Monster Masters

Author: LanParty Games

5,000,000+ install


Are you ready to become the best master? Monster Masters is a multiplayer game in real time where you can collect, train and evolve dozens of monsters. Create your strategy and get ready for battle!

PLEASE NOTE! Monster Masters is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

A network connection is required.

● Duel players from around the world in real-time
● Earn Boxes to unlock rewards, collect powerful new monsters and evolve existing ones
● Defeat opponent’s monsters to win Fame and become the best master
● Collect and evolve dozens of monsters, make them learn new moves and evolve them!
● Create your ultimate monster team to defeat your opponents
● Progress through multiple Leagues all the way to the top
● Challenge your friends to a private duel

Detailed info

File size: 107M
Update time: July 1, 2021
Current version: 9.0.7304
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: LanParty Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kimini Yadav

Very nice game

Mukesh Sahu

It's game is best game 2o22 best game

Gaurav Kumar

Not good game

Amerendra Singh


Bhupender singh

It is very good

Sudhangsu Dey

I just wanna know if developers are still working on this gane or not?

Biplab Das

Free Fire

Suraj Dhaktode

Amazing and lovely game . I can't explain that how much I love these . Cand describe in words. Just say Amazing

pk xd Gamer

I wish I could rate it 0 stars lol 😂 this is so bad that it's funny every time I get an opponent, they are always like 100 levels higher than me. I could not disrecomend it more. This sucks like hell

Sherlyn Soledad


Veronica Vatuvei

cool app i wish there was more guys u can get

Arnav Verma

I think monster masters creaters need to make more high level monsters like level 50 or level 100 and need to make some other mode battles need atleast 50 to150 and more monsters and i completed this game i like this game also thanks

Fatima Siddique

This game is really good

Sonu Yadav


Debapriya Porel


Experiment and Play ffm

I downloaded game but full space and delete 1 game but see delete 1 more game and iam so angry 😡💢 and tum apne game ko thik kar lo 2 app kathna Padta he and your game in not download

Ekam Jolly

It has too much ads

Eric Teow

U all so rubbish ah, me all lv 4 monster meet all lv 6 player 10times continuous


It would be a lot better if I would stop getting paired up against higher leveled players. My personal opinion is you have far too many monsters that do similar things in combat. Have a little more diversity please. Feels like since I first made this post matchmaking got worse.

Himanshu Tamang


Pinjara Hakim


Alberto Manzi

This game is excellent for 4 stars because the melody is not good enough and does not match the game. Other wise it is very perferct. It was very entertaining and full of adventure. That is my review about this game MONSTER MASTERS.

Mira Thiodores

Best game ever


Good game. I like it.

Mansi Gurjar

Best game

Богдан Шкуропат

Добавьте пожалуйста кнопку сдаться! Это ужасное чувство когда дальше играешь матч который уже проиграл

Shahin Jahan

I love you

Deepak Gamer 5.0

Can you please give me new update and events please i bored alot i think you dont listen me please update this game this game is very boring now if you want good reviews from people you will add new monster and make the new way to upgrade our monsters and new evolution like shuppet and taisan has no evolution please add some new evolutions and you put events like fight to get diamond treasure box and also please up rainbow stones geeting chance.

Vikash Pal


kaneshia lindsey

i just love games whit monsters

Deepti Sharma

Fast download using power plant project is completed download using of the nonstop download

Tydre Kaukau

i just started and its graet

Manavjeetnehal nehal

Pokemon vgood game 🎮🎮🎮👌💞❤😊❤👌🤠

archana singh

Very nice and very beautiful and very good game

Tukuna Tukuna

It was my like game

Miole Hazra

Op. game

Rahul Saha

Very Nice game but give 3 star

Sunrise Wholesale

Pokemon is cool

Gagan Baloni


FC Edits

I love it

Kamal patel


P Madhu


Gadya supriya Gadya supriya


Banoth Laxman


Raushan Raj


Tahseena Banu

On first time I was downloading this game 2,3 times it didn't get download very bad thing is that my all data vent loss because of this game

Trọng Phúc Nguyễn

game hay



Racharla Satyaveni

Nice game

Fahad saify

Very good game .it was play by our mind and our mind is so strong after playing this game

Gokul R

I play against the same enemy for 2,3 times its very very bad uneasy and irritataing

Ayish Bhavsar

I love this game but immerial and dash should be remove

D man King

0000000000000000000000000000 star

oleti rajeswari

I like this game it is super but try to one update that is [add extra 1 my monster to battle 6 monsters ] ok 6 vs 6 battles so much better and make big fixes ok try for this update 🤗

Rick Sanders

Very great I like the startup

Arlene Neal

Horrible and spammy gimics no strategy what so ever just spam the moves fly dug and planet creator need to fix all spam and make it more strategized other than that horrible game

raju puthiyaveettil

Very good game to play with friends guys chec it out

laTasha Walker


Michael Frazer

FUN REALLY NICE AND GOOD THE MONSTERS ARE ADORABLE PLEASE INSTALL but I give it a for star rating because you have wait so long for the monsters to hatch

Aditya Raj

This game is fantastic

Kashif Islam

Game is good but why in every battle same ground 🤔

shakthi shakthi


Keegen Emond

It would be better if there was free roam catching like the pokemon games but it's still good.

Jackielyn joy dayrit

Great game


Nice Game

Karan Hirasingh

I know the best starter its the water type its proven to be the best search it on youtube and the best game i highly recommend

JayShawn Hughes

Great game if we cant find a pokemon game this may be it

Salma Khatun


Jacob Sullivan

I enjoy this game very much because its kanda like pokemon butI think this is more fun!!!!!

Mamta jagarwal

It's like by Pokemon 😊

Priyanka Pawar

This game is very best 👌👌👌👌👌👌🥰🥰🥰

Urmila Yadav


Thimmaiah Hari

This game is best game ever

Milan Sik

It's fun just like Pokemon games you got to battle people and it's so much fun when you get new pets

Hannah Ridgley

Good game just gets better and better

G Sarguna

Very good

Swapna Talachutla


Dante Junior


Rabari Karnabhai


Manikandan Manikandan

Nice 🎮

Hasana Hasana

Super game



Suheb Shaikh

I Love this app it is so amazing

Kondarathi Rahul

Excellent pantastic mind blowing sur

Chandrawati Das

This game is very good but i want some upates in this game. 1 i want to give money and gems to my friend but i can,t 2no level up after 10 level

Balaraju Yadhav

My favorite game

Barbara Grover

I love it 😻

rajdeep saikia

Nice game

Gayatri W

It is one of the best game I have ever play but I think there is still a room for improvement like 1. Catching monsters in a journey 2. Adding more box slots and reducing opening time This could increase the playing time

Ammu rithu

super game

Siyam Ahmed

I don't play this game I don't open my first chest plz fix that problem

Khadak shing Rana


pramila koppuravuri

It is not that much interesting I deleted it because I can't switch monsters and I can't use some moves


It's game very good game but battle only one type battle new type 1 2 3 type and new monster



Arif Wicaksana

I like the monster but the money runs out fast and the income cant handle it. Except you pay for it

Colombian Necktie

Its fun easy to pick ive really enjoyed it

Senghai eung

I like this game but the creature or pokemon are Trash please design your pokemon again

Darrell Barker

I love how the battle sequence is I like how the terminal teaches you pretty well how to play the game it reminds me too much of Pokemon stadium to some extent of how they have the simulation run

Munashe Mhike

This Game is very enjoyable