Minigolf – 2 Players

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Play mini golf with this modernized mobile version of the classic sport! 2 Players available. Now you can play alone or play in multiplayer mode to challenge your friends or family. Become the best golf player in the local mode or two-player version.

Aim in the right direction and with the perfect strength to throw the bombs into the hole. Get the bombs into the holes of the mini golf courses to defuse them in time and prevent them from exploding. Be careful! In this sport you have limited shots to reach the goal. If you don’t succeed before you run out of shots, the crazy bombs will explode.

This game is perfect for a party with friends. 2 players game mode, 3 or 4 players players can play as well, is a funny way to enjoy a party.

Pass the different levels and discover all the incredible golf courses. Each level is strategically designed, with unique platforms and different obstacles, so that overcoming them is a challenge. Collect the coins on the mini golf courses to get the different crazy bombs and play with the one you like the most. Will you be able to get the bombs into the holes and win at golf?

Don’t go crazy! In this sports game making the shots is easier than ever. Like casual games, this mini golf game has simple and easy mechanics so that players of all ages can compete in the mini golf battle.

Do you like casual games and sports games? Then you will love this free mini golf game. Now you can play alone or also play with friends. If you want to play mini golf with 2 3 4 players, this game is for you. Will you join the golf battle with friends? Get 2 players or 3 players and the fun will be guaranteed. Get the party started with friends playing mini golf battles!

Casual Mini golf – Bomb edition game

Enjoy free mini golf with a stylized and sophisticated design. We offer you an innovative and modern style proposal of the classic golf game for mobile, a very fun way to enjoy this sport. Play this mini golf game, challenge yourself or organize a mini golf battle with friends. It will be a party where you can become the king of golf!

GAME MODES – 1 player and multiplayer
In this multiplayer game, the more people playing golf tournaments, the more fun they are. But if you don’t have anyone to play with, or you prefer to play against the bots, you can also play alone in 1 player mode.
– 1 player: if you want to play golf alone, the 1v1 single player option is ideal. You will have to face the AI and compete against it. It’s an ideal way to improve your skills so you can beat your friends when you play with them. You can play offline!
– Multiplayer mode 2, 3, 4 players: with this offline competitive multiplayer mode you can play mini golf with many friends at the same time on the same smartphone or tablet. You can play with one more person in 2 players mode, with 3 players if you are 3 friends and in 4 players mode if you want to play in group with 4 people ajarejeje.
– Competitive multiplayer online: if you are alone and you are 1 player but you want to play with more people, you can play with 3 more players. Select the online multiplayer mode and let the 4-player golf tournament begin against golfers from all over the world in online matches!

– Mini golf tournaments offline and also online
– Train by playing the sport game in 1 player mode
– Play in multiplayer mode with 2 3 4 players
– Possibility to play offline and totally free
– Fun and addictive casual gameplay

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