Mixing Makeup Into Slime ASMR Games for Girls

Author: App Labs Games

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Mixing Makeup Into Slime ASMR Games for Girls – Makeup Slime! Mix Makeup, Lipstick, Eyeshadow into Slime! Super Fun Girl Games

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File size: 64M
Update time: July 14, 2021
Current version: 1.0
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: App Labs Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Anil Kumar

Nice game

Mary Jean Legaspi

WoW pretty good

kayla Burham

You should get tnis it is so fun

Amna Nadeem

I like games 😛😛😛

Delson Malate


Kyle Bruce


Christopher Salazar


Alexa Pascua

ummm I love slime but is sooo ew and is a little bit

Marianne Jane Gabutan

t Jos n9hw

Elizabeth Mendoza

ru Hailey

Luis T.Rosas

So my girls downloaded this game on my phone and next thing you know it they are mad. They said that it keeps loading.like when you are at 7 and you leave it is now at 100 so yeah.

Tyler Hoff

It dosent want to move when I move it

Leen Shadi

It's is not satisfying it's just fun ok it needs to be more satisfying ok

lynsey jane

The only thing about this game is ads

Adiba Quadri

Wow brilliant I love it

Frencheska Emaas

it's so satisfying to play and soooo cool this is so cool to play with when your bored I gave this 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A Google user

I think it's a good game but the game is not fascinating and I'm 11

Bilal Naeem

100 taimgood

FAISHAL Choudhary

Ok not bad but it can be batter you all try your best do more best 👍💯

Pia Charlotte Bañaga

i love this app but there is little bit of slims can u plss add more cause i love this app😄♥😕

Ali Raza


Sofia gaddao

Sofia Dixmw




best game

Muhammad amzar Muqri


Ifra Tirmizi

Very relaxing

solenn nayve

It's fun but it's kinda hard to control or make the slime and it takes so long just to make one

sheba makayla

Like when you want to ASMR

Mr Shine


Roni Sutej


vhgju Mulami

not really sure

Krish Gamer

This game is awesome Coz it's like real and fantastic I love this game Thank you play store for this amazing game

Joshana dandekhar

Riddhi Dandekar

Iswandari Jusuf

aku suka selimenya

Aliyah Christensen

It's hard for me

Heather Martin

I like it so much!!!!!

Shahid Surchy

Wow beautiful thank you

Zina Pradhan

amey 9yol

Baback Berenjkar


Bablu kumar

very bab ads bahut aate Hain ismein bilkul bhi aap ise download mat Karen bahut ganda game hai ise to make star Biryani nahin chahungi per fir bhi unka Dil rakhne ke liye de dete hain aap download

Anu Nithin


Hanifah Caiba

I rate this a 0/10 cause when i open the game its like loading and glitching like i don't like it😒....

Dreko_ 4KT

I love the mixing makeup into slime 💕 Hailey

Sheryl R. Valeroso

this is so great

Marlie Malone

I don't know

No think Anyway

I don't like this

Chirag Kumar

Etyfcu hath KFC jeans Irene KFC KFC KFC KFC Kev Kev KB Kev Kev own Jen KFC LDC KFC LDC KFC

Ronnah Joanna

I love this game it's so fun

Ritchel Grego tanaya

So god game

sofie Labado

She is so pretty much game 😘

Christye Jean Mari

because of you I ran out of gcash balance🤬 

Orquidea Goseb


Naomi Broughton

amazing barley any adds and not like other slime games it is way better

Rosario Lacson

Hindi ma danwload

Geremay Casono

its the nicest game I've ever played! but one problem. its sooooo! loading l! please fix it :(

gabriel villanueva


Darred Marley Villanueva

Its so beutiffull

Ganchimeg Nymzaw


Neeraj Rawal

priyanshi rawal

Ace Jhandy Manibog

ok nmn

Chloe Sapphire Sanchez Aquino

Its so cool!!

Tara Da Costa

I love it

Alexa Lesaca

If we like it so I like it so much more ok Yay.....

Dina Hasan


Haja Naseemudeen


Ericka Bargamento

Nasa games

Fujico Mel Geguinto

So fun promise download this

Itztoca summery

Cool i actully got 500bs of followers and 30m like in tiktok cuz of this Nice and great maybe it has a adds but id you watch it and after that You could get the maker of slime kinda really bord some times so play This right now so l'll rate this 5star i want to rate it 25stars but i could' So yea play this right now😊🤪🥰

Addisen Headings

It is very fun but their is only a couple levels and when you finish them it will not give you more levels to do. And it is very stressful

Mary ann Villareal


Princess Caraway


Kim loisa Garcia

marryrold Remonida

Asma twana


Mahesh Goyal

this game is very very very good

Hari Prajapati


Purvi Narang

I'm giving 3 stars cause the game is good but there are a lot of ads like alot of ads

Md Azad

Boring 🙃

Niru The brave

Very good

Emmanuelle Chona Maceda Bunag

I only Can make Two Slimes Free I have to watch and ad so I can make more slimes but I still love This Game <33

anita khajeie




Avery Gray

uoohh horrible m play and it had no no downlowd waste timey

Bianca Craig


Arnel Monleon

To many ads ╥﹏╥

Paria Shirazi Zand

نمیذاشت برم توش

Vasanthi Babu


Shirley Ann

it is so fun and I like slime in real life

Ajay Atre

anshika atre

Faith Jastine Delos Santos

It so so so much cool

Hasnah Nurul

is so gun


tr th in fh

Sonu Kumar

excellent and sound is satesfied

Tracey Thompson

It is ok but you have fo watch so many ads to go on to the next level and not that good to be honest

Ngoako Kwatapa

Mohau Kwatapa


This game was fun for like 3 minutes then it wouldnt let me play ads to keep mixng and it just wasnt good

Komal Khan

it is realy absolutely

Dhia A


Addeanna Balqis

Public Review

rasha ali


Vicky Newton

Very ASMR it helps me relax a lot when I get stress inside of me