Molehill Empire 2

Author: upjers GmbH

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You’re an enthusiastic hobby gardener, you can tell apples from oranges, you like your garden, and you love growing vegetables and more?

Then team up with the cute and quirky gnomes of Molehill Empire 2 on your way from a self-sufficient gardener to an international supplier of sustainable and organic products.


🌱 Gardening with a green thumb: alone or in a team – there’s always plenty to do!
🌱 Co-op and communication: a built-in messenger helps you trade with friends
🌱 Research and field work: Discover new plants and upgrade your garden
🌱 Heirlooms and achievements: Collect accolades and trophies to impress your friend


In Molehill Empire 2, you’ll experience a skillful blend of garden game, hilarious and quirky moments, and a complex tycoon right in the comfort of your garden plot.

Sow, harvest, and sell crops; research new cultivation methods, and unlock new plants. Conquer the top of the world – alone or with friends!


The way to the top is not always easy. That’s why teamwork is of utmost importance in the Molehill Empire app. Even the most clever gnome could sometimes use a helping hand!

Invite friends to trade, chat, and have fun with you. In this engaging community game, helping each other is the best part!

Download the Molehill Empire 2 app now and experience farm-fresh fun on your smartphone or tablet!

The Molehill Empire 2 app cannot be linked with your Molehill Empire browser game account.

Molehill Empire was funded in part by the FilmFernsehFonds (FFF) Bayern.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 29, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: upjers GmbH
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cody Jones

Very good game but it keeps crashing after midnight

Aimee Britton

Wont even load just force closes.

Crystal Moore

Waste of time wont even load

Thomas Krause

Monetization strategies ruin an otherwise decent game Edit: I shouldn't have to use a third party application (e.g. Discord) to earn ingame currency that is required for a sizeable part of the game, that's just silly game design

Michael Michaels

When you complete a quest and get the rewards and log back on later and the game wants you to complete the same quest again and starts you from zero it's frustrating 😑 . It's too bad . It seemed like a good game before that. Wish the developers good luck and success .

ria duplessis

Too many insects too little diamonds to kill them otherwise excellent game but I am uninstalling

Julia Battles

Everyday my coins start over.

Mary Anne Coleman


KATE Jessee

They track and take your data.

Philip Langbehn

Great game and exceptional great Support team!


The guy looks like a pedo

ebony davidge

Not a bad game just annoying having it pop up with discounts all the time which I don't have money for

A Google user

Nice game

Amanda Jarrett

Screen size is a little off. But maybe it's just the fold2. The game takes way to long to load first off and even if you minimize it the reload takes forever. Otherwise the graphics and storyline seem cute. Hope I can come back to play it another time. But with the wait times on crops it makes no sense to leave the game open all the time.

gk gaming

Only 🐷Time west

Lynne Carl

Needs a little more work but is a simple game with cute characters. To address some of the other reviews: -You do not get the cucumbers until after you complete "A Lucrative Trade" quest. -I agree that there needs to be a way to EARN blue gems instead of only purchasing them.

Egg Master

Very predatory monetisation,premium currency is required to access certain crops. And said crops are required to complete quests. The pop ups encouraging spending money are also incredibly obnoxious. The game itself is fairly enjoyable but I can't recommend it with the issues I mentioned.

John Smuda

MISLEADING. This game is PAY TO PLAY. After a few levels you will have to pay real money to get the seeds to plant that every single customer requests.

Johnnie Negron-Yslas

Just recently downloaded but actually really enjoying the game!

Brayden Potkonjak

Fun so far (5 minutes in). Will update later dependant upon gameplay.

Pahle chu

Game crashes when I open it and I can't even play the game

Jennifer Sturgess

Won't loads then just stops. Please look into this so I can rate properly. And still won't play..the loading screen loads to 100 then..just boots right off.

Kirstin TransGirl

Game wont load

Brandi Stewart

Great game. Except for after I got to level 5 all anyone has been wanting for the last 15 minutes are flowers. In order to get flowers one must spend an outrageous amount of diamonds for the "license". The only way is to spend real money for that amount, which I am not doing. Suggestion would be to watch an add for a diamond, since you don't really have adds. Then I will up the stars. Thank you. Edit: Level 6 did not give me cucumbers either.

KillerBunny 007

I can't even start the game it keeps crashing

Mystic Fire

Game keeps crashing. I couldn't get past the into without it crashing 3x :(

Amanda Galloway

Help this ap will not open what is going on

Sasha Banks

Gqme dose not load i downloaded this earlier and it won't load up

Jennifer Cravens

Won't load keeps saying connection error.. obviously not on my end as I'm able to post here...

