Monster Shooter World

Author: YRD Aurora Games

10,000+ install


Monster Shooter World – Explore the galaxy and eliminate enemies. Discover new planets and worlds.

Detailed info

File size: 153M
Update time: July 19, 2021
Current version: 1.18.59
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: YRD Aurora Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Haukur Hardarson

Good game to relax with. Progress can be slow but with little foresight and luck you can get your guys better

Rahrah Tyme

A waste of time, due to the developers focusing more on financial gain, than the integrity of the game itself!👎🏾 Another uninstall!

Aaron Willhite

guys you hit a home run for me with this banger like its so addictive haha ive been playing for 10 hrs straight for real

Ronnie O'Brien

I like it it's a very good game

Борислав Попов

Needs better drop rates, easier material gathering for leveling the heroes.

Kevin Dragonbringer

it would be totally different, than almost any other game, similar to this one. when it comes to picking either, health boost or heal. make it heal you for full life. Taking tons of damage when going through these rooms. Especially if you are not great at game.

Husnu Huseyin

The game is fun, I like the gameplay and graphics and the fact the you upgrade hero's rather easily. My problem is with your so called daily sign in system. How is it that this morning I on day 4 and now mere hours later I'm back to day 1? Either is a system issue it an attemp to get people to spent actual money

liliana Pruitt

A bit of competition is what I'm looking for and with this game, I got it.Lots of fun, thank you

Thirumoolanathan S

super game love u more

Jonathan Gordon

Another clone, a bit more difficult and not a crazy amount of ads


Just a poor copy of other rouge like achero clone Super poor hit detection Super poor power up structure I am so blah having to dig through all this rubbish to try find a playable game

Samuel Clarke


Spike Brannigan

6 out of 5 stars!!!!!

christopher teal

Not bad to start. However I really dislike not equipping weapons freely due to hero of choice. Especially if you have to unlock other heroes. Edit; game difficulty is hot garbage, you come from one-two shotting to taking 5 or 6 hits with the strongest damage character, in one world rotation. And alot of the enemies move rapidly, and instant attack at range, so you lose a quarter hp every step basically. Dont make a character limited time if they suck so bad.

Jairus McLendon

I had played this game for a long time. And really enjoyed it. Then it started only loading up to 69%. Did this for months. I had hoped an update would fix it. But it never happened. So I uninstalled it , then reinstalled it. And the game works, but everything that I had earned, all the money I spent on this stupid game, everything was gone. Everything! If I could give it a zero I would.

Lance Yanos

The gameplay is good, but the downside here is the roulette system. I've been playing for some time and I have observed that the roulette in the game only gives the minimum rewards, never once during my playthrough it has given me the best reward. For example, the roulette for starting money at the start of the stage will only give you the smallest amount. Another is the drop rate. So low you cant almost get any.

Adrian Johnson


Tomasz Zembrzycki

Not playable. 4 x 2 min games and you will have to start paying or watching 30 sec ads.

Dennis Reynolds

Is winning an actual possibility in this trash?

russell rector

so far easy play no bugged sections yet

Lisa Scalf

Great game.Great time killer but really skillful have to learn to be the best no pay to win.

R.L.F. Productions

I love this game.

JohnnyR Brown

It Good to

Marcelo Sendejo

Like archero but not pay to win so I like it more

Lawrence Callahan

awesome game


great game

Tom Hughes

suuuuch an awesome game. best of this genre I have played yet!

‡‡‡• Ash •‡‡‡

Ok so far. Not any push ads yet, which is very good 👍 àw2

Hamidah Assan

good gameplay but wishing there was a feature where weapons could be change while in play

Prvate Private

Handsome main character. ARCHERO genre. Enjoyable. BUGGY. Latest version locks up after 60 seconds of play (frame rate drops to zero). 2 months later, lockup bug still strangy unfixed (unlikely to ever be patched to playability if they ignore serious bugs). Decent graphics and smooth play before the lockup bugs kick in. Could be a great game if they fixed obvious serious bugs. I waited the lockup out for a minute plus 30 seconds game resumed normal framerate for 10 seconds then locked up again.

firman rusdi bachtiar

I found some weakness in every character that won't let me pass next stage. I'm using third character that using grenades launcher as weapon, but the heavy damage is useless when i dont have enough time to perform shooting. Speed too slow. Enemy is fast in chasing toward us.

moumita Mondal

Worst game ever 💩💩💩💩

Leakista Mccoy

Game keeps closing itself out. It also closed right before beating lol 2, but now it won't load at all uninstalling! I did still no loading. Uninstalled.

Bharat Thakor


Justin Walton

challenging but very fun

jonathan kelly

App is half-assed. Characters sometimes shoot randomly not at enemies. Heros strength seems to vary across the same levels, played multiple times. Hero's bullets get stopped on walls that they are nowhere close to. Cannot change weapons among characters. Enemy bullets "hit" hero when they actually dont. 2 stars at best.

The Iggy

Fast delete...

Andy Roper

good little game.

zahil poy


Nilesh Kumar

Bit jacking movement

Lumen Jordun

A bad ripoff of the original title (Archero). 0 Creativity

Muhammad Syahmi

Addictive game but there is a bug with the coop mode.Even though the bot has died but it still move while lying on the ground.Kinda funny but it mess with the gameplay.

