Monster Battles: TCG – Card Duel Game. Free CCG

Author: FrozenShard Games

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Monster Battles: TCG – Card Duel Game. Free CCG – Free CCG Collectible Monster Game. Monster Catcher TCG – Card Monster Duels Game

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: 2.3 and up
Developer: FrozenShard Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jax Malone

I gave the games five stars because it's good but it's unfair I only had 2 Pokemon cuzitsaid I have I had not and I didn't have enough action points but then he gets three

Beyond Ages

hack mod

Klyde Aaron Cuevo

I'll download tcg monster battle it didn't work but l have alot of mb

Suraj Pasi

Very good game but it's Size is so big and add some most powerful monsters in this game .almost thegame is very good

Samuel Childress

The best I have played so far

Feo Fedelino

Good but way too overpowered enemies like 10000 attempts before winning but I retrieved my account

Alan-cory Jones

I love this game.

Reidar Velarsson

I've been playing for 20 minutes so far and I'm enjoying it

Jennifer Fossett


Farhan Chaudhary

Very shallow game, filled to the brim with microtransactions.

Dip Sanfui


Brian White

Severe pay 2 win. Like pay money to get you energy back on your turn. Or pay money to not take damage until your next turn. Etc.

Sky Cell


Rehan Maqsood

This game is very nice and interesting I most like this game

Jyoti Rajan


Romeo Alaffa


Leomark Aguaviva

😎👍🗡️⚔️🔥🏍️ Vs

G A M E B O Y ph.

I can't log in my main account after I switch to my dummy account. What a waste of time. Yeah cool game but so uncool abou I can't log in my main accout to it. Kinda annoying may freaking 3 years of playing it is just ho to waste.

georgia stevens


amir Karandish

Pretty decent art, tons of different creatures to collect. The mechanics are not bad. I'll give four stars for now. Let's see what happens in the future( UPDATE PLS!)

chitwin mg

Is can't move all are good

Jammy Mmadike

Ew always takes for EVER to load! And I'm new so c'mon! It never loads also

Quang Huy


Joyce Ida Alcantara Lanot

I love ths game its pretty nice


it keep saying im disconnected even though i have internet

junior ike

Awsome game the graphics are good so many monsters to capture and the best part is that you can play it offline and onlineand so many minsters to collect

Mhuri Yangu

Yahoo Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon

Nicholas Bailey

Play to win

Akshay 2021

Why the hec you ppl need access to photo videos...

peter lee

Good so far

Manoj Purbe



It's a perfect game but I don't like the character

Hemant Master

vav Jay. Rathod

Nate Balcom

Fun card game

Jordan Bernard

So far so good

vivek singh

great game

Som Shrestha

It is so good game

Moka Faden

I'm not getting my daily reward when it's gold. Why??? Three times , and it wasn't added to my account . Just now 600 gold wasn't added to my account!!!

Travis Nixon

Pretty darn cool

Yousef Il bot

It is so bad you can't install it and you install it he told you it is a problem it is so bad game I am I am review my all my games it is so so so so bad don't play this game ever ever ever this is so so bad game it is so so bad I can play I can do anything it is 0 + 5 so bad geaghan's so so so bad delete my old games don't install it so we so hot games I can't play I can't make any any anyting it is so

Ranjit vasava Ranjit vasava


Rauff Azhar

Please the facebook the facebook thing fixed. Its already October 26. Its fun but cant pvp liek this

S. Joe Nolan

I love the game however lately it hasn't been letting me load my Facebook data or something not sure what's going on

Enrique Hernandez

Great game but I got some issues with Facebook sign in

Daniel Hamel

I Like this game

Elijah Lassiter


Luigi Katalbas

Hello why i can't play this game anymore? It always says no internet connection even tho I have internet connection? Is there an update? Plss kindly fix this it's been 5 days already. And I've been missing my daily rewards.

Cheyenne McInturff

Played this game on FB years ago. Left during the auction hacking. Steam somehow saved all my data from original fb account, minus anything that had been in auction (rip legs). Today, out of the blue, it deleted my data. I don't think there's anything worse for a f2p user who -could- compete against p2w's than to reset at zero again. Review goes from 5 stars to 1 star, 2 thumbs down.

