Monster Highâ„¢ Beauty Shop: Fangtastic Fashion Game

Author: Crazy Labs by TabTale

50,000,000+ install
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Monster Highâ„¢ Beauty Shop: Fangtastic Fashion Game – Celebrate Spring with Our Limited-Time Updates and Enjoy this Clawsome Game!

Detailed info

File size: 50M
Update time: June 21, 2021
Current version: 4.1.14
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Crazy Labs by TabTale
Price: Free
2 votes

Customer review

Rajkumari Joyeta

I haven't play this game in a 90 months But if you want to play this game I have to Say that this is the best game I have ever seen in my life and this game is super cool it has so many features that you can try and there so many favourite doll that I love to give new new styles so I hope you that you like this game so that's all I want say about this game is the best game 😍😍😍😘

Susan Loshaw

This is a really good game I played everyday and it's really good and like it's fun

Arpit Yadav

I love you look you I like you 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Khylie Jhasmine


Leony Lagasi


Sabinuk Stan

It's great!!

h20umr sikunder

This game is sooo!! fun we can make there hair makeup every!!



Jacinna Mitchell

Its amazing my lil sister loves it wven my older sister! But you obly get 2 cjarecters if u dont pay

rabiatul shahiera

the best!

Lalrinnungi Ralte

Its good and fun

Karthik Balasubramanian

I love it

Nur Hasanah

I lovet

Eunise Amparado

nice game

Shelby Hinton

Great app but Only 2 options at start wich is kind of devistating my fav monster isnt unlocked because you have to buy it please do better

Jesse Rivera

I love the game bit i wish that the other charecters are free

Chacha Ballesteros

I love this game you can colour and dress up and even more

Pretty Girl

10/10 app but I wish the more Character's were free or could be unlocked as an reward

Ladonna Gardner

If only the characters was free

Bessie Johnson

I LOVE THIS GAME LIKE SO GOOD but it has to many things to buy I wish it was all Free tho so we can do more but I still love this game I'll never hate this game it's like my figits toys btw I'm 9 so ya

Jennifer Good

I love it So much it's a good game to play


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AS Young

I like the game but it needs more free characters .

Abdul Wahab

It's good gsme but my complain us I can't make the hair designs for pics

Betty Johnson

Glitchy but good

Amna Cutie

i really really love this game its so fun an this game is so awesome


I love it it is fun you can do anything 😊

Arshida Blink

Love it best game ever just please stop premium characters or other things

Vera Brown


Betty Whitcher

Monster high is a good game but i don't want to pay for full game please let everyone get the full version of the game for free on like black Friday or whenever

Ayesha Ahmad


Bills Wheels

This game is sooooooooooooooo fun you can put your own hair on yourself and loads mare like wearing some charters face but you do pay for more

Sophie Neil

This is an amazing game

Anuradha Nilmini

Nice game... i love it 🥺❤️

Qalesha Irdina

This is cool with salon It's great 👍👍👍

Komal Qureshi

very glitchy 💯💙❣️

nawal bouamer

Good game just one thing we dont have a lot of opinxes for coths

wel mabs

its my first time playing this but its perfect and i luv it😍

Divanshi Lamba

This game is nice but 2nd level is not completing and so much add was come so more distrubance you can download this game is your wish that you like don't go to rate

Sophia Klaire


Hamida Hossain

Monster high

Anna sarufa

Monster. high. beau

Erica Jeane Francisco

this so good but you can only use two carater but is good for me 😁

Jennifer Walton

Very fun for kids

Annabelle Brooklyn

I love monster high

Leeann Alexy Madriaga

I love this game 😍😍

Jael Alexander

This game is so amazing. I absolutely love it! Keep up the great work!

Deagan Shook

It is fun

Desiree Smith

I is so fun

Mariela Vega

I love fashion

Rebecca Stone

I love the game

Kaylan Childress

I mean it's super good the only thing is how there only 2 people for u they need to fix how u have to pay for more people and kids want to get it so they ask u

Toni Rothwell

This is such a good game its fantastic rate five stars

Vijaya Kumari


Halo Crawford

Great 😊👌

Kristy Bryant

I really love the game but I really want all the characters

Asiya Fari

This is very very very super and problem this game so many many many ads but i like this game i am sorry to i say this game problem and have a so many game this like the wow wow wow 💜💜💜💜💜

Miccah Empeño

This game was totaly amzing its just cool

Himshikha pandey

Bad experience

Samantha Alexander

Ads from the beginning. Not even trying to get me hooked.

Teyanna Jeffries

M stands for migration old stand for old stump

Sadie Miller

It's a really fun game, i just wish it was 100% free.

Fatima Moreno


Akshita Soni

Nicely done qqq

Dora Marin

It is so fun for me because you can chance the hair so cute and that is why I love it😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😍😍😍☺☺☺

Siddharth Jadhav


Karina K

This game is cool

Themba Mnisi

I love the idea of the meeting on the way to get the information in this matter please let me play the game

Tsedenbum Ataraa


Hazel Angela


Oreana Gouto

Pay to play game when you want the other characters then you must pay that's stupid

6-4 А.Анударь


Shohrat Fatma

It's so cool 🥰 / but the super girls costs real money and add more activityes☹️ But I Love this game

Roquesa Lastimosa

It's so childish I love it

Natalie McCarthy

I give this game free stars because it takes a long time to get new characters

Shelley Hendrick

I love this game💖 lol

Enzo Ryderbrown

Its really fun

Karina Torres

It's a nice game I like how there hair moves and everything but I wish that you could unlock some new characters without paying but overall it's pretty good

Cher Her

It's beautiful and I love customizing their hair

Deanna Blackie

I love it so much and I like doing the nails, hair, clothes, and makeup I love it thank you

Evelynn Wilson


Crystal Harms

I Mean its fine i like it i just have to say the description why does it say fangtastic? Is that a word???

Jerry Aninipot


Nor Nor

كثير كثير اللعبه حلوه ومسليه كثير ولا عمري شفت زي هيك لعبه مسليه ♥️♥️♥️

Ddamo 12

اللعبة حلوة بس يعني مو مرة مرة حلوة المهم أتمنى ماتحطوني معى التعليقات السلبية🤲 وبس باي 🌺

Kaylee McKee

I just like it it's cool

jemma willis

Horrible they don't even let you you use the lock characters like why can't you unlock and the hair is just too hot too weird and hard and like you don't you have to take photos of yourself and it's just not good

Kausar Kalid


Beena Gurung

I like this game but i decided to delete But it was good app

Mujtaba Mazaheri


Kk Kk

I like this

Anita Singh

Good game 😍😍😍😍😍😍

samantha nicole


Aziyah Womack

It's great 👍

Wen Ram

Veggies for the update on your way home or do we need to get together soon and we will have a good day at work to get done to get together to see what you have a good day at a 🍪 a 🍪🍩🍫 to make sure I have it in my calendar and we will go to get the update

Rabiya 1

Wow just wow its so good no adds,free and no wifi to PLAY!? 10/10

Ashley Copeland

This is my new favorite game

Aaliyah Huerta

It's fun to play but everything I locked so there's not many things to do

Ivy Tran

Monster high

Rubelyn Hantid

I have only toWoman woman it's so boring bat is good