Mob Control

Author: VOODOO

1,000,000+ install


Mob Control – Multiply your Crowd!

Detailed info

File size: 58M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 2.8
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Customer review

tirdy tv

Let's play with mob control

Demetria Moss

It's bad enough you have to watch thirty second ads all the damn time but what really pisses me off is the fact that I still sit through them and it replays itself over and over again until I'm highly pissed and just back out of it, only to lose the extra coins. Deleting now.


Nice game but lots of ads

Muhammad Ahmad Usmani

Awesome game.

Ian Quaranta

This is basically a large AD with a small game wrapped inside. WAY too many ad's!

Adrián Martínez

Paid for add free and it worked for 10 minutes and now have ads again. A shame cus the game is entertaining

Tia morris

Seems ok but keep freezing up.

Antonio Alcantar


Pierre Saxon

It's fun as hell good game 🎮


An unbearable amount of ads

Zin Min Aung

It great

Edwin Benito


chantell fullwood

Great game and battles just to many ads after every battle


Too many ads. The game has potential but there's an ad whether you want it or not. It asks if you want to multiply your earnings but then it shows you an ad. Anyway. They definitely care more about their pockets than the quality of their content. Uninstalled

S McAllister

I'd love to play more, but there are too many ads!! It's after literally every battle, whether or not you choose the upgrade. It's insane!


Great game to pass the time with. And they keep making improvements to better the gaming experience! I definitely recommend this game to anyone

rupert888 realestate

nice app

Poco Yar


Nagaraj setty

Very good very nice 👍👍👍

Steve Smith

Little bit much with ads but worth it for power ups. If this is your type of game, it's worth a download. Ads are a bit long sometimes but if you can bear with it it's not bad. Plus option to pay to get more advanced but not necessary.

Reza Pratama

When is the champions feature unlock/ updates?

Hugo Calendar

Very choppy performance on a mid-tier phone. Also buggy right away. Update: Much smoother on a better phone, but no real challenge and more ads and other odd screens to click and wait through than there is actual game play. The game play basically consists of tapping the screen a lot in one place, and little else. The faster you click, the better you do.

Leonard Aguilar

Supeo GOOD👍


The game is hard because of lag, glitches and junky control. Like occasionally you wont shoot even when you clicked hard or cannon wont move even when you swipe twice. It will become more annoying than difficulty due to higher game level.

Kyle Ford

Ads play after every 15 second game, some are 4 part ads, 30 plus seconds each. There is no challenge to this game. Don't recommend wasting time with a download.

Roman Harris


Jordan Checco

Too many adds

Barney C

I even paid 4 bucks to not have ads and you still need to watch them. If i could get my money back i would!

D3ath1y Gaming

Hold down a button for a while and then watch an ad. Repeat.

Mike Bramati

Fun and relaxing. Lookingfoward to the champions becoming available

Jan van Ommen

Destroy smartly


Fun time waster but the ads are obnoxious though

Kahlaijah Powell

This game is the best The fichurs look good and cool thank you for this game

Allen Dancer

Goooooood enough

Eduard Ivinski

It is really fun! It is also ads and ads and ads and ads. It is ads. But we shouldn't be surprised. It is business and there's not much left of the long gone passion in game creation.

Michael Fritschie

Fun & addictive. Need the new levels now.

helda Marie

I love it

Andrew Luken Detorres

I love this game so freaking much I don't care about the ads because I just have to turn off my WiFi and no ads

Mjay Tismo

Its addicted nakakawala ng stress❤️

Eric Jayme




Chintu Mahato

Dont wes time friends

Brandon Lewis


A M Trucking Enterprises

Great game


0 in game support or live ranks all leaderboard ranks are bots!!! Dumbest setup ever I made a comment on this in the discord and got insta banned also not to mention that the 0 ad pack doesn't work like it should 99.9% of the time

fidel parada

Awesome 👌🏽

Jason Green

Great game!

Jordan Murphy

Me & my children enjoy playing this game

Samantha Day

It's great Please could you just download it every single day And say OK

Mark D

It's ok to kill some time. Don't have the problems others seem to have with game play. Have reached the end though, ranked #1 & no other "players" are knocking me out. Yes, lots of ads but I've figured out how to skip them. It's a pointless way to spend time & that's all

Spencer's R US

Worth 000000.,1 cent


I quite like this.. its a simple fame but keeps me occupied without overthinking but yes the ads are a bit much but I still play .. my only issue is I have it on 2 phones and can't seem to link them together to the same game

Randy Balduff

Ad after just 1 level, done, Uninstaller, pathetic!

