Midsomer Murders: Words, Crime & Mystery

Author: Qiiwi Games AB

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Midsomer Murders: Words, Crime & Mystery – Do you have what it takes to be a detective in Midsomer County? 🔎

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File size: 109M
Update time: September 27, 2021
Current version: 1.0.14
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Qiiwi Games AB
Price: Free
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Customer review

Barbara Pinckney

This game could be great but it has definitely got issues. It is constantly freezing on me. They promised their update would fix that but it made it worse. They introduced a competition but the clock never moves so you don't know when it started or when it ends. I really want to like it but I am losing patience. I am constantly contacting support.

Tra C

It is fun and solving mysteries are a blast

Mariane Clarkson

Early in the game but fun.

Cynthia Lemmo

Great mystery game

Amy Drew


shirley marsh

So far, so good. It's early but it looks interesting. Well. I'm back to play your game again. Must have gone pretty well the first time. It's a good game.

Betty Jean Neal

Enjoy the game, but wish I had an active role in solving the mystery

Cheri Connor

Enjoying the game a great deal. Was a bit disappointed when the amounts of some of the daily rewards were changed and when the price on the free items was put up since I don't usually have that amount of cash available but beyond that it's a fun game.

Joe Rhoads

I updated the game, now all my coins are gone, my progress is gone. I was a Superintendent 5, all gone. Thinking of deleting now. Please fix. I deleted and reinstalled, all process seems to be back

Lani McKennon

STILL Slow and cumbersome.FREEZES!!! Losing interest rapidly.

Joan PArr

Really like this game in all its aspects. The Developers respond to glitches called to their attention. I had tried other word/quest games and this the best. Only one current problem- when asked to update and I did, I was knocked back to the beginning of the game. And I was about the next day to uninstall when the program came back to where I was. Today it is asking me Again to update and I wi.l not till I hear from them on this issue. Joan

Erin Cockrell

It's a lot of fun

Dorothy Farr

Freezes a lot. Sometimes I want to play more words but can't without going to evidence mode. I love the game, but it is too long between cases.

Debra Kimbrell Nance

All my info that was loaded disappeared

jane bicknell

Had to do an update and it took me back to the beginning of the game . . Loosing everything I'd built-up money,experience light bulbs etc . . Took along time to build-up a good stash . . Luckily I'd never spent real money in the game . . And now never will

Ed Ong

The latest update wiped out all my last 5 cases but developer is prompt to reply n rectify issue. Gd for them. As some would have already said, the puzzles kinda repeat but it's fine by me. It's more of crossword puzzle with the crime story as sideline though, to me. Overall, still enjoys the game

penney johnson


Kirby Green

Brilliant game! Absolutely love it 💯%

Gail Florance

This is the best game. Have just downloaded the new update & it starts from the beginning. Please tell me why?????? I don't want to have to solve all the cases I've already done. If I can't go back to where I was I'll be uninstalling. Thank you I have the old game back & can continue at the same level.

Tracy Sours

Solving a murder!

Cheryl Wilson

Love this game!

Amy Thompson

From 9/27/22: Yay! An update! A new case to solve! Ugh! I lost all my progress and went back to square one with the tutorial. Hope this gets fixed. I enjoy the game, but I don't want to have to build my XP back to what it was before the update. Amendment, 9/28/22: Opening the game today, I find everything to be back on track. So, 3-stars bump up to 5!

Neil Kenny

For fans of the show this game is all about the plot which happens to be pretty fair overall but utilises all new characters. The main mechanic is a word game which can be a little repetitive unless played in short bursts. There were a few hunt the object puzzles near the beginning but they soon faded away. There is an overall energy mechanic that uses real money to regulate your progress but there are plenty of ways to recharge for free. So its only a mild inconvenience.

Brenda Stowers

Love this game!

Nan Garcia-Wood

I am hesitant to update. Last time I did it sent me back to the first case.

