Monster Tales – Multiplayer Match 3 Puzzle Game

Author: Tangelo Games Spain

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Monster Tales – Multiplayer Match 3 Puzzle Game – Match 3 Puzzle Game – Collect Monsters, & Battle Friends PVP

Detailed info

File size: 54M
Update time: August 17, 2021
Current version: 0.2.241
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Tangelo Games Spain
Price: Free
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Customer review

Arthur Kirsten

Would be a great game if the pvp function worked. I've played 10 PVP games at different times and it puts me against the same person every game

A Google user

Easy match three with cool and cute monsters. It is SUPER HARD to level the monsters up unless you pay for it... but otherwise a fun game.

Aubrey Colvin

Why does this game keep restarting me over and again? This was why I stopped playing earlier...

Shawn Passmore

I absolutely love playing this lil app (game) I really like ur special fx too. U guys outshine them all. Keep ROCKIN🎸🎷🪕🥁

Luis Gomez

This is broken game can you guys fixed pls 🫣🫣🫣😕😕🥺

Robert OShea

Freezes, takes too long to load and doesn't save in the very beginning!

Pat Foley

Cute game, entertaining

Doug B

The tutorial is entirely too long.

Eli Stahly

A great game for people who like monster games! I also recommend it to fans of Connect Three games! I did not have any problems with it, but there is one problem with the game. Now that the card system has entered the game, I now cannot evolve my Darkeye or get it to level 40. But it is still a great game! Also I don't like the card system. It disables the ability to easily level up your monsters. Also I love how you made a monster based off axolotls! This is truly a great game.


Fun game but you have to watch a lot of adds to progress. The monster cards are random so you can't choose which monsters you want to level up.

Carren Miller

Freezes and glitches during play

Samantha Wood

I actually think I would love this game. Except every single time I leave the game and come back to it I'm right at the very beginning again! Very frustrating! I'll gladly change my rating if the game starts saving my progress! Finally started saving my progress. Cute game, great graphics.

bonnie haines


Commodore Watty

is a shame you took this game down because I can't get in to the game just a blank screen

Barbara Estlund

This game is so complicated there is a constant commentary in order to even play the game. There is just way to much going on. Got to the second level, don't know how but I did. A lot of reading and explanation telling you what to do next. Without all the explanations to tell you what to do, a person would be lost, and all the constant reading makes the game uninjoyable. Will be uninstalling.

Kaotic Sky

Can't give it 5 stars because of all the game pop ups just to play the game. A lot games are getting to be this way and it's annoying.

Becky S.

Cute, fun, addictive game. Just wish it came with more instructions about the monsters & enemies. Also it would be nice if the energy bar wasn't broken & would display the correct amount of energy I have. Otherwise, I love it!

Seit Isetsoh

It was good before the update, then they changed the leveling system, now it's so hard to level. I'm almost done the second stage, and I still have the monsters I started with, and only because I can't level any new ones to be strong enough. There's no point in getting a 4 star, they have lots of "deals" for them, but if you can't level them, what's the point

Frances Walters

It's a fun match 3 game.

Gail Harper

Exciting Love to play. Very challenging, makes me want to play more and more! I Easley get bored with game so far I'm good... 5**** 1* now😞 After the last update there is a glitch in the game. It freezes and crashes. When Im in battle my monsters are not there, but they fight. Please fix this problem so I can play or I must delete the game. Ten days later still no difference. 😖

Elizabeth Smith

The creatures are wonderful. I have found people that each remind me of. Some good some not. The games keep the player moving. 👏 The excitement continues with the laughter.

Gregory Campbell

It's fun and creative

Brianna Holliday

I can't get past the tutorial because the game keeps crashing. Please fix this bug, and add an option to skip the tutorial please.

Teena Brown

Game freezes can not even get past first level and when you close the game you have to start all over again

Jane Doee (Red)

Just keeps crashing.

Larry Flame

Games great

Toneisha Mason


L. Squared

The most recent update seems to have made it harder to level up while remaining a free player. Still a lot of fun though.