RB Tube

Great fun. Am absolute blast

mark pulliam

Not a bad game. Waiting on update.

Garnet Freeman

Great Game!

Sathvik Balappagari

So irritating with Ads... Don't install it.. it drain battery very fast...

Min Phothet



Only adds

Andrew Maw

Extremely addictive but irritating. Here's the deal. You can PAY to remove the ads... Lol but they ONLY remove the ads in between each level. BUT if you want the buffs for each level (which you bloody hell will) you will need to sit through that ad. Some will be 2 seconds. Some will be 35 seconds. And some will make you have to reboot the game. And where does this game get you... No where lol. Some messed up glitches. But that's all... Ads/ads/ads oh and in case you missed it... ADS

Bhupat Parmar

Carrom board Canvas

Rick Nord

Fun game

Stafford Dragt`

I spent more time watching ads than playing this weak game.

Orazio Falcone

It's fun to play this game I bet almost anyone would love this game

Damian Zalesko

I never played a game before when I spent more time watching ads than actually playing.

Clark Baird

Even after paying $3.49 to get rid of what they admit to being forced ads after every battle, to progress without painful hours of game play you MUST still watch ads. Classic VOODOO game, very underhanded.

Nick Hulce

Do you love quality game play? Do you enjoy a challenging platform? Do you crave another game with endless ads that last twice as long as game play? If so then this is the game for you.

york pha

Good game for relaxation

Leonard Van Buskirk

It's ok

Frederick Wilson


Avery Hein

Robux scam

Rafiq shaikh

Good game

Lawas Channel

Bad add

promod dimuthu

Super game

Brian Hudson

It's ok, to many pop up adds.

Sufri Said


Jeff Tang

I purchased no ads but it stopped working after a while. I managed to get it working once by uninstalling and reinstalling the game about it stopped working again. I was unable to get it to work again by the same method. I'm willing to pay to avoid the numerous ads but I've just paid for nothing

Les Tua

This game is on a whole a fun game to play. Only let down by the amount of ad's that don't give you anything because they just shut down halfway through the ad or right at the last second. Especially after winning a battle, getting ×3 on the multi gauge, only to lose everything you gained and go back to the multi gauge screen with only the continue button to push. Then you have to watch a forced ad for absolutely nothing. Disappointing to say the least. The pirate raid ad's are the worst... 🤔

Darius Wallace

Game glitches and freezes

KP Fields

The game is alright, but you shouldn't have to spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game.

Daniel Impett

To addicted, need rehab

Russell McMaster

Fun but rounds are too short with too which lead to ads between each round. Drags the game down

The Top Hat Raptor

The game is alright, gets very laggy but that is only due to the sheer number of lil dudes you can put out. The game gets only a three star because of the "base protected" system, it's complete garbage. Every single time you get the most advantageous gate or map set up for you to get massive rewards, the base is protected. Devs, don't even put protected bases in the attack list, skip them, take away a shield so that players can still get full rewards.

James Bond

Addicting game but seriously need a huge level dump... On level 60 something of "coming soon".... Plus I have more coins than there are ways to spend them. With the amount of ads, don't try and say it's monetary issue either. Get cracking on making those levels already. Need a couple hundred pronto.

Maria Diaz

The best game ever love it. Hope we get more guns

Ryno Rama

Wayyyyy toooo many ads

Andrew Scott

Awesome game really love it

LaRue maggard

Adds are insane, too many and exit doesn't work just takes you to app store

Rakesh Jaiswal


Datta Shinde


John Vaineo

100% pure ads

Ryan Wooden

Don't bother.

Tyer Hock

Porn game ads. Let my kids play this and they show porn game ads. Just gross.

James Wood

Too many F'ing ads! Multiple ads per round. 30 second ads followed by 10 second waits. I will gladly watch ads to get bonuses, but this game forces them on you over and over again.

David Sturgeon

I reached the top spot fairly quickly and there hasn't been an update yet.

Emanuele Paliza

game crashes all the time, you suck.

Jimmy Neutron179

Too many ads


I always saw a lot ads for this app so I decided to download it and finally play. But especially for a kids game the name voodoo was scary.

Erick Barbosa

Super annoying ads. Unplayable.

Michael Smith

Great time waster