Diane Kornahrens



Only on the first case, but I really love the game so far! I usually don't enjoy games where you have to play "mini games" throughout to progress, but this one is fun. I like the variety of word game, finding hidden objects, etc. The graphics are great and the story seems interesting. I did notice some progress was lost when I exited and came back the next day; hopefully that doesn't happen often! Also, really shady that for 5 hints only ONE letter is revealed in the word puzzles!

Joyce Smith

Pity there are only three murders to solve at the moment and no idea when there will be any more .Another case to solve good as I am enjoying it so far it's just a little bit annoying that the energy doesn't last long at least it doesn't take to long to fill again another case great for I am enjoying this game I still play every day as I enjoy the word game now onto case 6 and still enjoying the game

Lisa Mitchell

Ive been enjoying this game for a while even though they dont make new case's fast enough so always having to stop for weeks on end, but the worst part so far is the update from yesterday made my game completely restart and instead of starting case 7 im back at case 1! I had alot of coins, hints and energy saved up and absolutely everything is gone, i can't redo it all so will stop playing now.

Cheryl Lampela

I like the game, but it takes too many points for the simplest things.

Barnes UK

Not happy as I have been playing this for over a year and had accumulated alot of extras and now back to square one

Karen Mulvaney


Alan Richardson

Exceptional Game play..... great fun and iconic music background.... I have just carried out the update and I'm a little disappointed that it has taken me back to square one. I've been playing this for over a year, completed 7 crimes and achieved a high rank. I had over 20k to spend on lives but it's all reset. Can I retrieve my past status please?

Beverly Green

Love this game. If you love a murder mystery with hidden objects then this game is one game that is very addictive.

Vanessa Kimberlin

I enjoy the game. I will be excited when all the bugs are fixed so I won't have to reload as often.


I thought this game would be fun according to your add. It was very misleading. It takes so many badges to get anywhere! The game also freezes me out if I take too long on a puzzle. Had I have known you had to do crossword puzzles to advance I would never have down loaded it! Had I wanted to do crosswords I would have downloaded a crossword puzzle! I am going to give it one more chance after this update and if it is not better I am removing it!

Nina Roman

I think the game is great. my only problem is that when it updated it started all over again from the beginning

Kathy Goodson

Lots of fun

Nika Tenerowicz

It was great till I updated and I had to start all over again.

Sheryl Krezman

I did the upgrade and it took me back to the 1st case. All progess lost.

IMVU Fans only

So far am enjoying the game, but am getting a little tried of all the word puzzles.

Elizabeth Pardy

This update has taken me back to the beginning of the game, not impressed.

Denise Smithers

Very enjoyable game.

Fiona Hill

I like the game but just installed the new update and it has lost my score and rank and put me right back to the start

glen ablitt

Good game but have been waiting a long time for a new murder to solve which is very frustrating. It is getting as bad as the coronation street game by the same people. Please sort both games out. Just downloaded the new update and it has taken me back to the beginning and I have lost all my teapots etc. Not happy

Sherry Harden

Absolutely love this game. It is unique, which sets it apart from other games. Whoever designed this games.....Thank you so much!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

Karen Adams

Since have just started playing it's hard to really rate the game yet. Have now finished the first 7 cases. Edit: just installed an update. It started me all the way back to the beginning. Really irksome.

Darlene Bertolino

What the heck happened to all my coins,teapots, etc. I finished case #7 weeks ago. Still played crosswords while waiting for case#8. Today I got a message to update for new cases. Well to my surprise all my stuff is not only gone but it started all over on number 1. The previous time I came to the end and updated it started where I left off.

alan cakebread

I've just updated the game and I've lost all of my previous progres. I've been playing daily for months and now I'm back at the start. I'm really disappointed.

Michelle Allen

Latest update COMPLETELY reset my game progress. Prior to this the game was a bit repetitive, often re-using the same words and even entire puzzles. Main character/story didn't manage to ever get terribly interesting, but not horrible either. Also, the game tended to glitch on ads (of which there were far too many). I would once have ranked it a solid 3, but all this taken together drops it to the unplayable pile.

