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Minibus game is one of the most popular games in the simulator category. With the minibus simulator, you can pick up the passengers from the station and take them to the stops they want to reach, and become a exactly minibus driver

There are many new minibus models in our game. We offer you a unique minibus simulation game experience with realistic city map and missions. Realistic car Physics and challenging gameplay are waiting for you! Become the best van driver in the real city!

Minibus transport game bus simulator is simulation car game that offers unique gameplay experience to feel like a real minibus driver.
The best minibus games should provide all models from old minibuses to new minibuses and allow modifications on these models! Many details such as air horns, diesel engine sound effects, various modifications are waiting for you!

Get ready to be a public transport bus driver, many passengers will be waiting for you at the bus stops and you have to take them to their destination in public transport minibus simulator. How does it sound to be a minibus driver? Get in the seat of the van to see if you’re a skilled van driver!

At the start of the game, we give you a state-of-the-art van to get you started. As this Van Driver you can Start Missions Fast. In this way, you can earn money, buy new minibuses and set up your own minibus fleet.

You will safely transport passengers on stop routes in different parts of the city, in heavy traffic.

Minibus Simulator Game Extreme Features:
🚍 Minibus game, Dolmus games, Taxi minibus
🚍 Intelligent transport traffic system
🚍 Vehicle painting enhancement and many features
🚍 Free to download and play Coach Minibus Simulator City Bus Driving Games
🚍 Passenger loading and unloading
🚍 Passenger transport in the city
🚍 interior driving mode with full detailing car
🚍 Painting and tuning of the van, Urban Passenger Transport
🚍 Incredible 3D graphics and detailed world
🚍 An exciting minibus game
🚍 Realistic physics of vans and other vehicles
🚍 Perfectly detailed passengers / pedestrians with realistic animations

You can have fun with the bus and minibus transit game…

Download Minibus Simulator Game Extreme for free right now!

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Customer review

Bryant Suit

it is a bus game with duty and totally free you have to try it

Mason Lege

I recommend the game, which is the best minibus simulator system I have used.

Joey Boron

you won't find a game this good it's absolutely amazing

Myron Boylen

a bus game i love to play animations make the game better

Vicente Decamp

I'm amazed the most advanced simulator minibus you can play on the phone

Tyson Urban

If you want to have fun playing a game, definitely try this game.

Clayton Bally

user and player oriented bus simulator game is amazing

Gino Gitchell

it may be the best game you will play it's fun to do missions with the minibus

Blake Ruffalo

A game that takes up very little space on the phone with its flawless graphics.

Shane Mcgowin

I think the best simulator game in the world, download it now, it should be on your phone

Sydney Welchel

Play a carefully crafted simulator

Mel Klumph

It also offers the opportunity to roam easily and freely. You can use the minibus in any way.

Michale Topete

I haven't tried a better game this is really the best the graphics are amazingly improved

Geoffrey Chapell

I would like to meet the world's most advanced bus game in the simulator category.

Graham Behmer

While playing this game you will notice that there is an active bus sound in the game.

Kurt Backenstose

an innovative simulator game also the best in its category and the most advanced

Jamison Lansey

a bus simulator game that I recommend to my friends is a unique game

Denver Shape

As can be seen from the comments, this game is truly the best in the world.

Tyron Ambrogi

It ranks first among the simulator games that I play every day with admiration.

Finley McAlister

really nice that the game has ultra high graphics, you can definitely feel yourself inside while playing the game.

Anthony Watts

is a nice feature to be able to decorate the vehicle, add figures, and also modify the minibus.

Charlotte Gomez

Realistic Physics of Other Vehicles and Minibuses in Traffic Is Really Incredible

Alana Ward

It's nice to have different camera angles, I love driving with the interior camera.

Sam Rose

I recommend it to all my car driver brothers, definitely download it, it's the best

Matthew John

It is great that there are minibuses in many different models in the game.

Claudia Norman

You will definitely feel like a real driver while playing the game with its incredible graphics.

Clara Alvarez

I have always loved simulators such as minibus and bus, this game caught my attention as it is ad-free.

Evie Coleman

A player-oriented minibus bus simulator game impresses with its flawless graphics


the map where you do the tasks is really big, you will have extreme fun in the simulator

Maya Town

Driving a minibus is a lot of fun and you don't get bored thanks to the missions. deserves 5 stars

Judy Day

There are usually only one type of minibuses in minibus games, but there are so many minibuses in this game that I want to drive them all.