Mixing Makeup Into Slime ASMR Games for Girls

Author: App Labs Games

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Mixing Makeup Into Slime ASMR Games for Girls – Makeup Slime! Mix Makeup, Lipstick, Eyeshadow into Slime! Super Fun Girl Games

Detailed info

File size: 64M
Update time: July 14, 2021
Current version: 1.0
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: App Labs Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Srinu Srinu

super but data is problem

Jerryme Calitisin

Atheia Mj C. Buama

Jahzara Piansay

it's good

Elsa Torregosa


Kailey De La Cruz

Pretty okay game.The ads are decent not too bad but the asmr is weird. I mean I finished everything in the app so I deleted it but it wasn't too bad of a game.


love game

Maria Antonia R. Aureo


Asfia Asfiya


Izah Zarah

nur qissha zahara 3b slime

ivan medrana


Diseases and Prevention

it is so good game and i like it



Sipho Gule

Love it , because it is colour full and i like different 🌈colours🌈💘



Muskan Bhatia

I just love the game

Ng Chin tek


Naroth Nov


Farrah Westbrook

I love it it is so fun to play

Lilia Baclaan

I love it 🤩🤩

Pedro Canoa


Jennelyn delosangeles


Tattiana Mccoy

always download play it

Ash Marie

Ashley Malinskiy

Michelle Camilleri

It will not let me go to bonlod it

Gracee Nyakio

I love this game 🎮🎧 please make more games and keep it up 🙂😉 may God bless you 😙❣️

Ma.Liezel Lazarte


Seanthea Nolasco

I love it it so fun!

Olivia Wai

this is so fun making slime

Mgdpmp Mgmdpm

Wow very sweet

Jenelyn Armada

So good game

Brad Thyne

it is a great game so much fun

nada ahmed

tge it is fj ho ok who be gj. bh. g ghf hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh iyh ft no boo xb by hbeb hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u رب ز بور وع ه. بو بوقوي

crazy Shreya


Manish bhardwaj

So bad aap plz nobody play and install this aap

Rosemarie diaz


Umaira Channel123

i like the asmr its makes me relax

Raji LAks

தக்கார் 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Senior Jennifer

You have it I can you be here for today stopped here making your phone number please understand that you have taxi money for today and I will get the system and the endocrine system so much fun with yours please don't forget you have taxi money for today stopped here making your phone number please understand the system and the endocrine glands are located in windhoek you want right now and then I'll get it done before then I'll get the system and the endocrine gland is the system and the endocr

Cyrine Khalifeh

when I installed it I like waited more than 5 minutes and it didn't even open

Kimmy Cole

I hate this game and so does my kids. This game loads slow and I know it's not my wifi because I have excellent status. This game only loads up to 80% and then just stop loading that's the only bad thing about this game and also the terms of policy are pretty different from others I don't like it or the privacy policy so please fix your game. It's horrible

Lilly Shaffer

I downloaded the game hoping it was gonna be amazing but when i qent onto the game it got stuck at 80% and wouldn't load and it wasn't like i waited for 10 seconds and then was like welp this won't load no i waited for like 5 minutes and it still hadn't loaded DO NOT INSTALL

Richelle Lor

yall dumb turn off ur data and wifi


it is so fun

Strawbeary Skyes

I cannot even get in the game, it literally just stops loading at 80%.

S.Gokulnath S.Kaviya Sri

Waste game

Leslie Rodriguez

The game is fun and relaxing but one problem I have is when I enter and it's loading it takes very long to load and my internet Is perfectly fine .

Aki B. Mosé

This game looked fun so I downloaded it but it was Stuck on the log in screen and wouldn't go past 70% if you could please fix this that would be great

Hearter Kloe V.

Ehm when I just got it it's stuck on 80% and uhm yeah I am unpatient

Crizaleah Cuizon

I just downloaded The Game but the intro is so long I hate it

Joel Wacay


Geraldine Sapnay

I don't know how to open it can u tell me how to then I'll change this rating

Lilly Parks

You can't get past the loading screen

Noli Gibaga


Beauty Khamaru

So bad 👎🏻 experience I never play this game .too many ads

kelvity kellery

dis is noob 🤮

Aubin Kurtz

I can't even play the game, it gets stuck at 80%. You said you fixed the bug but if you actually did IT WOULD WORK.

Alvin Wood

I love this but there's tons of ads

Jay Marquez

It's so relaxing🥰🥰🥰



Lissandra Castro

do cool tysm love ya,ll

Reshma Khan

IH Vic

Aurora Winkfield


Tamil Mani.A

kiruba easthar

Samantha Hasche


Ashley Glegola

l love it

karim mohamed


Athena Linton

it's cool there is no ads for me

Poonam Sharma

Samaira am 6

Brittnee Odle


Chris loriston

I love it❤❤

Adrianna martienez

i liked the game but there was probloms it was glictiy when you poke the slime it does not make noise i hope you will change the sounds

Axcelle Grace

Is very good 😊

MJ Limes

It so fun and make me happy

Nardia Grant

it a lot of ads it really gud to make but I give it a 5 not the kind of slime I was looking for but it's good for your kids to make

Abbey Witte

I give 1 star bc it wont install i tryed to install in 100 times no joke i counted😡

Leonila Trasona flores


Lilia Cornescu


chanel simms

it's so fun and cute 😍

Jhontu Nath

পায়েল শীল

jennielyn Santos

so cool slime

anglika yaqoobi

I love ❤ 😍 💖 this 🎮 game ❤♡

Francisco Maambong


Anu Tsogtireedui

Nice game

Varun Rampal

this app fun

diana michaela mag-aso

ASMR is satisfying

anima gurung

This game helped me make my own slime


It's not letting me play the game because it's just freezing at 80%

Ava K. M

It's very un stressful but I would say to much adds and fun mostly would play more then other games so if u could remove the adds it's better.Best game ever✌🏻

Nur Adawiyah

Game ini best sekalii


soo aesthetic game !

Farah Elmir

nice game

kumars eyvazi




Lamidi Nifemi


Jagdish Singh

Shivani Thakur


Lots and lots of ads and very slow and tacky.

سارا فتاحی


Naresh Bhoi


Julmen Araham

This game was so relaxing I've been playing it all day and for the others just turn off your wifi/data and ads will stop

Narinder Jheeta