John Jacqueline

Was a good game. Gone for a few days and when I got back the automatic update has so many new flashing graphic I just picked myself up off of the floor from one of the worst seizures I ever had. Thank you for hurting me again hasbro

Cara H (The Real Cie)

It's a fun game with neat monsters. The microtransactions are a bit pricey.

Leona Russell

The game is lots of fun

Gary Knight

It could've been made better.

Christina Crumpton

It was great before the update. I was hooked. Now I can't feed any of my monsters to upgrade them. Have to collect cards. Waste of time now.

Christine Terry

Newest update broke game beyond tolerating. Its just a cash grab now. Go ahead and skip this game

Crystal hill

Love playing this game try it and you will to

Jessica Shelman

This is a pretty good app. Good graphics and good story line. No complaints.

Christopher Dennery

Really good game, the reason for 3 stars is because it disconnects from the server frequently and I am unable to get round rewards when it does

Chriban Dorasamy

Amazing game just wish that you could connect to facebook to save your progress.

Rebel Gaming

Lost all progress on my game after spending $$$ and had account linked...

Jason Eyerkuss

Needs some work to maintain tain stability, but is fun

Lisa Stohr

For a week now I'm stuck in the tutorial. NO WAY to skip it ... It's like Groundhog Day, over and over and over - every day the game starts at level ONE. 🙄 The game NEVER advances. It does however, FREEZE, CRASH & take FOREVER to load (& load and load and load). Most boring game I ever tried.

Valencia Thomas


J. Harlow

EXTREMELY FUN GAME ! Sort of Reminds Me of Pokemon.

Samantha Lee

I honestly love the game but I can't do anything multiplayer related. If I ever even just tap the button for multiplayer the game just literally blue screens.


Really like it but when they do special events, the event crashes and freezes and you can't play it. The current event going on I completed the easy and normal level but the event crashes when I go to play the hard level and it has been this way the whole time during the event with no fix. Needs alot of work but it can be a good game with the right work.

Brian Joyce

Broken junk. Pvp doesn't work. Low rewards so it's just a waste of time.

Laurie Mackenzie

It's different and I like it.

Gail Kane

Was really beginning to like this game but the update screwed it up bad, totally froze me up, im Uninstaller this game, nit worth my time, to many games out there to choose from to play with to hassle thru this mess...

denise anastasia

I always wanted to like anything thank you

Holly Leonard

They r so cute. The games r fun. Put 2gether ur team 2 beat levels. It sometimes freezes or slows. So plz work on that if ya can.

Vincent Thewarrior


Salvatore hudson ezra

I want any of the monsters as a pet

Eduardo stokes alijah

love it, I want a Teddy with the monsters

Vernon dunn dalton

No complaints at all!

Debra D. Spence (Diane)

Seems to be for small children

Riptor Raptor

Probably one of the second best puzzel ones I've ever played

Donna Stracener

Fun play


Fun take on match 3 game with battle element. But apparently you must complete tutorial 1st time for progress to save. Thought I had, but apparently not.

William Henderson 3

I love is gameso mash

Zantano FongBeer Ptps

PVP doesn't work now. Please fix it.


This game seems decent enough. Only issue is, every single time i close out of the game (even just to switch active windows without actually closing the game itself), it starts completely over. The unskippable tutorial gets extremely tedious after the first few times you're forced to endure it


So far the gameplay is good, but I have been having issues. The food and energy counters don't always show accurate amounts like my energy count will say max but I actually have 4 energy. I also can't open pvp as when I select it it crashes and I have to close the game and open again to get away from the dead pvp screen.

Nick Wilson

Was doing great until this last week the game keeps saying error and will not load. It's now been like this for over 24 hours withought loading. If this gets fixed I will definitely give 5 stars because I enjoy playing.

A Google user

Good game, easy to get addicted!

A Google user

The novel gameplay attracted me a lot, I really like it

A Google user

intellectual victory. it's not too hard to get 3 stars, quite as fun as candy!!