Priya S


kevin clinton catipay

I want to reset my account but there's no reset... And it gives me poor games with poor options.

Aaron Welby

great game, but crashes ALOT. its especially annoying at the end if a 3 battle bout, and all of a sudden it freezes and deletes all your progress

16, Apeksha


Bhavesh Pawar

Op games

Aki Mrki 11

It's nice and funny

Isaiah Lew

This is really good just missing graphics and other things 😉

Chirag Paneri


Yvonne Erkens

Amazing 😄

Stephen Clark

Fun but pay to win heavy

Aladdin The magical gamer

best monster card game I have played

Shivkumar Gada


Ben Kalmar

Fun game, but it's pay to progress. Really good idea but you hit a wall fast. Unless you plan on spending 50$+ on a dead game don't bother. 75% or more of pvp you play against a brain dead AI, and when you do run into a real person they're way out of your league. Been playing everyday for almost a month now and I must say I'm upset I even wasted my time. Look else where lmao.

Ebrahim Etesami


Paramaguru Paramaguru


Jim King

Fun times!!!!!

Arockiaraj Arockiaraj


Cong Dao

Rất hay !

Raymond Nolasco

good game

Lucas Young


Agung Gunanto


Veena Naik

Worst experience ever could have been a good game but the internet problems made it a garbage game.every time I login it says no internet eventhough I have full connection please fix this


Just remove the gold cost of fusions. I want to buy packs with my gold not fusion. Come on dude make fusion free

Awilda Rosado

I love this game so much!!!! I remember playing it when I was younger and loved it and I still do! It amazing game I relly recommended!😊

Sudipta Sarkar

So cool

Samantha Mouland

The think is game is 4/5 I rate 5/5!pvp is my just to much


It a fun game

Nicholas Iverson

Downloaded the game and the first thing it wanted to do was download the game. We already did that - the first download was your opportunity to download the game.

Theon Miller


Gagandeep Singh 8A

Nice game for tcg lovers

cyrus adams


zeno 1

Seem fun

Tolis Karathanasis

Omg can u pls make more cute characters this games is ok just really hard so its two pls edit the characters.💗.

partha deb biswas


Adrienne Burnett

It's too hard and in a lot of fights it's unfair basically the game totally sucks

Murdermus Prime

Its a fun game with monster battles and other activities.

Michael Williams


jesse schwenker

good game

rena kirkley


Rony Gamble

I cant wait to play this game when it downloads!!!!!!!


Im a ghost if you see this comment your gonna be haunted forever

Keshav Gaur

I try to download game but it cant download 1st time i tryed again but now its not downloaded what can i do now

Mark Thompson

Game is good you reach a lvl cap i offline almost but pvp i have yet to lose

Ankit Nepal


sandeep sawant



good game,but pay to win after some point

Aldrian Grose

Other than Yu-Gi-Oh this is the best trading card game on the Google Play you feel like you're playing the Pokemon trading card game as a kid all over again. It's definitely a five-star app. And Frozen shard has many forms of the card game if you don't like monsters. WW2 tcg is worth checking out for sure. Keep up the good work Frozen shard.

Blaine Gradwell

This game is good 4./5 , If you're looking for a offline questing & online pvp game this for you , it has hundreds of monsters to collect , yes it takes time to complete each stage with 3 stars but getting a good card feels like a achievement on it's own , just started and on stage 37 , really enjoying it.

Raizen Luan Carino

i can win lvl 315 but i cannot open the portal.


Interesting,fun and enjoyable game.. hope you can put ads to claims money or card.. good work and hope in future updates have lots cards and evolve to easy gain

vocatteeve music

Game is great only thing what is lil making ppl not play is sounds of monsters if u can use imagination and pitch or code sounds of monsters game will be epic and bring more enjoy for playing monsters great work hope you will listen to me 😇😇😇😇😇😇

Tun Min