Monster Evolution

Author: Dreamplay Games

10,000+ install

Description Monster Evolution
Evolve your monster to become a battle champion!
Evolve from a little egg monster to a giant fire dragon!

Unlock new and powerful monsters and level up as many as you can.

This is Battle Royale’s world, where the law of the jungle applies!
Only the strong can be the last one left!
Take on the challenge of fighting players from all over the world now!!

#Play tips
– Kill opponents to absorb energy or eat energy that falls on the ground to level up quickly
– Opportunity to select more powerful skills and evolve to stronger monsters as you level up
– The secret to survival is avoiding the opponent’s attacks and shooting accurately like an archer.
– If the opponent looks strong, run away, choose a weak one to attack
– Collect and use various skill cards
– Unlock various monsters along the evolution tree and upgrade them

Hyper Evolution Battle Royale Game!
Experience magical battles in the arena of!

Detailed info

File size: 122M
Update time: April 25, 2022
Current version: 21.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Dreamplay Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

melwin viegas


Coleman Yip


Scott Szlazak

Really good game needs less ads but great game

Thomas Wright

It is you get what you get this is a battle royale game where you evolve monsters by killing other players all around fun few ads can pay to remove them I did not much dif easy controls all around 5 * in my book


App refuses to launch, claiming a threat.. likely due to root. Cant give a good rating to a game that does not run..

Meow Link

the forced ads causes black screens

Josh Bilbrey

Being forced to watch an ad after every death and almost every floor I play is really, really annoying. But that coupled with the fact that everyone I'm stuck playing against is way stronger than I am from the start is enough for me to want to quit playing.

Mark Kurner

Amazing game, really fun and not crazy stressfull

zeppelin allen

Good time passer

Davaughn Duke

It's has similar vibes to a game I wanted to make. So I'm loving the conceptual frame work.

Michael Wilkinson

Pretty decent game, no regrets in purchasing the no ads although 4.99 was a little steep but again given the amount of monsters and levels I didn't feel too bad about it since it is fun. All in all a great game devs!


Amazing game could use ablittle tweaks here and there but other than that it's very good.

noah schultz

It's annoying. These games always have potential but they are always ruined by a popup ad every 5 seconds. And it's not just simply a 5 second skip ad. Expect to go through 5 layers of them with 5 seconds each.

Ken MacDonald

Ads are appropriate for when they appear! Worth a shot!

Chr Ste

good game but too many ads (2-3 per match)

Noah Marogi

I genuinely do like this game, but I'm getting put into matches now with monsters 4x my level. It makes the game unplayable, especially when I play a new game and need to smack an enemy 5 times while avoiding getting hit more than once. The game went from pretty easy to just about impossible after the second planet group

Brooklyn Write

Love it

rheu castillon

So much fun

Ali Nouman

Its a good game but it needs a free play option

susil thomas

Nice to play

lesh jedan

cool game but the ads are really annoying.

Jakub Kohnka

Good game but ruined by ads

afif pratama

It's good

Tyler Womble

THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE GAME. THE DEVELOPER STRAIGHT UP LIES TO YOU. I confirmed this by turning airplane mode on mid match and all the "players" still moved around fighting me even though I had no internet connection. As a single player game would have been fine but I was lied to. If I could rate lower I would.

Patrick DeWitt

This is a really good and fun game, you could become a hydra, a death worm, or even a werewolf. But that isn't all, there are a lot of skills that you can unlock and use. But they're still on some things you can add to this to make it even better, like going in a whole evolution line and of just egg monsters, or just spiders, or just snakes, and worms. Or just a whole evolution line of just one creature per monster in the game. What I'm saying is; it's a good game but there's room to squeeze in.

Jake Haas

Very fun adds if u want them kind of game, few random adds but u can skip after 5 seconds.


To many ads also some ads can't be closed so you have the restart everytime

Janine Camba

i like the monsters and i like how they attack they attack strongly