MODERN WARSHIPS: Sea Battle Online

Author: Cube Software

5,000,000+ install


MODERN WARSHIPS: Sea Battle Online – Realistic PvP shooter with modern warships for mobile

Detailed info

File size: 79M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 0.45.8
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Cube Software
Price: Free
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Customer review

bassel boss55

Best realistic mobile game ever the two guys who invented this game are heroes. The only suggestion i have to add more maps and more ships and add t4

Gustavo Soto

!!W.T.F ever!!!

Umar Aisy


charles harding

Quite fun so far

N Miller

Games alright however the battlepass just isnt worth it. Unless you buy the premium pass you dont get anything decent and grinding takes too long.

Julian Uvero

I love this game so much and also favorite as well I hope in your next update please include jose rizal class frigates thanks I hope you see my suggestion

Andy puu

Dope game .but need better graphics waiting for updates


I don't know what or why or how it logged me out and into a guest account on its own but i was able to log into my account.


Best game ever

Bobby Serchion

OK good game 👌 awesome job. Very fun

RoDev Official

Grafics are Best Of A Mobile Game I have ever seen Make sure to to Go Settings and put it high tho.

Hassan Hassan


alex delvalle



Great game!

Maliana Apolosi

This is a good game for phone

Ashwin Antony

Really nice game👍

David Kolobe

I love to Ateck.

Derick Beene

It's fun man I like it

JJ Ventura

Is very good,and i think the devs should add the game theme to Spotify

Dominguez Laura

i liec it i omose win evrey game os can you mace moer

Kaden Barnes

I love the helicopter experience. I love the gun sounds. I love the music. I love the environment. I love everything. I even love that it's offline too. And I love how the boat goes up and down on the waves. I really think the developers are the great job on this game.

Bilal Bilal


Alexander Jimenez

Best game but to make it better pls add a fuel system for jets like on carriers so jets land there to refuel

John Omernick

Fun .

Josh Gerrish

World of warships but brought into the modern era un the best way

Sarwar Hannan

This game is nice but can you please fix this problem because every time I join the game I lose all my progress starting me all over again to the tutorial again and again


Very good game


this game is awesome i love it 5 stars for sure!

Chetan K

Excellent game

Lucas Fraser

Fun app, for once! Play as different navel ships in a first person view, fire your missiles and torpedoes while trying to dodge the enemy. Has Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, Subs and Carriers. You can update and modify your ship armaments and upgrade your ship to be stronger and more nimble.

ashwin seevsagath

I LOVE THIS !!!!!!!!!


This game has gone ridiculous, now I'm not able to earn money after playing tournaments and all kind of wars. I played many times but didn't earn a money.

Ga Gyi

it fun but i have a really hard to level up.Keep up the good work!

Rami khalil

This game is amazing but its so laggy and sometimes it crashes out of the game please fix this.


Every fun game but when I got a new phone and still used my same account I used for the other phone my purchases didn't save I don't know what to do to fix it

Shreyank Shinde

This game is just amazing! Artstorm has done some really good work and I have gone as far as the season submarine. I have become very good at this game but when I got uss Burke It was so hard to fight with tier 2 players, but I have got hang of it. This game is 5 stars! But please add more Indian warships like Ins vikrant and Ins Kolkata and all Indian warship!

Milan Khan

Wow nice game play

شهرام رضا


Meera Yadav

This is 5he best game ever I have played. I love this game . I play this game up to 5 to 6 hours in a day. 😊😎👌

Aswin kumar

Super graphic

Judge Wykes

Game is good. For some reason I keep crashing at random. The maps are also too small and not much variety in the main game. It'll be great if gamemodes are added and some more maps are added that are bigger.

Thomas Sclerandi

Best game ever played on my phone

Carl Playz

Thank, you now i can type in global and in match ty very much btw... Can you gift me a Yamato pls...

Nabeel Irtaza

A very nice and fine game it...

sushila shrestha

It is very much good but online

Kyaw Aye

so good👍👍👏

Mohd Al Najafi

Very good game the graphics are amazing and very good maps I started 6 days ago now I have jets helicopters even the RF ADMIRAL KURZGEZAGT I even told my friend I also noticed my friend overplaying it like me also the rewards are amazing gave me 2,500,000 dollars but the prices of the ships are overpriced also I noticed I have been blocked from the chat which makes me think I did something wrong please let me know for what I did from being blocked for chat thank you.

