Midsomer Murders: Words, Crime & Mystery

Author: Qiiwi Games AB

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Midsomer Murders: Words, Crime & Mystery – Do you have what it takes to be a detective in Midsomer County? 🔎

Detailed info

File size: 109M
Update time: September 27, 2021
Current version: 1.0.14
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Qiiwi Games AB
Price: Free
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Customer review

Uberian Emery

Good so far


Abbastanza noioso con questi dialoghi e azioni meccaniche ed elementari da fare x andare avanti

Raymond Carmichael

Wish we would get more coins though

Warren Halstead

Really enjoy game

R.L. Sage Jr

Slow, boring, and overtly linear forcing you to expend your game energy on the most useless of 'tasks', presumably, to get you to buy more.

Amber Markle

Actually just started playing but so far so good

Donna Kelisek

This is the most mind-numbingly boring game. The word puzzles are alright but the storyline that you're forced to endure is mediocre at best.

Theresa J Damron

This is a relaxing game and very easy to play. If you want simplicity, try it out. Wonderful app. TJD

kenneth presnell

good game

Vicki Aiken

Had to quit. Couldn't figure how to play

Katherine Hernandez

A little slow and wasn't expecting to play a bunch of word scramble puzzles.

Tasha Schwerin

Love word games that have stories like this, im no good at the matching and other games they got to get points to play a story....edit it needs more than just 5 cases, like im about to delete the game cause I finished all 5 cases and it's been a few weeks now with nothing new..

Randall Raymond

Game is a bit slow

Kelly Alaura

Pretty good game so far..

Taifa Durant

Great Gmae

Sean Gorham

Freezes up uninstalling

Mercurial Makes

Changing this review. I do enjoy this game, but it needs tweaking. When you complete a case, you get half an hour of unlimited play, but when there isn't a new case to work on, that's a meaningless reward, as you don't earn badges if you play without a case ongoing. Make it so you can save that reward for when there is a case to use it on. Also, stop charging 3 or 4 badges just to say hello! It's a waste of hard earned badges. Maximum cost should be 2 for anything. Scene changes should be free.

Deborah Quackenbush

Nice game.. very interesting.

Huncho j.3x

Is a good game to play

Kay Gilbert

***WARNING*** If you are playing this because of the Tapjoy offer....dont bother. You will NEVER get it. PERIOD. IF YOU EVEN DARE SUBMIT PROOF YOU COMPLETED OFFERS...Tapjoy BANS YOU FOR LIFE. NOT A NICE APP. CUSTOMER SERVICE SUX TO THE 'NTH DEGREE.

Susan Barber

Fun game

Ina Bost

I love mystery games and would really enjoy this game but it keeps freezing up. It's not my phone because other games I have don't freeze up.

Alexis Smart

So far so good, would have enjoyed audio though

Michael Adams

So far So good

Paul Murdock

Very well put together.

gearoid kelly

A good game

Mary Todd

Phenominal fun and challenging!

renessa poirier

Slow boring storyline. You spend much of the time asking the same questions over again. It will take you hours to finish one case.

Betty Latimer

It is fun but difficult to figure out. A tutorial is a must

Wolfgang Aull

Boring. And: Each and every very tiny action require to endure at least one ad.

Terry Switzer

Love it


How did you make a murder mystery game this boring?

Leighton Ellett

So far, so good.

Lorna Smith

When are we going to get next part of game?I love game but no progress If not soon im going to deliet

Sarah Wagenaar

Really enjoying the game. Midsomer Murders is one of my favorite shows. I think the game is very similar and great fun.

hessy music


james geroux

love it great game ty devs


Thought it was cool and dif from the normal games, but its become more hassle than fun. Cases take forever! Some words dont register even though they are real words. The tedious tapping when doing clues and story line ended up just being a complete pain. As far as energy and ads, there is plenty if your patient. But the length of cases is the worst part, 3+weeks for case 1 and that was playing more than I had the time to each day.

Amber B

I really like this game it's enjoyable and relaxing. good for sleuthing, if that's what you enjoy!

Luciana Shannon

Fun love the show and now the game