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MIR M – The game faithfully inherits the style of classic MMORPGs, including the MIR IP world, isometric perspective, and artwork reflecting the 8-way grid, but it also implemented the successful features of MIR
. At the same time, the unique content and systems of MIR M have been added to create a new experience that is huge on the Mir continent.
After an early game that begins with avatars that change your character’s appearance and stats, and companions and mounts that accompany you in battles and adventures, you reach the midgame with Mandalas to begin your own growth path, Professions. perfect your skills and clans to fight your battles. The endgame is punctuated by wars, including hidden valleys and castle sieges, to determine the true best clan. Every moment at MIR M offers you a refreshing and fun experience.
[Age of War and Adventure, Vanguard and Tramp]
In the world of MIR M, strength is not the only factor that measures growth.
You can walk the path of a hero, dominating the battlefield with overwhelming force. Or you can walk the path of a master who has reached the highest level of gathering, mining and fishing. Which path you choose is entirely up to you. Everyone recognizes the results of the choice you make as significant.
[Mandalo: Walk Your Own Path]
Mandala is a new growth special system recently introduced in MIR M.
Mandala is divided into two parts: struggle and profession. There are many sites in each category that offer different statistics. By combining different locations and activating different stats, you can customize your character in your own way.
It’s a way to prove yourself through an endless chain of choices.
[Beyond Servers: World Rumble Battle/Clan Battle]
Rumble Battles and Clan Battles are battle events that test the strength of your character and clan in a world of eight servers.
Individuals who have become powerful through various methods can face other characters in “Rumble Battle” or prove their skills by joining a clan and participating in a clan battle with other members of your clan.
[Straighten Your Profession, Become a Virtuoso and Collect Riches: Profession/Street Mode]
Profession is a growth system unique to MIR M which is at the core of the game economy. Players must complete a variety of tasks, from collecting materials to collecting and mining to learning skills. They can learn trades to progress from master to craftsman and eventually join the ranks of virtuosos.
Street Stalls, another economy fueled by learning trades, allows you to show off your trading skills. You can also visit kiosks with very professional people to place orders and improve your skills.
[Hidden Valley Capture: The Core of Economy and Power Struggle]
Darksteel is an important resource of Mir Continent since MIR
and is important for character growth.
Hidden Valleys are the only places where players can obtain this basic resource. Hidden Valley Capture is decided by the owners of such valleys. There, the most powerful clans fight fiercely for the rights to tax all the Darksteel produced in the valleys, triggering wars in MIR M.

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