Miner Gun Builder

Author: Germapur Apps

100,000+ install


Miner Gun Builder – A lighthearted but profound space ship upgrading and optimization arcade shooter

Detailed info

File size: 49M
Update time: August 15, 2021
Current version: 1.8.51
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Germapur Apps
Price: Free
3 votes

Customer review

Džiugas T

Good game, but sometimes really confusing

Doctor Wisdom

Unique game, very enjoyable!

chad the thunder

It's pretty cool

Sir PlatinumSlurk

Its fun and chellenging in its own way.


Simple and Fun. Love it 😀


Really good game

Tudor Balus

Fast, interesting, quirky game that's also fun. Edit: too many options! I have no idea what I'm doing: tier, world toer, a reset that you dunno how to do, a tree system that (!I assume!) Makes the game way harder id you play it, (!I assume!)some bullet customisation in the loadout screen. The game is too complicated.

Russell Wallace

Fun I guess

christian lamb

Great game until the UI dissappears and you lose all ship progress, then it starts to do it every time you try to edit a ship. Please fix the broken UI.

dark panda881

You need to fix a bug that makes an entire game tab delete itself then I'll give 5 stars


This game is great at the start but after level 400 it gets kind of boring grain Ng waves point thingys the weird red stars but i stil love to play it edit: this game is great an amazing grinding aspect and only gets boring if you master it which I haven't

Hello Imunderthewater

Its so addicting

Travis Black

This game is a breath of fresh air in the app store. Most games are a blatant money grab. This game is creative, allowing each person to genuinely play their own way, or solve challenging levels finding which unique combination works. It invites problem solving and innovation, which makes me more fun I think. Anyway, I salute the creators of this app. Well done. That aside, some of the descriptions could use more clarifying. I still don't know what done things actually do...

Alan Obszański

Very fun gun builder, but I feel like the gameplay could be a mit more interesting with for example moving enemies or attacks you have to dodge too.

rich thorne

Took a while to get going but worth the persistence :) addicted now!

Jordan Jones

Pretty fun, no forced ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff xD



How much damage you want. Yes

Jonathan Owens

It is a fun game and it has a cool concept but getting money is a bit slow

Xavier Moorman

Just a fun game

Isaac Bennett

It is an excellent game it is a little grind but 100% worth it. Keep up the great work dev team.

Josey young

It is definitely a great concept and a lot of fun although i do think there could be some more options for directional blocks for the ships


Not the most intellectual game. Just brainless fun, if you enjoy upgrade-heavy games where you perfect a build.

Luke Mitchell

It is very slow in the beginning, aim for buying the rocket and more chance multipliers. The game itself isn't bad once you break through the initial cap.

George Lesov


Kevin Radosevich

It's a little slow at first but I does get better

Michael T

Great tech tree, ui could be better

Victor Moneron

Its actually amazing, you have to play some levels over and over to get money.

UltMate Potato

Fuqing amazing

J Mallon

It is very fun, but can be a bit grindy. Maybe reduce the cost of ships and individual parts? And I agree with Joseph Dixon. Adding a "remove all ads" option would be a good way to increase your profits. Might I suggest $1.99 as the price? Not too high and not too low.

Korbin Bilbrey

Amazing game with no ads and very generous.


Very fun and no ads unless you want 2x the credits

Naufal F

It's fun, but all of my progress all gone, and there's no restore purchased pack, rip 30hrs++ progress

Wier do

very fun

Alex Wanger

Takes some time to get the hang of things but a great time killer

First Name Last Name

Honestly one of the best games on mobile I've ever played. It's not super polished, it doesn't have the best graphics, but the fun I've had messing around with creating different spaceships makes this 5 stars. If you're ever bored I'd really reccomend downloading this and just giving it a try. Also, developer, if you see this, please add more detailed info to some things you buy in-game, since sometimes it can be hard to know what you're really spending your game currency on.

John Cacho


Alpha Derago

Genuinely great little idle ship game with a very interesting gun mechanic. Only verbal complaint is I don't really enjoy game play wise being given the watch an ad for double, however, it's a minor gripe. Not worth lowering the rating of a genuinely great game.

Dominik Tisher

Very good, think about a PC option.

Michael Hylton



It's good.

Patrick Moon

Fun game. You have to just play few a few levels to figure out what you need to buy

Alvin Sibal

Its, honestly, really fun. I enjoy it albeit the beginning was extremely rough, but after getting better ships and upgrades it was starting to be fun. My only issue is the lag on farming maps, its most likely just my phone being old.


Cool and good

Fletcher Graymane

Pretty straight forward, challenging and no pop up ads. The only ad I've found is optional, but never pushed or required. I like the strategizing and options available. Pretty fun.

DJ Sebastian

Very good and fun idle game good for people who understand builds

Kuyak gaming

Very simepl at the same time enjoyable


A little too grindy, but great!

TOAD Officer

Great game


Slow to get started, confusing upgrade paths and entirely unremarkable once you do get into the meat of the game.

