Middle Earth Heroes

Author: Revontulet Soft Inc

100,000+ install


Middle Earth Heroes – On the far edge of the continent, a dark force is awakening. Demon King Hashim led various dark forces to wage war with mankind. In a few years, half of the mainland’s civilization was swallowed by darkness.
Mage Michel successfully obtained the light stone after passing the trial of the gods, which has the effect of sealing the power of darkness. Michel decomposed the light stone into 4 amulets, and gave them to 4 young heroes respectively. The young heroes gained different light powers and started the conquest of Hashim.

– 4 hero class,12 change type
a). Warrior: Melee class possessing major physical attack, defense and stamina. Class can be changed into Berserker, Knight and Swordsman.
b). Archer: Class with the furthest attack range. His precision marksmanship and agility make him a nightmare for his foes. Class can be changed into Marksman, Ranger and Rogue.
c). Mage :Ranged class with AoE damage and destructive power. Class can be changed into Firewaker, Icedriver and Thunderwaker.
d). Summoner: Controls phantom beasts in battle by signing spiritual pacts with them. Class can be changed into Vampire, Deathmage and Beastmaster.
– 300+ skills and ability
– Exclusive talent tree
– 52 suits, 320 gears, free combination.
– RogueLike action game
– Hundreds of well designed monsters and boss

Detailed info

File size: 144M
Update time: July 30, 2021
Current version: 1.2.0
Require Android: 7.1 and up
Developer: Revontulet Soft Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

Abdul Aleem

Very very bad game u developers are destroying online games too many flaws in this game very low damage especially dots whereas enemy dots does huge damage killing bosses takes an hour, ads for everything. Work for ad companies guys stop wasting our time in gaming apps. Earn money in a proper way this game is just trash.

Marcus Cogswell

decent overall. maybe split the skills up more. I get allot of the same.

LuB aka Jib Kidd


Kevin Mcbrogan

good game

Dung Le Ba (frOzenS0ul)


Adrian Nanalig



The way you take damage even after a battle I don't really see why; Most games turn damage off when you beat a game also no saying what the ability you choose does before you choose it sucks have a little icon above each one so you know what it does; I also noticed the gem buying screen and a few other things that are just copied and pasted from other games; Also the "'FREE'" Around the stuff in store put if it's a damn AD to get it because 99.9% of the ADS you have there don't ever work!!!

Ginger Jewell



💙🧡💗 🎸🥁🎹 🥶🥵😈 🌊🔥🌸

Nic Reynolds

Resource cost to do missions. App Trash.

Oscar Cortez

this game is really good it's a very fun game I like other people to play this game because it looks really on review by other people but it's a really fun game and it's free to download

Ahmed raza

Most cheap

Smash Sauce

The game I well made. a quick time burner


so far I'm liking the game it's kinda like archero and i love the classes idea, I'm definitely gonna play with my friends!

Becky Ramirez-Gilson

What I enjoyed n I gave a good rating too this game is not permitting me any longer to download it ..so we'll I went down on the rating since it refuses to update for me ..if I get to ill change rating

Brent Keon Sagor-Sweeney

love this game! it has 4 different characters that are free and you don't have to buy them you can switch to anyone of them before a level. I love that you can do that

Wallace Kutner

So, the game doesn't support my device, and yet, I can download it and begin the useless tutorial, Although it freezes the touch control

Stefan Visan

A+ game

Mike Morgan

it's a great game addicting

duke Hoganson

good app my one complaint is that no teams are ever on

Grant Perry

Fun 😊


I'm Loving your game and it's so funny to play and so amazingly designed 🤗😍🥰🌹😃

Zach Wrublewski


Danielle Ledbetter


Sonny Creamier

I like the the game but, I hate the fact that you have energy. You can only play 4 games before you have to wait. Also you can only rarley get gear and it usually bad. I'm on chapter 3 and have 10 different gears and that is far off than what the ad said was infinitely customizable.

Robert Pulliam

nice game

Dawane Love

Very fun and doesn't drain my battery.

Denver Lewis

it's way to hard I mean I have to die hundreds of times just to past on and I hate the way you can only play a few times then you have to wait 30 minutes just to play again.

