Mochicats Collection

Author: Sanctum Games Limited

500K+ install


Mochicats are carefree and enjoy eating and playing around.

They can eat as much dessert as you feed them, like they will never get enough of it!

They also love making new friends! The cats love those who buy them dessert , of course!

Come play Mochicats Collection and invite all kinds of mochicats to join you, become friends with them. Let these cute little mochicats soothe you in the hustle and bustle world!

Game Features
1. Over 50 distinguishable cats are available for collection.
2. You can interact with mochicats by poking, feeding and patting them.
3. You can also pile up the mochicats. The more cats you have, the higher you can pile them up!
4. A simple game with lots of fun that will soothe and comfort you every day!
There are many secrets that you can only discover in the game once you join the mochicats!?

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 19, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Sanctum Games Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

Just Yay

Berry cute 💗

Poison PuffAdder

The game is wonderful! Plays well, it's fun, addictive, and definitely relaxing to me. However, I don't know what's been happening with the ads, but they sometimes make the game crash. I've had my phone forcefully restart twice because of them. I have to spam my fingers all over the screen to hopefully prevent it. Aside from that scary inconvenience, it's an overall good game with good mochi buddies.

Jayden Miles

this game is so cute 😭❤


genuinely cutest game ive ever played its so lovely

Jennifer Griggs

I love this game I love cats and dogs and thanks to you I wanna learn to make mochi I also wanna collect your amazing mushroom cat!!!!

Iva Piljic

The game is so relaxing and honestly i love it

The Teacher

It's just.. Y E S

Maddie Ubienski

This game is so cute and I love how there's not many ads.


I love it it's so cute,I downloaded this yesterday and I love it sooooooo much tysm for making this game I'm definitely hoping for a cuter version in the future!

Haisha Nieves

Best game app ever

Terryn Worthington

Such a fun game cute cats

Hooman Being

The cats are literally adorable can't stop playing!

Ak'z Unique Creationz


Amelia P

I was really enjoying the game but as of today I cant even open the app anymore it just crashes. Im unsure of there was an update or something of the sort but hopefully it will get fixed soon. My review will stay two stars until I can play it again.

just a nobody

It's beautiful and very good game very nice and cute!


I just love Kawaihae stuffs but I'm a boyish so ye I still like this game tho

Viviana Jerez

Its very cute it gives you very cute Kawaii cat♥♥♥♥♥♥💕😊

Seerah Haji Sahrin


Jade Faztale

Love it just wish I could figure out how to change my profile picture ?? Could anyone tell me?

Elorelyn Caay

Cute man sya dili man sya buhay gamiton

Christian Redboy

This game is truly a cute time killer.

Paloma Duru Ayan

This is one of the most adorable games ive ever played. Well done !

Migas ._.

I loved it it I quiet and peaceful it also gives me chilly and cat vibes it's perfect

chloe kim

Amazing! It's so cute and I love all the cats.

Melikiki Martinez

So cute I'm dying OMG


Apart from this game being cute af, it's one of the few clicker/idle games that actually have short term goals for you to keep playing. Though it can be repetitive, at least you have things to do + the cats are so cute!!!!!!

Mark a

This game is so cute!

Quinn Hatake

I love this game it is so adorable and I wanna say that I mostly like it when I do the party time:))


I downloaded this game like 4 days ago and now it's crashing like crazy. It doesn't even get through the loading screen. I love this game so much but I'm upset. Please fix this crashing problem!!


This is a very cute game! Perfect for any cat lover!

Aidan Gorrell

This game is sooooo cute and kind of relaxing in a weird way. The ads aren't forced on you and are used to get bonus rewards.


cute game 😊

Ineta Vasiljeva


Ajsi Leka

Best app in the world!!!!!

River's Liver

This game is so cute and relaxing! Unfortunately though, ever since I have downloaded it, it crashes when I try to open the game and rarely lets me in :( I'm not quite sure why, and I am confident that I have enough storage and memory to run it, but the frequent crashes are quite sad

Mia Moon

I love this game so much! The cats are adorable! But I would really love it if you could decorate the surroundings. It would also be good if the cats could interact with eachother. Overall this is a very cute game! Can't wait to see more updates.💕

Alex Rodkiss

BALLS, you click the cat.

Cyella Hariski

It is great just with the energy for the cats would be just a bit longer but overall its a good game

Nikki Spencer

It's amazing love it:) but when ur not playing how do u know there ok? I always would check up on them

Kirsten Conrad

Adorable and fun! Doesn't force you to watch ads and has a super cute design. Totally recommend if your just looking for a chill game.

Adrienne Dunn

So cute can't get enough of it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I am obsessed with this game. I only played for a bit and now I'm obsessed.I recommended playing this game 5 stars Although somtimes I can't collect my mochi or when I got enough mochis it won't let me buy anything. But i love this game so much.

Ntsa Iab Yaj

It's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ayah taha



this is a rlly cute game but it keeps on closing the app once it finishes loading or randomly closes the app during gameplay 😭 pls fix it

Televisionmadeof Bread

This game makes me so happy i have only been playing for 2 days but im so obsessedd 10/10 game i would recommend to anyone who loves cats or animals in general

Nejla Pehlic

Love it,Its so fun there not much adds U can collect mochis by clicking on them and u get alot!! Hope its fun for u!!!