Amber Thorne

Great game but my wife is way better at it than me

John Mistretta

I have no idea why this game is so good. It's so stupid I love it

Loki Allen

Good game

Adrian Thomas-Moon

If fun

Tincu Stefan Lucian

Nice game but complicated to design a ship! Almost no adds!

Topsy Kretts

Love this game, grindheavy but pays off, graphics are ok but the gamemechanics make up for it - are quite unique and very interesting. The only thing i find really frustrating is navigating the Tier Map, if you could implement a free cam mode (1 finger swipe to move and 2 finger pinch to zoom) that would be amazing!

wynand jenkins

Great game

Steven Cousler

Very Fun

Aiko Nathan Diño

Great game with potential. Audio would be great

Lashly Games

This is one of the best games I've played in a while

Eric Lim Chee Keong

Good game, great time killer and kind of addicting to play


Amazing Game Layout. I have nothing else to say, good time killer!

Nodnarb J

I have high hopes for what this can become

Switch Likes MLog

Super fun. Sometimes I feel like the dev themself are talking to me.

Taj Hasty

Has great potential but ui is not intuitive. Upgrades take quite a bit of time to unlock

Zane Schomaker


Black-Headed Gull

An actually fun simple game. The beginning is a bit overwhelming, but you will get the hang of it quickly. I also love the progression: you start with 1 shooter and you can upgrade it to use multiple at the same time with an area effect damage. This game is a masterpiece, although being the creator's first game!

Brandon Allegue

Very awesome game , addictive as hell

Mike Lock

Very good, I like it a lot! The only feedback I have is that the touchscreen controls are a little annoying sometimes because the ship flies to your finger, would be better to use where you initially touch as "no movement" and then drag to move ship. Minor critique but all in all an excellent game 👌

Noah Wilson

Super fun time killer. No ads!

The Destined_Kn1ght7

Love the way the ads work your not bombarded every 30 seconds 10/10 would recommend

Francois hebert-voyer

Rly relaxing after you find yourself in the menus ^^


I actually enjoy this game so far. Progression is very steady and there are no ads uless you choose to watch them. Can't wait to keep playing!

Akram Safirul

control needs some getting used to and the UI is absolutely terrible. But gameplay loop is quite addicting so i'll let it slide

Freddy Calabrese

Pretty cool!

Christopher Munro

Pretty good, can drag early on untill you he the hang of the weapons system and upgrade in a useful way.

Jacob Lamas

Confusing at first. It was hard to earn currency at first but once I understood the weapons layout, made it 100% times easier.

William Mente

Lots of fun. Haven't seen an add and has a great balance of relaxing and challenge. Can't wait for more updates.

daniel dale

Reeeaaaallllyyyy grindy

David Fisher

It's a good game

Aldo Rosenfeld Jr

Nicely done, thanks for this game


Some oversights, but y'know, is game


Progression is way too slow!

Mitchell Visser

Very good game once you get rolling


Very grindy at first but when you bought the alien ship the gameplay just changes to hard, then to satisfying I'm giving it a 5 star review because tho it's very simplistic i very much enjoy the experience.

James Kempf

Phone lost power and wiped my save...

Jon Anitsakis

Lost all of my progress with the last patch. Not starting over, bye felicia

Joseph Dixon

This game is pretty fantastic. I originally thought that the ships were limited and there was always going to be a ton of wasted space, but things really start to open up as you progress in the game even further than what you can see at the beginning. There are a TON of unlockables. Also I highly recommend the "remove all ads" from a value perspective if you want to spend money to support the developer and get the most bang for your buck. It's awesome being able to double income always.

alan doorneweerd

I cant get better because im on,y alows 3 squares


Super fun game if you are into this genre. I love the, for lack of a better word, homemade feel to it. If I had to pick a downside then I would say that it can be a Little confusing at the start but I also suck at reading instructions lol. 5/5 would recommend.

Michael Boehme

Points for no forced ads, but this game is actually designed to become worse the longer you play. You start with 100 somewhat interesting puzzle like levels, then you're expected to grind through 500 random uninteresting levels, and then you get "waves" which require literally no player input... Why would the dev choose to do that?

Mathurin Dorel

A very good game. Just the right amount of grind, with a very satisfying progression. Love the design mechanics.

The Goose

Good game but jesus you need patience to understand lol

A crazy Coder

Quite the fun and enjoyable game. Finding good paths is a puzzling activity that never gets old.

Christopher Sucro

The ship building aspect is really interesting, it reminds me of stardrive with the ship construction. A couple thing you might wanna work on are the tutorial ends before it tell you about buying ships for more space. The ships could also be upgradable/expandable, which would allow for a little more space between ships. If I think of anything else I'll edit this ;)

Brian Schutt

Fun game. Like the mechanics. It's fun to try different weapon combinations

Banessa Catalan

This such a cool and simple game that is very good for passing time. I would recommend adding an upgrade where 2 different attacks can merge into one, and combines them. This will be very useful for ships with only 1 gun.

Riley Jones

Fun game


Fun grinding game


Awesome game and what's best is no forced ads