Kerry Traynor

I updated this game & lost all my progress it put me right back at the start of the game 😡

Loretta Sloat

I already played these scenes. You need more scenes for this game instead of repeating them.

Robin Rednour

Game a lot I watched the TV series which got me interested in the game I updated it but I did not know it was going to take me back to the very beginning of the game now I'm starting all over again shouldn't be too hard to solve the case then since I already have but the good thing about me going back is I now learned that John and her mother are our brother and sister so that means John is her uncle and her the other one is her cousin I might have got.

ann evans

Been playing this for a long time, an update comes up and returns back to the start. FRUSTRATING

Timothy Pollard

I was really enjoying this game, but I just updated the app and it started me over from the beginning. For this reason I am uninstalling this game.

Yolanda Smith

Great game if you enjoy mysteries and word puzzles. Midsomers Murders is one of my favorite shows. Addendum: I just allowed the system to update my game to the new version. IT DELETED ALL OF MY PROGRESS AND ACCUMULATED COINS. I will be deleting this game now. Unbelievable!!!

Carrie Darcy-Burton

Was really enjoying the game but have just updated and now I'm back to the beginning and have lost all progress

Dana Mayland

Really liked the puzzles.....but after update was sent back to first murder. What happened???

Mark Taylor

Making the brain work again, great game but why the upgrade, I've had to start again from scratch whats the big deal.

Diane Works


Judith Sanders

Interesting and holds your attention also fun!!!

Penny Maxwell

it's good

Alfred Washburn

Too many word puzzles to get very little forward movement

Linda Perez


Lissette Saavedra

Great game

Candie Vermeulen

Love this game the TV series is my favorite TV series

Judi Knox

Fun so far

Angela Pontius

The game tells you exactly what to do the entire time. There's nothing for the player to discover on their own

Barbara Maldonado

Just got this I like it so far

Sylvia Rivera Gonzalez

Great word puzzles and mysteries to solve. Keep you involved. Interesting adventures. Reminds me of the television series of the same name. Is very challenging!

Barbara Holmes

So far, so GREAT!

Jane McDaniel


Annie Krochalis


David Wilkinson

It's ok.

Debra Rudolph

Great fun and challenging

Kiana Boat


Kathy Osborne

Freezes up. Deleting game again.

janice root

Enjoying. Like being guided through directions. This way there should be less confusion later on in the game.

Janette Kendall

A fun game to play

traci atchison


Mary Ford

I like the updates! It has made the game a bit easier to play and more fun! I wish on the hidden objects that the screen could be enlarged for better viewing.

John Mithell


Jessie Camarillo

It's a great game.

Dawn Reese

Love the game but it has been almost 2 months if not longer that I have finished all 6 cases and there has been no new cases, taking too long for new cases. 9-6-22 I am about to Uninstall this game it has been 4 months since their last update in May and that was just 1 new case. This is ridiculous

sharon williams

Just started I will give you more up dates later.

Ronald Fleming

Good game hope there are lots of updates

Christy Marcum

So far I think this game is. Pretty cool I like the things we do

Patty McAllister

Love the show so this will be fun to play.

Jill Ridley

Glad it's back with a new case

allison garrett

Thoroughly delightful! I enjoyed the TV series and now feel as if I were there.

Lisa Hunt

Love it

Darrell Blake

Very slow loading, keeps freezing up. Not had a very good experience with this game at all sadly. seems like it would be fun if I could just keep it from freezing and taking forever to load.

chris polanco

When are you doing some more?

Karen Polfliet

It is so slow and you really do nothing its boring

Sue Howard

Iwatch the TV. Wer they are on

Michaele R. Wilkins

I Love it.

Diane Winters

I love this game because I have watched all the shows on tv over and over.

Jeremy Minchew

The best app to use

Karen Crisp

Quite challenging first time I have done a detective game

george popp

Too soon to pass judgement .