Monster Warlord


10,000,000+ install


The best monster collecting battle game on mobile!

Collect hundreds of unique monsters and battle them in friendly competition!

“If you love collecting monsters and battling with them you’ll love this game.” (Gameteep)
“Some of the monsters (like my little tiger thing) are simply adorable.” (148apps)

â–  COLLECT â– 
– Catch rare and mysterious monsters by questing and battling!
– Discover all 6 types – Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Darkness and Holy!
– Each monster has its own special attributes and abilities- so the more the merrier!

â–  COMBINE â– 
– Combine two monsters to create a leaner, meaner, better one!
– With over 20 monster tiers, the possibilities are endless!
– Combine for a chance to receive a special Plus monster stronger than normal monsters and dominate the competition!

â–  COMPETE â– 
– Engage in epic World Boss battles and climb to the top of the rankings!
– Raid mysterious Dungeons and return with large rewards and powerful monsters!
– Compete in the Arena to see who is the top Warlord!

â–  BATTLE â– 
– Battle players from around the world in Global PvP!
– Avenge fallen allies and collect large bounties!
– Battle others in the Battle League and rise to the top for great rewards!

– Play with players from around the world!
– Form vast alliances and join close-knit clans!
– Fight it out in the Global Boss where all servers compete for the top spot!

※ Required Permission Guidelines
When using the app, we may ask permissions for access to provide the following services.

[Required Permissions]– STORAGE: Used to store game data in external memory and etc.
– READ_PHONE_STATE: For processing in-game events and giving rewards

[Optional Permission]– CONTACTS: Used to connect Google account

** This game is available in 한국어, English, Deutsch, Français
** There may be additional costs when trying to obtain certain items.

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* GAMEVIL Customer Support :

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Detailed info

File size: 76M
Update time: July 16, 2021
Current version: 7.9.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: GAMEVIL
Price: Free
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Customer review

Panzerjäger Tiger 'P' Elefant Ferdinand

At a loss of words for this game. Nothing's enough to describe my affection for this game. Just love it.

Ellie Breedlove

Still awesome after all these years. They give so many jewels there's no need for monetary compensation no pay to play moments unless you really want them for yourself. Some glitches but it's a big game with millions of players on 5 different servers. You can have 5 different accounts on each server. It's artistically done, makes sense, my son who's 6 and has autism acanthus play it without the need to read.

Bryan Gomez

Been off and on sense ultra god was about to realease. Still addictive but wish there was more to do other than wait 12 hours.

Clinton Goen

Love this game!

Ethan Murray

Really fun game, haven't played in years though. Bummer I can't restore my save though. I can find my old profile, but no way to get back onto it, very unfortunate. Oh well

Afnan amin


Josh Usilton

I loved this game before this last update. Now bla. It's fun when everything is open but now I can't be active. There is no point. I love the new m points and guild change but that's the only change I like.


It's okay.

john christopher dela cruz


Jena Collins

I lost all of my purchases and had to start over. But what I wish they would do is make another server or clone the game. They used to have a few games like thus but they're gone. I love this game but getting into it now is not easy. New server or new game imo.

wally mattheus

I have a samsung j1 and the app crash when i get to the server select screen. Reinstalling does nothing to fix the problem such a disapointment


Amazingly fun

Refry Beatbox

Like it but it could have more.

agung tama

This game need to be removed from playstore, confusing gameplay

Michael Walker

Love it

Jessica Hayes

Love the game!

Muhammad Farhan Syahputra

Make a new monster warlord pls this game is my childhood


Kein Ding ist richtig cool

Vincent Black

Very Great Game , Practically gives you gems & great monsters events & just over all a bunch of other things you can do within the game great game overall especially after you've reached a high level

Robert Hammons

Great game

Kamari Yaya


Edgar Rabino Jr

I redownloaded the game. Is this game still alive?

Ero Ikpotokin

I can't play it because of the doawload

Lewis Park

Not good I used to play this right at the beginning when GOD lever was top I just downloaded again yesturday aftern2 years not playing and already I have a top tier monster didnt pay for it way to easy spoils game Used to be good now not so much

garfieldswilly YT

Too many hackers+needs update+only nerds

Robert Jenkins

Now on my what 4th account every time I take a break and come back I get told I have been banned getting really tired of restarting

Tyler Herrell

Great app!!!!! Great experience with this game and hours and hours of fun and a great time killer

Defit Dissida

Good, more bonus more play

Vincent Vlogg

make it NFT MW shock the world again👌🏻👌🏻

corey sirkus

Loving the game and all the wonderful features. Lots of awesome rewards for beginners. All are welcome!

Muhammad Shah Armi

Very good game

Patrick Mendoza

Returning to this game, I hope the new/old management and developers impoves the game.

Joshua Koh

Constantly loading and lagging. Absolutely unplayable.

Carlos Fernandez

Esta bien,yo jugaba desde el 2015 y volvi a jugar y me di cuenta que... ya nadie juega! Haber si hacen publicidad o que porque el juego tenia futuro

David Quigley

I like it more than pokemon gameboy.

mAzlan mAlwi

Nice n easy to play

Lye Siang Ooi

Bring back CCG Steel Commanders. There are no such game in Google play now. Very good game.


It would be fantastic if they made a Monster Warlord 2. Hopefully, that would revive the player base. Maybe add like a VIP cross progression type thing, so people can still benefit from the money they spent.


it's easier now to get more powerful monsters. Currently trying to play on a new phone Suck in the company logo screen and can't boot the game.

Chaz Newman


steven Wagoner

Did not get my stuff in my jewels and other things in my order fix this and the came out

Anthony Cruz

I enjoy it. My biggest gripe would be during boss fights. Lately after doing the attacks, it take 3-5 seconds to refresh and do the next attack. And when I try to get top 10, I end up stuck getting around top 50. Is there a way to help with the loading time between attacks? I don't have any issue with other apps like this and my wifi is decent.

