Mighty Wars

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Mighty Wars – Mighty Wars is a turn-based strategy RPG that is a perfect example of combining action, strategy, fighting games and turn-based RPGs. We have used the best of different genres to create an incredible experience for you in the world of massively online RPGs. Challenge mobile players from around the world, crush your enemies in battle arenas and rise to the top! We’re changing the way you think about battle chess RPGs!
In the mythical world of Pangea, a land of incomparable beauty and danger, players can assemble a band of heroes from many diverse and exciting characters. Players have many unique abilities and traits at their disposal, tasked with creating a balanced and strategic team that navigates treacherous terrains and defeats their enemies in exciting turn-based combat. The possibilities for adventure and glory are limitless in Pangea, where the only limits are your own imagination and cunning.
Different battlefields with random obstacles and different heroes with unique bonuses
to improve your strategic skills. Explore the map, defeat powerful bosses and powerful magical creatures, build your story, accept quests and go on a journey!
Gather your forces and lead your mighty wars to victory!
Collect and evolve hundreds of heroes and monsters with unique abilities and epic magic and combat ability. Upgrade their equipment and skills, admire their new clothes and skills, strengthen your team! Warriors, knights, undead, mages, elves, dragons, orcs – hundreds of magical creatures and countless characters to choose from!
Network connection required.

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File size: 138 MB
Update time: 2022-12-30T14:31:27.000Z
Current version: 0.1
Require Android: 5.1
Developer: Gamerce LLC
Price: $Free
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