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Military Camp: Idle Army  – Become an army general and get the most out of your troops by managing your army base game like a tycoon! In Military Camp: Idle Army, you have a unique opportunity to run a business training camp for recruits. Buy new training equipment, train soldiers and earn tons of money to become a tycoon. Manage the training program for recruits and create an ideal environment for them.
Hiring Trainers
Train elite soldiers with the best experts. Nominate employees as mentors and receive additional bonuses.
Create a training program.
Whether it’s shooting, throwing grenades or boxing, make sure your soldiers are well prepared for all scenarios. Create new training positions, adjust training times and officer staffing. Experience the real experience of a military base management simulator.
Recruit Soldiers
In addition to training, your job is to keep an eye on the constant supply of soldiers. Use marketing wisely and recruit people from different parts of the country. Advertise on TV, in newspapers or on the Internet, and don’t forget to think about logistics and increasing the capacity of the training center.
Make lots of money
Most importantly, grow your business and make money. For every soldier trained, you get a decent amount of money, not to mention the passive income from the training. Make sure all costs are paid. Use logic to figure out the best training strategy, do everything smart and the money won’t last long.
Game Features:
Construction Training Camp
Recruit Officers
Track Training Program
Manage Recruit Flow
Earn tons of money
cool minimalistic 3D graphics
Simple controls
User friendly professional interfaces for soldiers,
to serve personnel. money and become rich like a tycoon. Build fields and manage a training program for a true military simulation experience. Use logic to find the best strategy to develop your base. Ready to get started? Then download and play!

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File size: 85 MB
Update time: 2023-02-22T14:24:50.000Z
Current version: 0.7a
Require Android: 5.0
Price: $Free
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