Victoria Paschall

Right now all I can do is get to the loafing screen and then get told something went wrong you need to reload.

Carly Cohen

Wont even load.

Stacy Hinkle

So stupid

Alison Collins

So addictive lol

Lisabeth Dixon

LisabethDixon Save

Abbe Beavers

I can't even get on to the game. Just keeps saying unable to connect to server or that my devices time is wrong 😂

Kathryn Mills

It's a good game but it crashes often and takes a long time to load.

Soniya roy

This Very bad game .please Do not download this game.😑😑🤐

Tran Tran

After planting the vegetables, I of course exit the game to do something else, when I get back to the game, nothing has been planted, only the ones from the previous crop are there. This happened almost every time so you have to stay in game for guaranteed crops.

Family Musso

Awesome game, the only thing i find difficult is how to go back to the garden after visiting friends but other than that It is relaxing and fun

Vicki Steggell

Bit boring tbh Just planting and selling

Ronnie Harris


Sharon M

Fun game and I can't get enough of it


08/09/2020 Can't press very top part of the screen - the settings button and the X in the upper right corner 30/6/2022 still can't press the top part of the game, and it looks terrible compare to the original I played/advertising

Angela Wade

This is a farm game and it's a challenge to keep up with but what I don't like about is you run out of diamonds and it's to expensive to

Kelli Walcutt

Nice game

Jill Morgan

Freezes up and you can't do anything

Sheila Brewster

Should not have to use diamonds for flowers.

Lauren L'Amour

Having a bug since launch where I can't tap on anything in the top bar. It just doesn't respond at all. Can't look at settings or follow the tutorial at one point.

Mercedes Chuca

It's not letting play the game it loads and then it says something went wrong reload I had to uninstall like 3 times so I just deleted it completely

Randal L

Very good game

Loreen Zangers

I do like the game, but there's no good in-game way to earn diamonds. In itself I'm good with ignoring the first flower license until I do get the diamonds, but it really sucks that one of the main quests now requires me to plants those flowers. It's fun, but I'm considering to stop playing.

Donghae 28

Strange game however it great game to play when you are waiting or watching tv

Emily Nurse

Update: I figured out how to get back home. Now my only issue is getting diamonds. Good game, my only issues are the constant people wanting flowers that require diamonds and that on my device I have no button to get home from visiting friends so I have to close the game to get home.

Kasi Maxwell

App wouldn't open

Melissa Lynn Tombin

Thisgame is fun

Chloe Ewing

Wouldn't open went I tried to play it very unhappy if I could give - I would give if -100000 it's that bad


Can't even play it. It gets to 100% on the loading screen then crashes. I've deleted then re-downloaded it but it didn't help.

Kai Leavitt

Downloaded the game and it won't even open

Jesse Fitzjarrald

Keeps crashing when it's loading to 100%

kaylarose Malone

Its ok game just strated


Huge bug when I harvest the whole crop then try to sell it it keeps telling me reload and keeps going in a loop

Michelle Choate

Not worth installing, I couldn't even get it to open..

Kathy Beach

This game is so fun

Nic Schilling

Grundsätzlich ein gutes Spiel, gameplay ist etwas repetitiv aber macht Spaß. Schöne Effekte, netter Grafikstil. Leider wird die Spielerfahrung ruiniert von viel zu vielen Cash Shop Angeboten, die nicht abschaltbar sind. Jedes öffnen der App bringt 2 Angebote. Ständig kommen Kunden oder Zwerge die Angebote haben. Außerdem wollen Kunden Premium Pflanzen die ich mir ohne Echtgeld nicht leisten kann. Das ist mmn unethisches Design und nervt. Zuletzt noch ein Bug: Level Up resettet audio settings.

Sarah Brookfield

It's a brilliant game xx

Patricia Pioger

Bien joue

Anikó Nemenz

Best game ever!


Flooding with ads on start, flooding with ads on level up. One customer always requiring the plant you have to buy with premium currency. Enough is enough.

