
There are 6 main characters and over 50 NPCs with their own looks and personalities. You can control 7 characters in the main story and more in additional chapters.
They all move their eyes, change their expressions and act strangely.
As the story progresses, the player must make choices that affect the mood of the characters and sometimes even the plot.
When in a good mood, the characters always smile, do funny useless animations and help each other.
On the other hand, characters in a bad mood show angry faces, insult friends and are generally irritable and selfish.
The general atmosphere can even unlock hidden scenes, and personally I would play the game multiple times just to see those little things.
Most often, the player controls a character surrounded by his friends.
Everyone has an ability to use at the right moment, and sometimes even their personality plays a role in solving a puzzle.
Some puzzles can be solved by one character, while others require the entire team to work together.
As I said, the purpose of the game is to give psychological horror.
So remember this game is not for everyone! Some scenes are disturbing, some scenes can cause anxiety and some other scenes are very sad.
The character is constantly called to face his difficult past and experience his terrible present.
They have to hide, make terrible decisions and sometimes even fight for their lives.
…But in the end your choices can lead you to the best possible outcome, and if you fail, you can always try again.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: 2023-01-17T11:36:55.000Z
Current version: 1.1.23
Require Android: 5.0
Developer: Sui Arts
Price: $Free
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