Roni Buhler

I installed the game yesterday and so far a very fun game with wonderful visuals. Easy to play, I kill so much time playing. I prefer mindless casual games. BUT, after just one day of playing the game, I tried to open up the game today several times and it will not make it past the initial loading screen. The loading bar will fill up, then close the entire app. After many times of trying to close and re-open the app, my phone crashed. I ended up uninstalling the app to see if I can recover it.

Brad Park


Oliwierek OB

I love it thanks for making this game thx a lot

Zoe Jolley

Super cute and fun

Ethan Roberts

This game is simple, sweet and fun. I would recommend 10/10

Jaycob Demott

Very cute


Best game ever

Geany Yna

This is a fantastic game and you can never get bored playing it but , its kinda annoying when you cant poke the mochicats and there are no ads available

Tuyet Tran

I love this game so much!! the mochi cats are so cute (≧∇≦)/ no issues so far so I give this game a 5 star rating :DD

Benjamin Holloway

Keeps crashing on start up. Can't play it.

She Potato

So cute


This is one of the cutest games I've ever played. It's fun and simple. It doesn't have a ton of activities but collecting the little mochi cats is fun in itself.

Abigail Hanley

Great game to play when bored or if you love cats! Easy to follow and really cute characters

Heide Alfiler Dotarot

Its Fun To Play I Like It


The gameplay isn't innovative, but it's a great game to hop on every day: 4 stars. Fifth star for being absolutely adorable.

Amelia Nikhol

This is NOT a pay-to-win! This game is absolutely ADORABLE! I can't get enough! There are so many cute cats and it's not that hard to build up star candy to buy the super special cute ones from the shop. I have a lot of fun in all honesty and im so glad I found this to pre-register for it.

Moonlights Family Roblox

This app is highly addicting. The cats in this game are SO cute! (From what I know so far) there are no pop-up ads and all I can say is that the cats are way too adorable so the risk of getting addicted is high.

Valerie Rouse

Literally the best game ever!!😋👻

Erin Fernandez

Ahhh Im still starting to play this app and its so fun!! Im already rich in this game HAHAHA but in all seriousness this game so fun and cuuuteee!!! The cats r so cute, theyre very generous with the rewaeds, no TOO MUCH ads, and gives u lots of rewards, fun overall. You guys should Try this game!!


IT'S SO CUTE THE ART STYLE JUST *chefs kiss* there's one problem with it... Too many quest but that's not a problem so many unique cute kitties and I am in LOVE I hope you do update the game to have a way to turn of the quest's

S Anthony

This is such a cute and fun game to have time fly by

John Vincent Oraiz

it's so cute

Echelon Cubbins

I downloaded the game and it keeps crashing right after the loading screen or it just stays on the loading screen and never moves past 20% loaded. Really annoying as I see other people have had similar issues and replies say the issue has been fixed, but obviously not. So for now 1 out of 5 stars.

Sahan MBastiyange

It's so cute and fun and there is no interruptions I love it I'm gonna collect every Cat in this cat since I love mochi 👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️


The game is so cute! I love it!. I'm currently on my 14th day of playing and I'm on Level 50, finished 6 dessert towers and collected a total of 33 mochicats already (≧▽≦). I love everything about it so much, from the different events going on, daily quests for extra rewards, the background music, everythinggggg!. This game is perfect when you are bored or just want to kill some time, highly recommened y'all.

Ornella Sager

love it it's so cute

sally Lynne


Nur Hazman

This is a very fun and relaxing game. The mochicats are soooooo cuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee

Billy Welch

Not letting me play. I have unistalled and re installed but still no luck.

Kem Namjoon

لطيفه مره


This is the cutest game!!❤️❤️ I lovee it!❤️ I recommend this game for people like me, who's searching for a cute and easy game while relaxing.😊

Panda Chip

This game is SUPER CUTE! I love how it's simple and easy to understand, it doesn't BOMBARD you with ads, you can watch it if you wanted to. And you do get rewards (aka token's) so for that reason I will watch them, it's a soothing relaxing game not boring at all! I can't wait to play this on my trip 💕

Farhana Niaz



Really cute game! However, it won't let me log into Google witch is a problem

Anna Work

I feel kawaii again, AND I LOVE IT

Alfred And Ella games Roblox and Minecraft

Very adorable

Hellen G

So cute haha. Love this game



Yuki Castillo

This game is so cute and i love everything about this lmao i dont normaly write a review but i love this game sm

Richard Harris

This game has really been helping me with my stress. If you have something like angsity then this will help you and me. I do recommend this game.

Fathi Ezz

It such a cute game I love it 🧋🐈‍⬛🍡

peardrop_princess playz

Really fun game! I love how cute they are and how you can gain good friendship with them :)

Laevy Pepoa

Thanks for the new update ☺️

jaime dumigpe

So cute


Just adorably cute, that's all. I love it.

ThèÇôøkįę Qwéèñ


Zizi Azlinda

my dauther loves it

Ariana Vazquez

It's a really good game and mostly cute it's a good game to play when your bored or anything else you should just really download it

Psalma Fabian

Its such a cute game

Zaheer .abbas36


Angel Durante

Dis so amazing😍

Asher Parsley

Such a cute and fun game to play!! Lots of adorable little mochi kitties to collect and love! I love finding new MochiCats and leveling them up, petting them. Just a cute little de-stressing game

KK Tai

I love the mochi cats