Mini GOLF Tour: Clash & Battle

Author: INLOGIC SPORTS - football tennis golf soccer

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Mini GOLF Tour is here for you! ★

This is a new game that will bring you the experience of real minigolf games.

Mini golf, also known as minigolf, mini-putt, or putt-putt, is a sports game in which participants compete by shooting a small ball into special holes with putters. The goal of the game is to cover the allotted distance in the minimum number of strokes.

Do you like sports and outdoor activities? Then this golf clash is perfect for you! Try to complete dozens of challenging levels and show everyone who is the best in minigolf!


️⛳️ Easy controls and simple gameplay.
️⛳️ Compete with other players to be the champion.
️⛳️ Unlock 6 amazing tours with challenging obstacles.
️⛳️ Customize your ball, trail and hole effect for unique playing experience.
️⛳️ Collect rewards for faster progress.
️⛳️ Stunning 3D graphics and effects.

Discover and try out all the awesome minigolf tracks! Compete and earn coins and gems to unlock all the collectibles in chests. Challenge other players to become the ultimate champion of a real golf clash!

There are many minigolf games, but none of them are like this golf blitz. Amazing 3D graphics and sound effects make this game a gem among other minigolf games. Once you try to play and you won’t stop.

Get a completely new experience with this exciting golf blitz! You do not need special skills to begin. Try and win a golf clash with other players!

Just download the Mini GOLF Tour and be the champion!

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Update time: Aug 15, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: INLOGIC SPORTS - football tennis golf soccer
Price: Free
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Customer review


Ok but not great. Graphic are fine, game physics are normal. Just a clone of most other clash golf style multi player games. Installed after a week due to boredom.

Patricia Cole

awesome game !

Jason Hawcroft

Hated it in 5 minutes.

Stephen Burton

Great and fun. Need to add more tours

David Mccollam


Christian Contreras

Frequent glitches

Simon Kent

A fun game but it does have a glitch that needs fixing when you go off the side it freezes and you cannot do any thing until the next round would have been a five

Alana Murphy

hello guys so my name is BabyMick on the game so u think my real name is BabyMick lol

Jr Junior

that perfect this game A plus do not miss this game please thank you have a good day

Donna Howard

Ball keeps freezing and any type of help or support is non-existent.

Josh Houston

Really easy game but now and then you won't be given the ability to take your shot and the time clock runs out and gives you max strokes.


Wow. This game is impressive and not crazy hard but good enough to test your skills. I've played many golf games and this one at the top for being simple yet challenging. You'll enjoy playing this version of Mini Golf. Worth your time to check it out.



R Powell


Pete Sherman

fun games so far! pretty low learning curve.

Brenda Lam

I like the game, wish there was a way to play bye yourself

Steven Pfender

Starts out really fun. But then the same courses keep repeating over and over even when you advance in levels. It gets boring pretty quick.

Kevin Mackey

Microtransaction structure sucks the little fun this game has

Brett Irish

Great little game, but I have 2 issues. 1) sometimes when taking a shot, when you hit the ball, it will make you take the shot again as if I hit the ball out of bounds or something. I will play a perfect shot, within the confines of the course and you will be punished through no fault of my own. 2) The stats section is badly wrong. According to it I have taken 2,500 shots and over half of them have gone out of play, which is ridiculous because I've maybe hit 50 shots out of play in total.

George Wilkinson

sometimes ball gets stuck and won't move.

Randy Casey

Not great quality. Poor graphics.

Angela Hamblin

i having a go time

Ashley Cox

Extremely fun to play and even if I miss the hole it's a blast to play and cracks me up but lately I have been having problems with game freeze during play and losing my shot completely because ball is not onscreen

Patrick Cleveland

great game

Tim Lassabe

Quickly becomes no challenge. No levels past 9. I gave 3 stars only because there are no ads!

Stephen Dunnett

Great game needs cunning, plan to do this app the skills required to play and win

Daft Piglet

Great game chills me out

Karen Coulson

If you like crazy golf then this game is for you enjoy

Robert Baxter

good game


There are spots where you get stuck and can not play

Timothy Marc Ilano

Great game to past the time

Derek Willet

Love the game. Will there be any updates soon to add more levels or features?

Kani Fuker


Josh Hunt

Not a fan of the "pay to play" the farther you get along. no "free play" option to play by yourself

John Mannheimer

I love this gold mini golf game

Comfort Bale

Super fun game

Heather Sayler

Love this game. I want to level up past 50. Please add more!

Ed Kunert

I made it to level 8 and the whole game crashed. It goes to a view of the ski and locks up.


love this game


Fun and challenging! Some reviews state the amount of games you have to play to advance can numbing as you play the same 5-6 courses over and over waiting to open the next tour. I'm now at the point where I've completed all 9 tours and am now replaying every tour over and over waiting for a new tour to be added. Others have stated when pulling back for strength it's sensitive and causes screen to spin, try changing settings for how sensitive your touch screen is, I've not had this issue.


