Misty Continent: Cursed Island

Author: FunPlus International AG

100K+ install


Bring your torch and light up the path for what lies ahead.
According to old legends, there are seven secret treasures of the sea gods left in the world. They can either unleash terror or bring infinite power. Any one of these treasures can turn a human into greatness, and the one who collects all seven treasures will rule the seas!
Game Features:
◆Explore the Cursed Island! When you are fighting against ghosts and sea monsters for the buried treasures, vicious pirates will watch your every move and strike when you least expect it, so beware!
◆Build up your Stronghold! Gear yourself up for dangerous quests in the mist. During the downtime between exploring and treasure-hunting, join your buddies over for dinner and endless beer and drink merrily until the sun rises!
◆Craft unique Artifacts! Clear all your obstacles by having more treasures and powerful abilities that will aid your treasure hunts
◆Make Friends Around the World! Gather your army and fight alongside your buddies! Be it on land or at sea, no matter how powerful your enemies might be, your friends will be there for you to battle with until the very end.
◆A Wealth of Strategies! A resourceful king knows how to calculate, maneuver, and manipulate in order to stay on top.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 22, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: FunPlus International AG
Price: Free
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Customer review

Joseph O'Donnell

Plays wonderfully. Cost a little too much to play.

David Holness


SJ Theron


carrissa kenney

Seems pretty good so far I like the graphics and general storyline not hard to follow :) I am a fantasy nut and will probably play this till my dad tells me to delete it lol 🤣

Robie lake

Typical city building game but this one has a good story.

Mike Reyes


Michael Schmeeckle

Unique and Fun game. Give it a try.

Omar Aljarrah

Great graphics, so far good story line and easy to follow. It's my first couple of hours testing it still.

Shane Leighton

fun and discovering

Gail White

Intriging, nicely paced.

linda fike

Love it so far

Emma Brown

Just started give me a couple of weeks to deside

Bo Heflen

I love this game.

james potgieter

New exciting version of gameplay. I do enjoy the game in the early stages.

Vicki Schwab

This game is a copy guns of glory with slight changes. Cant the developer's come up with a game that is not exactly like their other. Down to same gaurds (different names) , Equipment, acient tombs (different names). Please understand that they developers only care about money and not the players. Be prepared for tons of glitches and errors.

Darren Martin

Another builder, but I'm kinda curious....we'll see...

cory thornton

A good game

Marivel Avila

Great experience

MaiLee Majors

I'm just starting and I like it so far.

Lamarre Benoit

Not much action ..graphic and gameplay good....still pay2win game....that is why i do leave only 3 stars... would be great if not..and also still need some upgrade...

Donald Alawine

New to the game but so far I like the way it's setup and the game play

Christopher Treharne

Great fun

Leon Mayer

nice game

Gary Annerson

Love it

Nina Vandenberg


Adems Emmy

Nice game I love it

Eric Coile

So far, it's it's a pretty fun game. Simple and straight forward.

Audie Graham II

Fun game if your a looter and like to solve puzzles

Bob Kalinoski

This game is 👍 great!

Ian Griffin

Just started-enjoying it so far

Kenneth Miller

So far so good reminds me of another game but I do like it very much...

Joshua Uloko

It's been awesome, I love everything about the game.

Anna Ericson


Onlyfor Games

Very fun love the graphics, I like it so far so good 👍

David Bowman

Addictive and a great time killer. Fun to play.

Jerry Willett

this is a sequel to guns of glory. Just started playing but it is fun.

Brodie Neal

I like This Game So Far, Keep The Cheap $1.50 Deals Coming With More Stuff Included Please?

Werner Lombaard

I give it a 3 star coz i have only been playing an hour will up date my rating

Albert Cataldo

Fun so far

Wuttichai Pipat

good game

Kathleen McDonald

I love it

Taz Bear

It's like the other development games, it's a bit more enjoyable. I'll wait to give it more stars once the shield wears off

Gina Serafin

Very addicting

Warren L Hugi

So far it's 👍

James Baldwin

So far, so good

Laureno Abd Rahman AB2


Jon Wesolowski

Just started but seems cool

Jesse Charles

Another unoriginal pay to survive game...nothing like cut scenes boring af.

Nikos Kiriakakis

Nothing like the add. Misleading from the company.

Grzegorz Pawlak

Totally diffrent from what was show in video advertisement.

Tukiso Reginald Mabitsela

Loving it so far... However I would love to see the same scenes from the adverts.

jay marsh

Great and not too complicated

Mohammadreza Mojarradi

Good game

Aung Thu


Happy Slappy

Just another MMO "strategy" with a misleading ad.

Robert W. Long Jr.

It has an interesting plot and the background music has a calming effect.

Stephen Shead-nichols

5 stars all the way what a addictive game cant put it down i dont often play these sort of games but a friend recomended it now im recomending to u all out there go get playing and enjoy

Heather Parkin


Toi Murry


Bijoy Sutradhar


Trell Wright

It's ok so far

Chris Cassity

Fun so far. Just getting started.

Kevin Brown

Good game

Jade Downey

keeps my tweeker mind busy

Alasdair Hay

Interesting story. Easy to follow game play.

brad ringheim

Good game

Phil C

Reuses almost all of it's assets from Guns of Glory and a few others it shares with Age of Frostfell which itself borrows from I believe its called King of Avalon? Lots of wholesale reuse.

Daniel Danasar


Kristin Key

So far so good 👍

Danny Feaster

Rated 3 stars, just DL'ed game and trying it out. Seems ok. Will update ratings with time in-game.

tim bush

Great game, join a clan...

Scott Filstrup

Ad I saw shows a 3d jumping puzzler, the game is the same old reskinned loot box age of empires clone cranked out every couple of weeks to extract as much cash from people as possible.

Monte McEwen

Good so far, but way too early in game to rate higher. Probably just another P2Win game with no skill or strategy other than pushing buttons to buy..a monkey can be trained to do that..lol

Buck Bradford

Good graphics, nice twist on an old story line format. Overall pretty good play.

Gary Martin

Just started playing and it's been fun so far

Josuè Cabrera

Se ve que tiene buena pinta, gráficos buenos, aún acostumbrándome a la dinámica pero buena y original de momento, quisiera tener más control en las batallas pero de momento muy bien

kacia babott

Starting with 3, just started so I'll work it for a bit. Seems like a decent game so far.

Norbu Rinchen

Very good playing

Vishwanauth Ramnauth

Love it

Jonathan Provis

Boring just a copy of the previous game guns of glory

Jeremy Clark

Fun game

Dove Franklin

Just started so keeping open mind so far I like it

Ali ALatrash

Good game

Stuart Harding



Very involving

Michael Gordon


mark szczygiel


Connie LaPlant

New to me, very excited

Imp Implord


Lilian Burnip

Not worth commenting on,needs a bit more work

Jerry Pate

Very fast pace at the beginning with a wonderful story line

Budhi Dharma


ken given

I just started the game so not too far into it but so far it looks like it's going to be pretty fun

Russell Marsh

You can not win

Ond premer golp


Derald Ortloff


Alan Dickinson



Decent Game, Build, Gather & fight Ghosts, Fun For All.

Donald Woods

I've been really enjoying Misty Continent Cursed Island despite the fact that I still can't find the tutorial. I like the challenges, settings tasks. I'm able to relax and play. Good game, just work on the tutorial.

Jeff Yelek

Fun game