Georgina louise

I love this game but it is almost impossible to advance to further levels or tasks without buying diamonds so you can plant flowers. I refuse to spend a fortune just to enjoy a game, so eventually I will need to stop playing, it also crashes if I try to watch an advert, there's far too many weeds. If you want more players, make it affordable to play.


nice game its funny and good

Isabelle Diane Holmes

Beautiful Game. ❤️

annmarie Logan

I can not fault this game I love it

Tracy Wilson

Fun and fast paced

Abby-grace Burrows

Absolutely gutted this game looked so good but it won't work at all, it doesn't even let me click past the first screen, it loads up fine but when the lady pops up to introduce it all it won't let me click next 😔

Jonathan Au

It's okay its a time waster

sophie lister

I can't play as won't reload n won't update

Kim Salisbury

I was enjoying this game in spite of the times it got stuck and needed rebooting. Glad I only spent a small amount of money in game as I have been stuck at level 35 for a week now. Tried many times to go past to next level and it reverts to level 35. Waiting for developers to sort out and since I am at the top of the list of players I guess I will have to wait until a few more get there. So now received a message from developer to contact support. They already passed it to developer

Rob Noble


Janine Webster

😁😁😁fabulous game 👊

Rachel Fowkes

Very disappointed that I've been playing for weeks and put hours into the game for it now to not work and keeps telling me to reload and wont.

Janet Barber

It's a good APP

Rochelle Eldridge

Loved the original browser based version. This app isn't anywhere near as polished. Close button doesn't work on multiple screens. Have to restart the app to force it to exit back to the farm. Update: Molehill empire 2 is not available to select on the link provided.

Sammi Keating

Really disappointed after today's update, doesn't seem to be working properly.. let's you plant more than you have and does go up to the full amount when all have been completed Update.. from 2 to 4 .. so loving the game but some of the quests not clearing.. but loving the game so much xx


Game stopped working for me. It worked fine for a while but just stopped working and freezing all the time.

A Google user

I don't know what has happened but it won't load up it gets to 100%and stops

megija pesika

Awful couldnt understand what to do hardly and it crashes doesnt let u play absolute waste of time!

Tazain Mufti

Just keeps crashing! I've been playing nearly everyday and it crashes sometimes then restarts itself and it's ok then. However now it just crashes as it's loading and doesn't allow me to play at all!

Janet Claxton

Game is ok

Chantelle Aldom

Everytime I try and sell something it crashes and makes me reset the game, looks like a good game though

Chani Burton

I thought I'd give it a try despite the terrible rating it has, but unfortunately I encountered a problem within a couple of minutes of playing. It keeps disconnecting from a server which means I have to close and restart the app every few minutes, regardless of my WiFi connection and mobile data being fine for every other game I play (a lot of different ones). I don't see why it can't be offline like so many other, better games (such as Hero Park), but that shouldn't be a problem anyway.

Rachel Hargreaves

Game is okay. I'm trying to unlock the onions. I've spent loads of gnombucks but the amount keeps changing. :( Going from over 2000 then back down to 35 :(

Hannah Rycroft

Keeps reloading

Christopher Curnow

Have to reload game alot hope you can solve this soon

Jo Taylor

Bugs! Crashing! Expensive! If you want more people to enjoy your game make it better on buying stuff 🙄 its not fair on a pay to win game .....

David Parrott

Apart from reloading every now and again it's very enjoyable

kim clasing

Annoying! Every time I sell products to a customer, the game completely freezes, and have to reset, internet connection is strong enough so that ain't the problem. Only had the game 20 mins and got fed up so deleted it. Shame as game has potential


Why why can't we play this game offline and the time between people come and buy your stuff take to long. I feel like this is an ad to play game if I want to play for more than 1 min. Also need more ways to make diamonds reward us for playing and getting far like side quests eg farm this much bake this much play for 1hr a day somthing to give back to players for playing mabeye a free a day also don't like you have to be online and playing no offline for 2hr help

Angela Devine

I'm on level 3, so stop sending me customers that want onions! I've only got carrots and tomatoes. Until wthis is fixed it's only 1 stars. This game has the potential to be brilliant

David Tadese

the game looks good and just downloaded it and it keeps crashing asking "please make sure your system time is set correctly to avoid errors. An error eccured please reload the game." Once i reload into the game after if i grow anything and pick it up it say that "on top agine" any help? I have even tried to uninstall then install agine still not working

Liam Duffy

EVERYTHING IS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE... after level 1 you screwed, everything from upgrading storage to removing obstacels. First upgrade is 500 then jumps to 3800 coins, then you only start with 5 dimonds which is pointless because everything costs more... Constantly loosing connection even having good internet Good Idea but another damn pay to play... 😒