Ayato Amagiri


Lomitusi Carlisle


Abdul Halim

Better development and improvement than later. The dev listen to players which is good

Taylor Hoplin

Something to do

Joseph Kidd

Definitely enjoy it

Mick Decoteau


Wan Penang

Still playing to this day 😄😄

Christopher Guay

Always something to do... Loving it!!!

ridwan jetro


oso sick

Good game! But played years ago and had a good account my phone got broken so I couldn't get my code. I still use the same email as I did back then silly it can't be recovered.... And the epic boss is not epic anymore it needs more health so more people can participate bc thenew monsters people are way stronger than it used to be. Thereno warcry anymore.

Irshad Ahmed

Gamevil please help me 3 days ago my account was hacked and stolen by a guy. I have all of proof of my account.

Maurice Bost

It will not let me access my server an I just downloaded the game again

Noble King01

Love this game and every thing about it played it forever I have one complaint stop putting ads to buy yourself it's messing with my game it causes screens to overlap did I have to refire it

bazli nadhir


Robert Paul

Nice game love it


Can the new owners bring new content pls

guilherme seara


_X_EZZY_X_ Khan

A great game I honestly love it

Kai Layng

LOVE the game just have had so many amazing accounts and no way of getting them back so I just stopped playing I'm tired of remaking all the divines and up and losing my accounts.


2022 Edit: This game became way too friendly for new users, not because the login but boost from other players, i get it that you want to sell those in the future but i think it's just kind of annoying

Teck Seng Tan

They have great monster designs and simple gameplay, however the highest monster level is ragnorak for over 5 years, with no major new game mode.

Grey Valance

Please fix the blatant hacker problem and the illegal sales of hacked accounts. Will be contacting playstore over this. GL

Daniel Baker

It's addicting [06/10/2014] original post I've been playing this game for years and I lost my account somehow and I have to say the customer service that helped me was amazing and made getting my account back the easiest I've ever had. [29/12/2021]

neil carolan

New tap warlord update is cool

Eko Prasetyo

Great game, lov it. Hope this game will keep exist. Give us more free gift 2 like some jewels, thank you

Gurmeet Singh

Reinstalled the game and Lost my account even though it was linked to both hive and google play. Data backup is very bad for an online game.

Bradley Montagna

Very fun and enjoyable

Kyle S

Still a great game. Used to play like 7 years ago... Still the same, just better rewards

Darryl Fuller

Honestly it's amazing that this game is still around. Started this game and a few others to keep me afloat and as the yrs went the other games closed and this one remained and not only did it remain it had some good updates too

Christian Begin

Working great


Weak lol

Flames OfHell

I actually played this game when it first came out. I have been on and off due to life. Since the begining this game has been phenomenal and keeps getting better and better. Game play and mechanics are awesome and so is the graphics and how well it runs. A free to play player can even enjoy it with no spending. Even if you choose the IAPs it's worth it too. Great job Devs you made a masterpiece in my opinion.

Ethan Coppola

This is a time consuming and pay to win game sadly.. 😢

Joel Cortez

Nice game XD

Scott Auclaire

It's much better now than back in the day when I first started playing

Dennis Caraker

More fun if you start over.


It's a very nice game but it's really old that's why i think you should update your UI

Arif Ashaari

Good I love it

Jessica Hollis

The combine event is horrible from infinite to eternal my combines have been failing so I have lost a lot of good monster.

Robert Ek

I like

Phillip Mullen

It's good so far


Been playing for long time now since divine was the highest tier for monsters. I would like to suggest some convinience for the next update, I would like to suggest a multi-explore function for Guild Dungeon Bosses. It takes a total of 60 clicks of explore just to summon the boss and there are 7 bosses which takes alot of time for us summoners specially when connection is bad also buff the rewards.

Echo Gunny

Used to play it when I was younger, absolutely banger.

Shiun n

still a great game as ever hopefully this game will have more updates

Jenayska Rodriguez

Its so cool i am speechless

josh morris

I'm pissed for some reason after getting back on after a long time. My account which I had bought packs is now gone

Max Meents

crashes immediately over and over - Memu

Kurth Llegado

Its awesome

Adam Kolls

Neat game

Ricky Fetzer

Love this game

HistoryandCulture Unii 101 Omega

You scum bag Ctnus... I've spent money on this game to download it 2 years later after I wake up from a car crash to find out all my hard work and data was for nothing. I played this game before most people, before it got popular. I was proud of my collections. Now I'll purely live to tarnish every game you make. F.....U.....

Echo Light

Pay to win unless you find a good guild that will let you leech for gems. Nearly impossible to catch up with old playing players

Lord Neko

So now you can't tab away from the game without needing to reload it, so it can throw another ad at you that the "dont see this again today" button is SUPPOSED to prevent. -Ads should NOT forcibly open the play store. -Boss notifications need to be fixed. -Basic World bosses should be on timer instead if set hp. -Gem use has no confirmation requests and buttons for gem use are placed to be accidentally hit. This game is managed like a scam.

Rifdi Afiq

Played this when I was 15-16 and now I'm 21 and it's still great so yeah

Warren Lee


Oh Yeah Yeah

6 years later and still the best game on mobile in my opinion...

Chris Gugl

Ich würde ja gerne spielen, bin ja auch schon lv372 aber mit meinem neuen LG Nexus 5x stürzt es bei dem screen wo man die Server auswählen kann immer ab

Josh S

I played the everliving HECK out of this game 6 years ago. Now it is shriveled and sad but at least I can guarantee global boss rewards