Herine Agung


Ikmal Kamarulzaman

I like the art style. Maybe it's quite hard but i find it more interesting like this. At least it's not super impossible. I had fun tbh. Thanks dev !


super addictive

Mikhail Gryzykhin

Too much clickbait

Mike Block

good game no crazy ads only if you want to get coins or weapons 5 stars

Angelo Vassiliou

It doesn't load.. It goes up to 69 percent and that's all it does

Mehran Crow

God of lag

Amr Borshaly

I do like the game alot but the biggest problem i found which is always not found in any other game that the recharge time for only 1 energy is 15 minutes while most of games they give only 5 minutes to recharge 1 energy and that makes me not to play it much enough per day

Anthony Avellano


Tony Chavez

love the game keep up the good work

Rick Phillips


Nate Compton


Arthur Kirsten

Too early to spend money. Basic things don't work, coop mode is always a bot (obvious because of the movement), functionality on clans doesn't work, requesting cards, chat function is delayed by approximately 8 minutes. Happily spend money once the obvious issues have been resolved

Kenan Robinson

it's a fun game. pretty challenging. it gives you more chances to earn combat experience after you beat a boss. it could use more combat experience chances though. but I'm only getting started in the gane, so maybe it'll give more benefits the further I progress in the game.

guid line vido guid line

Benjamin kym


nikonov ivan

Melanianationals Jackson keeps

Blue Stripes Monkey

No cloud save ?

Jimbo C

really cool game. i like the team up style of levels in the game and its good fun.

Terry Briggs

Great game for killing a bus ride or waiting room stay.

John Vasquize

Really I killed a boss and his attack is still going and killed me that's not fair at all and we only get one free revive then every time we play the level over again it caust gems iv played games like this before and thay all ways give you one free revive if you watch an ad every time you replay a chapter thay do

Axial Cecal

Locked framerate lower than phone from the last 5 yrs.. terrible. Don't bother.

Casey “Ysidrouric” Weber

I really liked this game, unfortunately I got a new phone and all my purchases and data were deleted. Really disappointing and frustrating.

Ben Micho Canape

Using amazon tablet but very laggy

Darwin Torres


Steven Vick

Has freezing issues which leads to taking a lot of damage...especially when first entering a new room...

Kristina Haler

Good game

adel rezavi

why can't i play it offline anymore after playing it online once ?

Fabien Suliin

Doesn't work on Android 11 uninstall

Nicholas Mitrani

Keeps closing before I see the title screen

William Sanchez

Good Rating.

Robert Goff

very good game

Rudyard Gaceta

I love playing archero games but this one is a bit slow. Drop rates are low, so is the money, a bit more grindy than the others. I wish you would remove the level cap, its the only thing I hate about these games, still fairly good game and graphics. The skill build is a nice touch, but maybe a few more chars to choose from would be nice.

Dustin Johnson

this game I so much fun. it's a well built game that only has a few flaws to me. I wish the playable characters actually would wear the armor equipped onto them. also I feel like the levels builds are small compared to the size of your player and the enemies. it just feels claustrophobic at times. so for those 2 reasons I give it 4 stars. it's almost perfect.

Trey Azcueta

Couldn't beat the boss because of the enemy damage is too high.Fix it...

Danny Phung

it cool game.

chad smith

Its ok just the same old kinda game😴

alex huber

Another archero clone. Done wasting time on this one. Played chapter 1 3 times and haven't gotten a single item to drop. Fantastic drop rate developers. Don't bother with this game

Justin Berry

Enemy starting attacks need to be delayed by about a second. Other game modes would help the monotony. Optional ads needed for revives and upgrades. The biggest problem with the game is lack of loot. It's a grind to level up a single item when you get so little even when you complete a chapter. Otherwise it's a good game with good graphics and movement capabilities and a unique concept that helps it stand out from other Archero clones. If these problems get fixed, then it could be a great game.

Michael Alford

Enemies are already shooting when you enter a room. They seem to be able to hit you no matter what. You have to pay to continue. Healing is nominal. Money grab

Roger 0

Its pretty cool game, xtime

Preston Minton

Fun run and gun game.


Amazing game for shooters . Very addicting and fun

Jessie Jones

Constantly freezing dumpster juice!

Vontrase Dunbar

Great game. And its not an archero clone. In the same style yes but definatly a stand alone game. Great gameplay diverse enemy types and i love the mantraps on lvl 1. Little things like that and yes this game has many is what makes this game different from archero and many others of the same style. I mean enemies get stunned and u have a chance to recover health from them? Thats a great idea and y its a stand alone game. It doesnt have many levels but im sure that will change. Thanks devs.

Jhon Idel castillo

Its a great game

Lune Moon

You literally copied Archero. Skills, controls, game design, mechanics. You just replaced the appearance. Shame on you

Dave Macapagal

Looks good. Graphics and gameplay wise. Just applied the recent update but still no drops for blueprints and other items. So how are we supposed to level up the character? Drop rates are minimal to none. Absurd.

Liam Hannay

Great game however the drop rate for items and upgrade material is way too low. Almost feels like you need to spend money to make any decent progress. Lots of potential and can't wait for future updates

Micko Cipriano

you need to fix more and pls add drop item and in first wave need skills...

irvin kakegamic

It's ok...about the options..the auto fire....thank you for reading.

Glenn Guinsad

This game is good, but has to be improve. Problem is the fps. It would be awesome if you balance the game