Ronald Angel Newton

colorful blocks, quite challenging

Keiron Henry

The game kept freezing and kicking me out and when I got back in it reset my progress

Trevor Harris

Game Monster Tales: Match 3 RPG is an interesting RPG game, in my opinion, the game is suitable for many ages without constraints and framework, can be customized easily.

A Google user

Easy to understand and easy to play, smooth swipes

Glenn BFM

Enjoyability maxx!

Brian K.


Steven Barlow

Is a fun game but I feel that if your putting in the work to evolve one of your monsters you shouldn't have to start back at level one and have a low attack power again

Jayme Garrison

I want to like this game but I hate being forced to do the tutorial. It's very tedious.

Naduah Goormans

Lovely game 💖💖💖💖💖💖

Daniel R Simmons

It is a 7 ⭐ ratting truly appreciated 👍 it.

A Google user

Look, the graphics are quite eye-catching, the gameplay is familiar, I can even let my children play. good job!

A Google user

been trying to play for past couple of days it loads I click to claim daily reward or my chest rewards and I get kicked off app altogether have to reload the game..I can't even play it

A Google user

It's also quite interesting with this RPG series, quite challenging and attractive, just a little observation, I also learned how to play this game

Jacqueline Mozloom

Unable to get the game open in order to play. Frozen approx 1/4 of the way upon loading and nothing I do will allow me to complete the loading of the game. Very distressing.

Crystal Rios

This game is fun, but how do I level up again? I've been stuck at level 9 for so long. Completing levels, story quests, and hatching monsters doesn't seem to help any.

Jodie Crosby

Couldn't get into it. 3 minutes to load, straight into another load screen, another wait, then the first thing you see is 'spend money' can't skip tutorial and it's so bad it's rediculous. Game is pathetic. Oh and spend money, spend money, spend money. I don't mind spending money, but the constant begging should at least offer you something. Why spend on such a bad game. Just don't bother, much better out there. Terrible. But if you still want to play it, I can't say it enough, bring your wallet

A Google user

have been playing for 2 weeks, and can't give up, it's captivating with impressive graphics colors

A Google user

pretty good for the mind, i love this game!!!

Zohreh Hesam

A good game is just very fast

Sarena Campbell

There seems to be a glitch in PVP where it says you get an extra turn but then goes to the opponent. This happens when the extra turn was earned on the 2nd turn.

Chris Bryant

Awesome game. Love it.

S. Haire

It had potential but and we all know the adds and glitches it's not fun enough for all that.

Shawn Fortich Passmore

I adore playing this game

Jeffery Agosto

Love this game

Eve -

This game is cute but it's glitchy. It lags horribly at some points or freezes.

Queen Nirn

Forces you to level up certain monsters whether you want to or not. Makes me really irritated because it wastes the experience fruit you have saved up. I like the concept of this game but not the execution.

cindy sneesby

Really fun

The Fluffy Gamer

Honestly your in game add ons are cheaper than most and the only qualm I have is the amount of energy it takes to use and how little we get for certain things

Thomas Nelson

Really fun game but it keeps freezing in pvp mode and is real glitzy a lot of time. I read other reviews with the same problems and they it's been fixed but it hasn't. It just happened to me today. If they can work the bugs out it would get 5 star rating for sure.

Liam Burton

Its fun. But it freezes when you get the village elder that helps you evolve right after you hatch the egg she comes with. Please fix this so i can give a better rating.

Arthur Waller

Started pvp and was making lots 9f chains for multiple turns. Same team lineup and mine were doing nearly 0 damage and every time it was my turn id get a sync error at the end and lose all my special energy built up in that turn while the opponent keeps all theirs.

Alicia Coffman

Really like the game but I'm at a spot where it freezes and won't let me move forward and if I uninstall it won't let me collect points through my app I would really like to keep playing if you could fix it

Sara R

Fun game.

Cecil Miller

Game completely stops after level 23, when a character prompts the player to trade sun coins to evolve, but there is no way to move beyond that point. Pretty much, this is one of the worst games I've ever played.