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Mighty Swords : Neverseen – Swords & Souls: Neverseen is a unique RPG where leveling up takes skill!

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Customer review

Rey-Ann Fajardo

All of the reviews say the same thing as I'm gonna say. 1. Language is a problem, you can't change it. 2. The training miniganes is a mess, lack luster controls, just bad interpretation of the PC game 3. It has A LOT of ads, could be a good game if there's little to no ads. Is a great game but could improve, Im love the flash version, now flash is gone... All the great games are gone. Please I'm begging you dove games, make it into a good game.


So this game is not good or bad,the grinding system at least is not just mindless and doing nothing you have challanges to keep you sane for 5 minutes.But what is a big red flag is the fact that you can't switch the language to English so I didn't know what some of the texts meant(the texts of the people are in English),also I wod recommend not putting ads in our face every 5 god damn seconds.

Gabriel Neythan Cabintoy

Great game tho i have probelms maybe add diffrent language and can u atleast make the buttns bigger? Not that super big like exact

kys bal

Fix your controls and language

Jeff Samuel Espiritu

The game will be better in the future but pls fix the language, controls on training and the UI, and there was a bug that named mosquito a goblin snitc, Thanks.

skelly boy

The controls are clunky especially for the training parts. The game looks like it was stolen from the computer version you can buy on steam and the control instruction uses the mouse and the keyboard which you cant do since this is for mobile. My version of the game was stuck to a language that i dont know. I will give props to them as they manage to post this here without the developers knowing. And from what i know these people didnt change anything except for the controls to play on mobile


A good game to pass the time but it has many bugs mainly the fact of traing ranged skill, the arrows do not hit their targets and when training sword skill is hard because of the lack of indicators for when you're supposed to attack, either way a good game but needs more refinement.

Wesley Sor8

This game has potential but the training button is a large problem because when i ever tap the button sometimes it will not work i highly recommend make a bit bugger for the mobile user

sneaky ninja

So its very fun but i deleted my whole review to say this i think the people that created this game just stole the pc version and just ,ade it yknow worse its so stupid this is a fake game scroll down passed my revi3w and look at what other games these developers make... See? Total garbage mobile games the game is stolen but the actual game on steam is quite nice and i WOULD recomend that :)

Haha Yes

Great game but it need lot's of improvement.

semin hodzic

It's really good but really glitchy

Goolem Man

is so cool


Have so much potential but it has many bugs, but my main problem is the language pls fix the language I don't really care about the bugs just the language please.

Rana Muhammad Abubakar Saeed

I remember playing other version of this game on ARMOR GAMES site. However the mobile version that i ever i came through were simply trash. The controls are trash. The frame that i get on my mobile are trash. And too many ads. I hope the devs do something anout it. It is not a good game to recommend to anyone because RN it is TRASH

Ahmad Fajar

It is pretty fun game, but it still have more to improve. So I will be waiting for the next update

tevdore xintibidze

Eh use to play this when it was a flash game it was better but its still again good

Johnlloyd Raagas

The problem is the agility when I saw (!) It won't work so please fix it it's so annoying everytime when it do the (!) It won't even work.

C A Flores

It good and all. But its half traslated I also wish your you to add button placement & size cutomization since the buttons are often smol and can get in the way of playing

garcyber ji

Every 30 seconds you force us to watch ads, it's very very annoying. Please stop the force ads.. You should make it optional.. Don't make good game become the worst.

Fatih Çenesiz

Best Game I have ever played on mobile, great job developer team 🎯🍎


Great game but could use a joystick in defense training mini game

Random Dude

Okay the games actually good, but please for the love of god fix the text, also the controls need to be optimised as training is difficult, there's also bugs like when your character is attacking and you dodge it will stop the fight, and missing textures for icons, and thunderbolt. Please clean this game up devs because this feels more like a poorly ported disaster than an actual game.

Tung Thanh

A bit of frame drop pls optimize it

Denver Marte

It is a good game but both the controls and the language are a problem. At least make the buttons larger and dont make the language confusing because when i first started the game i was confused in what its saying but it was actually a menu for choosing accounts. The game has a lot of potential and will be popular in the near future but you need to first fix the main problems in the game

Jimmy Ur mom

This game is fun BUT its ruined by constant ads and not only that the game ramdonly doges for you not in a good way the game is litterly waisting youre doges idk if im missclicking or not but pls space out doge and block and etc and olso make the icon bigger AND it take like a solid 20 mins on the training camp to litterly finish a singel level yes this game is grindy,full of ads

Qin Xavier Gunda

Constant Ads made me delete a good Game.

Baptiste Dorion

How to have no more advertisements? Is there a way to purchase the game, those constant advertisements really kill the flow of the game. Each time one pops, it tingles me to delete this good game.


Okay, the game is good, but there are some problems that are needed to be fixed immediately, 1. Language, most of the item and menu descriptions are in different languages, and it makes it hard to understand it without the use of a translator. 2. UI, right now the ui for the game is too small for smaller screen devices. I recommend making it bigger and more player friendly, because it feels like a port of the exact pc version, and also the training, the ui for the training feels uncomfortable

Fantastic Khoa

Not recommended this game .There are slot issues in this mobile version. It's very hard to dodge or training just because the fidget is not fit. The dodge is to difficult and the screen is cut. Need lots of improvement.

loid Molina

this game has 5million ads to play a single round piece of trash

kyle keh

Game is good but seriously fix the text and some content


Amazing game! I still remember playing this on PC, but this mobile version of this game really hard to control. It also have a lot of issues on screen, language and controller to...Feel like using more like PC version controller very discomfort. Screen keep cut out. Language didn't fit up very well, mix of English and Polish.

Trong Pham Van

Swords & Souls : Neverseen