Yiu Go

Good game.

Holy Roman Empire

Unfair matchmaking! Tier 2 should be match with tier 2 not tier 3

Abba Dumaraos

Is good game

Ubed Sucipto


tabuk taga

its too realestic and fantastic gsme

King Leader


Adam Danish


Hemanth sai Korupuri


Allastier Ong



pangit mo ka bonding



Tyler Slater

Please fix the game it closes for no reason and it freezes

シthe End

The bast game I have played

Evoh Gaming

I like this game but the MB is big i will give it 5 star if this low the MB

Born To Enjoy

After clicking on ad button after completing match fr double money the screen becomes black nd no response it stays forever nd makes me to close game nd restart again 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂dude again after watching add fr upgrade points or dollars it some times closes the app nd comes to homepage and after i enter the game no reward is given wastes all my time, there r some worst sides of this game too.😪😫

Lort Anders

Great game just crashes a lot and unless you buy the cash and upgrade things it takes forever to get enough cash to buy a new ship and upgrade it.



It's Me AzimCuyy

One of the greatest game ever but can you consider to put a HMS Malaya inside this game or maybe some world war 2 ships

Jhon allen Sastrillo

This game destroyed for a boat mga barko dito ay may mga iba't-ibang region region

Maricar Bernabe

Preety good game

Hendra Badenhorst

It's a very good game! It only has modern ships and plains tho ,plss add ww2 ships!!But further its a great game

Tarif Tonoy

Nice game. Its a cool game but if you add some camping missons and if you can put a captain on the ship which has some skills and more new maps and a map should have bad weather with big waves. And please add a Bangladesh 🇧🇩 flag because I want to put a my country flag but it was not there and when I accidentally left the match the match will be not there can you fix it. Put all of those things please.

Vivek Meher



Grinding takes too long why is the leveling up so slow

Lester Adriane Duyan

You want of 5 star review game would it will shut

Yumnam Jole

I want IJN Yamato send in Greatson missile fire plz sir but plz send me promo code plz s ir I give you five star

Jethalal Gada

It's just awesome game.

Vadim Rodin

To many glitches!!!!! Ships keep on disappearing!!!

Aidil Naqeeb


Jackson Lee

Probably the highest quality mobile game I've ever played.

Matt khian Barbosa

this app are not good at all because this app are online can u make it offline 😡

Toast the foxorHayden Wyatt

It's fun and you get a variety of ships and planes helicopters ect to use

Jason Bell

Just started ... but so far it's pretty cool

awek utan

love this game sooo much!!!!!!!!

stop deleting my comments youtube im not a bot

the games buggy sometimes the sky turns purple game crashes alot with good wifi then a bug where the tip of the ship has some very very dark shadows or just becomes a shadow itself

Donna Watts

Great game. Especially if you were in the navy or dream of being in the Navy. There aren't a lot of ads but a lot of shooting. ⚔️⚔️💣💣📳🆓🆓🆓🆓🆓🆓

Robin Stedman

Great game, challenging

fond y

Great fun game highly enjoyable love features like having control of aircraft, however the prices of the gold, cash and captain ships are very expensive. If lowed to below £30 I (and many other people) will pay for items more willing

Andrew Martinez

It is very fun for me because I like to fight with helicopters and ships

kareem harris

love it

Aliyan Shahzad

Bro I am downloading it and it is telling me there is a problem its not even saying it can someone help me I can't download the game

Marco Maiquez

Truly addictive



the wierd kid

It's just a really fun game if you navel combat and I do it's just a good time killer and it's fun

Nashat Ressan

Super game 💯

Christo Van Dyk

Bloody noise

prema latha

Worst game

JJ Brand

Its fun and exiting



Tuvshu Tuvshu


Mashrur Ahmed

Very good

Donncha Roche

Its great but just laggy and pay to win

Augustin Stephen

Very good