Great, fun, game!!! My niece and I love playing this game :)

Kelly Brennan

Waste of time, it is not clear when each round starts, the power control is totally random and there is no camera control. Terrible game, deleted after a day

Kimberly Fletcher

So much fun!! Talk about a race to finish!! Bout to have a heart attack!! LoL!

Dan Logan

Every smartphone I have had I have always had this game on my smartphone all the time when I have had room on my smartphone memory and it's the only really good mini golf tournament game I've ever liked in the whole time you guys have ever had it on any Android iPhone Android tablets computers that you had them on stuff like that

Amber 756

easy yet challenging

emma wetson


Jeffery Baughman


Dave Worrall

Not bad at all really. It's pretty basic, but with no ads and no pay-to-win due to the purchasables being only cosmetic, it a good trade-off.

Vince W.


Keith Shue


City Streetz

this one just might be fun

Damon Cogburn

Two stars because you seemingly refuse to fix the legendary tornado hole effect which currently doesn't do anything. I have reported this twice starting over a month ago and you won't fix it for some reason, so I have no choice but to leave a bad review in hopes that this will get you to fix it.

Keith Blodgett

You can't just casually play a game of mini-golf. It's all multi-player. There's a stupid chest and upgrade system. It's like the developer has never seen a real mini-golf course.

Cary Noble

Just wanted a little bit fchjt

Tony Wiles

More levels needed and finer control

William Murray Jr


Jason Hynds

The game was fun at first but after a while it gets boring and after you buy all the stuff in the shop their is never anything new to buy. It kind of takes all the fun out of it.

Steven Jones

it's fun

Mario Bernatchez

Was ok for a while but it's stupid how you get the same treasure from a super chest as you do a common regular one. Holes become super complicated as you go up with hardly any help.

Bob S.

Not worth the time.

Zach Pridgen

Loaded it into my emulator and caught it leaking data. Either you suck at backend coding or you are intentionally steal info.

Tal Griffin

I thought it was gonna be boring. it's a great spectacular game

Christopher Williams


josh Bartnick

first time playing cool game so far don't look like you need to spend any $$$$

Brandon Columbe

I love the concept of this game and the skins and trails. However, I do think there should be options to sign in with Facebook or Google for constom profile pictures, because I don't like the choices you give in those terms. Also, I do not believe we are playing with real players. My evidence being that I've Uninstaller and reinstalled this game multiple times, and every level I've played just like the last time are the same people I've already seen. If I am wrong, do tell me how.

Frankie Thompson

I like to play golf not watch adds

Bill Allen

fun quick

Terry Shipley

a lot of fun good time waster

Christopher Williams

I'm a sucker for a good golf game, this isn't one of them.

Angus Peters




jason ridden

fun game

Patrick Kirkman

need less adds. it will = more people playing

Raymond Wilson

very fun challenging and enjoyable

Joe Pearson

Love this game, but needs an update and more courses and items. I have topped out.

gman valdez

good game just needs better music while playing but nice graphics

Cody Augustyn

Controls are terrible can shoot the same shot with the same amount of power and will go twice are far and the other the directional movement seems backwards and too sensitive

Mr. White's Life

You can't play with friends, I don't understand why.

James Sawyer

Ai controlled.

Kimberly Davis

Fun game and funnu

Pavan Kumar Upadhyaula


Flavius Lazar

Excelent. But we need more levels! The ability to play w/ friends online, And maybe some air movement. As well some other achievements

Issac Falakassa

the controlling is way to off I got great hand-eye coordination and I feel like I'm spending more time trying to put it in the direction I wanted to

Michael Allsop

Physics aren't right, the bouncing is totally inaccurate and is hard to gage the strength due to this.

Matthew Smith

could get gems faster it takes to long to open chests once you get 4 or 5 you can't play no more for hours until it unlocks to open fix that and you will get your 5 stars

BeeLike Mizu

Very fun if you have the patience to play a few times a day and log out to let your rewards finish. Having great fun playing this on a Galaxy tab.

Mio Bondesson

I mean its a good game with some fixes that could be made but the most anoying one has to be that if you land on a Wall in the middle of the course you just get out of bounds directly.

Santosh Sharma

this game is so nice this is a lovely game

Damion Mossburg

It keeps shutting down in the middle of game. Or right after you win before they give you what you won.

Mike Beckwith

Could be a fun game but too often changing the abgke of the shot causes a shot to be taken.

Sedrick D

The physics are awful. Chests take way to long to open and give too few rewards.

Dakota Hoecker

You literally just play against bots

Lee Birks

Wide audience.


I have the feeling there is no multiplayer in this game, so every opponent is a bot.

Edward Miller

Great game very fun to play love it so far

Ahmed Althuf

I'm installing the new game

Joey Burns

Awesome game and graphics!!! A great time killer as well!!!

Phuong Tu Ban

this is very true I have some golf!

Dan Clayden


Elizabeth Olson

It's super fun but the hard levels are too hard which I agree after level 4/5 the levels are impossible. I was scoring great on the first levels and in 1st place a lot but after the 4/5 levels I was in last. I'm reading about bots playing and If that's true that's just wrong seeing is after the 3rd person gets in the hole then the timer starts to end the game. Really though, up until those levels I was loving it.