Miko Era: Twelve Myths


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Explore the world of Miko Era: Twelve Myths. It’s a casual social MMORPG full of unique races, challenging dungeons and cool guilds. Try to be the strongest Mikosadik!
You, the strongest Miko ambassador, must raise 12 beautiful Miko to protect the world of Akiba City. The fate of mankind is in your hands. Will you survive and defeat the threat of these evil spirits or die defending your city?
Witness 12 Zodiac Miko’s growth!
[Protect Akiba City in the Name of God]
Fight evil spirits with 12 beautiful and powerful Zodiac Miko. Each has a unique personality and abilities; Some are excited, some happy and some scared. Each of them has its own unique abilities. Leading them and raising them to be the most powerful, you, the most powerful Mikosadik, must fulfill your destiny to protect the city of Akiba through them!
Start the journey of love!
[Tethered In Fate, Never Apart]
Meet, greet and fall in love with other players in Miko Era: Twelve Myths. Have a wedding with your significant other and have a baby together when the time is right!
Here begins the odyssey of selfless love!
[Do you want to fight when you face a dangerous threat?]
Stick to your weapons and prepare! Demons are approaching the city of Akiba! Collect Mikos and Yureis to fight alongside them to quickly defend the city! Your power will grow as you defeat monsters and receive rich rewards!
Your fashion, your way!
[Dress up and be the center of the stage]
Do you like to dress up and be fashionable? Now you can! Choose from countless outfits and create your own unique look! The stage is set! are you
Call, join friends!
[Connect Rivers to Create Akiba City’s Strongest Guild]
Join battles and relax in hot springs with guild members! Every moment is precious when you spend time with the right people! Met a like-minded person, but from another guild? Join forces and become the strongest guild in Akiba City together!
Server-to-Server Trading, No Add-ons
[Trading on Mana]
Server-to-Server Trading Seemed Impossible? Not in the Age of Miko: Twelve Myths! Trade with anyone, no matter where they come from! If it’s something you want, you can change it!
brutal! The Body Man! LOVE!
[confident in your abilities? Then try it in battle!]
Death or Glory! You choose! Dive into the blood of your enemies in our PvP mode. Become the ultimate winner and earn tons of Jade at once! Don’t want to take matters into your own hands? Don’t worry! You can also bet on your favorite candidate here! Brawl always has something for everyone!
Ultimate Card Synergy! Power to resonance!
[Collect all cards and all powers]
Defeat demons and collect cards full of powerful magic!
You can upgrade it, improve your stats even more and become insanely strong! Complete a card to activate its resonance and watch your stats explode!

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Current version: 14.0
Require Android: 5.0
Developer: EYOUGAME(USS)
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