Monster Demolition – Giants 3D

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Monster Demolition – Giants 3D – The pixelated apocalypse is upon us and all that stands between humanity and the destructive forces is you and your car. So climb into the cockpit, put your feet on the floor and get straight to the game in this wildly entertaining demolition derby where the only way to win is to smash the giant monsters with everything you’ve got. Then do it again and again and again…
🏎Start a demolition derby: It’s a one-way street heading straight for the monsters, choose a flight path, hit the ramp and smash right into the enemy trying to cause maximum destruction.
🏎Keep Exploding: Even a perfect collision won’t take down these giant monsters the first time, so smash them with multiple attacks until they finally fall apart.
🏎Explore every corner: This is a full game, but if you want to destroy monsters in the fewest possible moves, it is useful to use a little strategy. Judge the angle and speed of your truck to maximize the damage of each collision and try to knock your enemy down by hitting his support.
🏎They don’t go down without a fight: Monsters don’t just stand there when you bump into them. Be prepared to dodge an arsenal of fireballs, tea spikes and thrown bombs.
🏎 So hit them where it hurts: If you want to make life easier, aim your first attacks at the monster’s energy source. That way you have less to do in the way of destruction.
🏎And there’s also something up your sleeve: every time you damage a monster, you get teeth that you can use for reinforcements – including rocket launchers, giant bombs or vehicles – or boosters. to increase your armor, strength or bonus for the next encounter.
🏎Where did they come from and how did they get so big? The game has 52 different animated giant monsters to destroy, from dinosaurs to superheroes and from horror legends to ancient myths. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll need to adjust your tactics in each level to progress through the game.
🏎Fight monsters with Monster Trucks: As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your pickup truck for even more demolition and eventually progress to bigger and better vehicles, including a police car and a full-size semi truck.
🏎Beautiful Scenery, Too Bad About The Weather: The game features eight unique and beautiful locations, from urban high-rises to snowy mountaintops and abandoned parking lots to outer space, so enjoy the views while you’re there. Unfortunately, you also have to deal with local conditions that include tornadoes, meteors, and thunderstorms.
Are you looking for an original action-adventure with simple yet addictive gameplay and increasingly difficult opponents? Are you ready to destroy an amazing selection of huge monsters block by block? Then download Monster Demolition now, set your GPS to destruction mode and hit the highway!
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