Mini Train Tycoon

Author: Yso Corp

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Super mini train tycoon

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Update time: Jun 17, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Yso Corp
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mirza Khurram Anwer Mirza Anwer Latif

Excellent 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Brian Little


Ahmad Habibullah Awan

There is a error in this game my character forget to pick the things I need to restart the game again and again..

Panashe Ngoroma

The worst game I've ever played too many pop up ads lagging freezing this game does not even deserve a star if I were u I would never waste my time with this trash

Paul Buckley

It won't let me pick up or drop items keeps glitching, I have to keep closing app then reopen then happens again and again

Big G Little o

Could be fun and engaging but constant, and I mean constant, interuptions for ads makes it totally unplayable.

Jezz Arundel

Game keeps freezing have to shut it down to carry on getting worse everyday

saqib khan

This is one of the most buggy game I played. The only thing that works is the number of ads.

Kukka Panitha

It's not moving and leaving

Marie van Rooyen

Popup ads

Arvish Koonjahon

It keep on freezing.😡😡

Paul Nicklin

Would be nice to play the game. Every 2nd move you have an ad.

Matthew Weeks

Filling the boards to a max of 20 causes the player to stop picking up and dropping items. Too ad-heavy to be fun.

William Bond

No excuse to have so many ads interrupt game play when the ads don't benefit the gamer with tokens or anything for in app purchases etc

Emly Kinney


Kylie Curphey

This game is a virus!!!!

N krishna Murthy



Please stop with all the ads, I camt ecen say they're every 5 minutes because its more like 2. Seriously its a good gamr but the ads ruin it.

Ramaraju Raju


Ron Whittle

You get to play for 30 to 45 seconds and then you get to watch an ad. You get nothing for the ad.

Laucian Amastacia

The production buildings just stop producing when you load them yourself forcing you to close and relaunch the game. This is despite plenty of power production.

Rebecca Hansen

More ads than game play.


Team needs to do a better job the game has to may bugs like upgrade freeze at 0 and the fork lifts take all logs but only unload 2 - 3 per trip if I could have rated no stars I would have google needs to remove that as a requirment

Rakan Al Rahaymeh

it has alot of technical errors

Stephen Waller

Buggy ad filled nonsense. I can look past the ads usually, but these were constant. Plus the game needed to be continually restarted as factories stopped working, halting the game. Don't bother.

Chopra Tushar

The game has so many glitches i have to restart from again and again to get it done but the forklift always stops at at any station and then never moves again


Very fun but a lot of bugs upgrades freeze so you cant level up your machines again even if the game is restarted and the worst of all the forklift take all the material available but it only count for 3 items so you have to produce again and be quicker than the forklift not to loose your goods. Fix the bugs and it will be a 5stars

Tia Wrigley

It was cute....until the machines would stop working even when the turbines were running. And then all the forklifts would stop moving....then start again. Then stop. It was kind of like watching Maximum Overdrive

Stephen Horan

More ads, then being able to play the game

[RET] Ronnald Esterson Terson

Too many ads

Mike Ward

Not a terrible game for the genre. A few bugs. Repetitive after the first few countries. Can play offline to skip ads.

Khant Myo Kyaw

too many ads. has a lot of buff......😔😔

richard markie

The game is not to bad but I think it has a spider in the programming. You start playing and then the machines stop working. Everytime. And why can you only hold one fan part? Back and forth back and forth is not to fun.

Petrit Sylejmani

a horrible game , you cant play because of ads popping out every 5 seconds and you need to watch 20 second ads for 5 second gameplay, definetly do not recommend

Uel McC

Addictive wee game but constantly freezes....had to get rid of it...


Seemed alright on the surface! Then the ads came. Every five to thirty seconds. Literally. Making. Constant. Ad. Requests. Then the gameplay loop came. Same resources over and over. Then the ads-for-"upgrades" came. Level up was only functional. Boost (and power generation) were placebos. Games like this are killing the mobile gaming industry. No surprises here! And it is always corporate greed with ad spam...


Too many ads and no way of getting rid of them

Cabdi rashiid Xaaji muumin sh

cabdi rashiid xaaji

Olympia Fedd

Only played the game for 1 min and ran into 4 ads. Uninstalling

Richter C

Frickin Ads Farm!!! Don't download unless u want to watch forced ads every 20 secs!!!!!

Mary Ann Bingham

Good game

Collin Black

Too many commercials,every 15 to 20 seconds a commercial. Not enough time in-between commercials to do anything. Pathetic.

Stephen Phillips

Keeps freezing when all the machines are full you have to close the game then reopen it to get everything working again

Adam Milkowski

No description on what the game is, ads all the time. Progress doesn't save. Shifty game

Andrea Johnson

It's an okay game has a lot of bugs. The machines will stop producing and I'll have to force close the app and open it again for it to start over again. Also wayyyy too many ads

Big Burchy

Too many ads. Game is no good

Ratnadeep Bhattacharjee

Best game. But game running time game totally hange . Old this game update

Molly Winkler

The idea is fun but the ads pop up every few seconds it seems, which I know developers need to get paid. However there is no options to either get rid of ads, or watch a slightly longer ad to get rid of ads for any length of time, not even have ads play between levels so players aren't forced to skip six ads or more a level.

Khalid Ahmed

Game is broken .... the train with wood doesn't even come and even if it comes then wood doesn't get loaded.


Log train no longer apears. Progress doesn't save, I can't upgrade the one by the delivery train and I lost my 15 carry capacity and it is now 5. I like this game so hopefully these little things can be fixed.

Lisa Norman

It has a lot of potential but it just isn't ready yet. There's way too many aspects that don't work or are too tedious to list in a review, but it really wasn't ready to come out of beta imo.

Metal Rock

Need bug fixed!

Mama Moon

Doesn't seem to save progress, too many ads. I think this might become a nice game at some point but it is definitely NOT there yet. I had to leave the game to go adulting and when I came back, it made me start over except for the machines I had already started on. All the machines had nothing when I returned and the train goods I had already loaded were gone. Gonna give it one more chance but man y'all need to simmer down on the way overdone ads!

James Pennington

OMG......keeps freezing and resetting. Cant get through one level without it breaking. But oh yea those commercials sure to play! Get your head out of your orifice and get this fixed!

dennis jones

I downloaded this app to play a game not to watch adds google needs to pay attention to the reviews and take this game out of the play store

Don Reed

This game is indescribably stupid and doesn't work at all. I will go so far as to say that giving this game 1 star is to be unreasonably generous.

Jimmy Wilton

The game will not let you pick up anything

Jim Cox

I would have kept this game and played it, but I spent more time watching adds then actually playing. You game developers really need to put less adds if you actually want to keep players interested.



Amanda Jarrett

Not a true game.

Victoria Fell

You need to fix this game A lot of things are missing and it keeps restarting

Adam Duran

Does not work

Joseph Smith

Can't even get past level 2.. can't even load the train cause things are missing

Rebecca Bartlett

Game keeps restarting after you close. Please fix; otherwise, I would give a better star