Midsomer Murders: Words, Crime & Mystery

Author: Qiiwi Games AB

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Midsomer Murders: Words, Crime & Mystery – Do you have what it takes to be a detective in Midsomer County? 🔎

Detailed info

File size: 109M
Update time: September 27, 2021
Current version: 1.0.14
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Qiiwi Games AB
Price: Free
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Customer review

Simon Newberry

Send me a link for an update, it glitches on every level and is very annoying 😠

Jay Fisher

It was fun at first. But got to rediculous with the puzzles.

Cyndee Stringfellow

I only tried because I liked the TV show. It takes to many badges and game only gives 1 per game .

sherry bunton

To many puzzles you have to do before you can work the case. I've played to many "crime" games that don't test your nerves like this. I have been a faithful viewer of the show. I'm not happy.

Jaki Waggoner

So far so good haven't played game long enough

Patty Willis

I thought I would like this game Midsummer murder love the show! This game is horrible not enough energy at all even with so called free adds the rewards are a useless joke ! You cannot enjoy playing because you can't get anywhere. Really disappointed in this game.

Tania Holl

Great game, I'm at the end of case 2 it's taken 4 weeks as I dont just sit there and play it all in just a week ,I like to take my time and enjoy it. Yes there is only 3 cases for now, those that moan wish it was longer ,well have you thought it might have taken a year to make just these 3, you have to draw everything ,then someone write the story, then someone else peices it altogether then the theme tune has to be added .then it's tested before it's put up to play.

Ann Moore


Ellie Davey

Really fun game to play!!!

Simon mark Greig

Very Very good game

Whitney Pombier

Way to many ads and takes FOREVER to get through the case.

Brenda Moles

I love it, I like the puzzles and the storylines. Not a mundane game it makes workout those brain muscles.

Dickson Labanza

I gave it 1 star because your loading screen is ridiculous i have to wait 30 mins to play the game because the loading only gives 1% increase per minute. Sorry but poor loading and downloading is irritating to me.1

Andrew Eade

Good game. But I have now run out of cases. When will more cases be released? Or should I now delete the game if it's going to be a while?

Michelle Avery

Midsomer murders is a fun game to play

Lee Hotovec


Gayle Murphy

Love the word puzzles and following Elizabeth's journey is interesting, as I am a fan of the TV show. I hope you have more cases coming soon.

Alan Richardson

Exceptional Game play..... great fun and iconic music background

diana kirk

I thought you find hidden objects, and was liking forward to that but it's not too bad.

Donna Howell


Selena Ward

A lot of ad's

Dorothy Farr

Freezes a lot. Sometimes I want to play more words but can't without going to evidence mode.

Julie Murrow

Gentle, free game. Pretty graphics and a lovely way to pass the time.

Stephen Jones


Donna Lutes

I do not like that I have to watch an add just to play the next puzzle

Hickerson Adriene

Fun so far

Rosemary Clarke

What a great idea! With a reason for Elizabeth being there too. Carrying on the great Tom Barnaby tradition. Well done!

Enid Rentas

It's a good game, but life ends quickly. The game freezes while creating words & you're forced to close the game, you lose life & you have to play the word round again. I've sent support my complaint. They told me it was difficult to fix without proof. It's impossible to provide images if the game freezes. Another problem is that the game allows you to find new words, but there's no compensation for that & some words are denied & then accepted when repeated. This is discouraging to the gamer.

Lissa Miller

Story line is ok. Only can play 6 times then done until builds up coins again. So the play time is way to short.

Patricia Poellnitz

I love the games

Maureen Stones

Hopefully this game will gain a bit more momentum as I progress, just seems slow at the minute.

Tina LaVaque

Fun and enjoyable

Jocelyn Eke

I really love this game. It is fun to solve the mystery. I love Elisabeth Barnaby. She is so charming. This game is classy and fun. My only complaint is my results were not saved by the Google play app. How do I save my results? I do not want to get on Facebook. Thanks for a great game!

Emma Pearce

Really enjoying it

Kris Sutterfield

Enjoyed game, but only 4 cases? What's up with that. Updated just now nothing more. Guess I will uninstal.

David Ford

Too many crossword puzzles

Chris Webber

It's fun but you don't get to play for very long.

Sherri Narez


Jane Carbis

Good game but kreeps sticking

Laurel Briggs

Love this