Joe Mullan


Paul Moss

Try hard Trained it up here Complete Savoy


Increase the drop rate chances atleast upto yellow

Runic Dragon

Love the graphics,the choices between the characters,ability trees. However some of the ad videos keep force kicking

YoDa Barber

Awesome game, to God be ALL the glory! 😉

vas Rob

The Huk

Salvaje Individuo

물약시스템도 없고... 아이템 커스터마이징 기능도 없고... 모두다 동일한 아이템 장착....지겨워 질려고 하네

Austin DeMonbrun

Have not been able to log in once...

Anthony Backe

Awesome thanks

Thel Tone

Good game for my relax time 😊🤠

Matt Sanderson

Not a bad archero clone, controls feel pretty responsive and game has ran pretty well for me so far. Different classes with talent trees are a nice addition but I've not made it that far into them as of yet. One issue I have had is that the bright white loading screen between rooms is too bright and have found it starts to give me a headache after clearing a few rooms, having some kind of graphic here or something else other than a blank white screen would be nice instead.

Tan Nguyen

cant play it on pc with bluestack, noxplayer. Please make it work or you can tell me what emulator can run this game

Carlos Martinez


Vlad Druga

nice 🙂

Steve Rebel

The game is OK but it needs some kind of description for all the abbreviations, I'm upgrading stuff and adding points to things and I have no idea what they are

Trần Hoàng Long

Here are the things I don't like about the game: - Types of elemental damage are not that different unless you play a wizard and reach a certain level. Burn DMG doesn't burn, freeze FMG doesn't freeze, while poison and thunder is only different in color. - Multiplayer is a cool idea but there's not much for new players to enjoy since the teaming up is mostly on high level.

rob s

Needs tooltips, don't know what any of the perks do until you pick them

Lian Alberts

Not that anyone's listening, but this game is so incredibly difficult to progress in, it's almost impossible. You can't even watch videos to resurrect, you need stones or gems. Damage and attack speed become pathetic as soon as you think you're doing well. Some bosses and enemies are far too strong. If it wasn't for that I'd give it 5 stars. Otherwise, I do truly enjoy the game.

Dante Chapman

I would do 5 stars but I have 38 damage bug and it just keeps putting me at level 19 yet I'm 20

Nana B

Basically same as Archero. There are different classes, though, which is interesting idea, but all characters are male.

Yanamala Anand

so bad

Tim G

Nope, it sucks. Clunky movement. Not good rewards. Not worth my time.

Zach Curious


Chan Lee

It's rigged. At certain levels with mutilple tests I found that the bosses at stage 6 have extended invisible range In other words even if you clearly don't get hit you still take dmg and not only that the % of the chests are rigged as well. After a couple of weeks of testing out of 100 gold chest I literally got devil invitation 80 times and 20 mix between scrolls and green and blue equipment not even 1 gold. Rigged gacha is illegal and I'm reporting this. 😤 I'll make sure everyone knows.

Curran Kragerud

This game is great and would be 5 stars except for the overwhelmingly large number of times I've been killed by a boss after it's dead because for some reason you can still recieve damage after the room is clear. Especially on the lvl 30 devil room boss. Please fix this, extremely obvious, problem so I can go back to playing this game I love!!

Mohammad Okhravi

Good game but game give players very hard weapons we need weapons

Cianjoeh H

Class system is decent but needs more customization and skill progression. Graphics are nice but the game misleads you to play it online. It's not offline at all.

Matt Kotchian

pretty good effort and a very crowded genre but this developer so far has developed the game that prices above the rest with a little more polish will put it right at the top

Ty Blake

this game is awesome. I was looking for a new archery type game

Mahjoub Jamal Eddine

P2w, grind for ever but not rewarding, too long ads for everything

Andrew Hovermale

Good game to play and pass the time I've hit a hard wall though so progression is wack

david treece

Had possibilities, but didn't consider the players. Ridiculous battles early on, impossible to beat. 2nd time I've downloaded,last time I'll give the game a chance. Buh-Bye.

Michael Cayton

Decent game. Achero clone with that has different playstyles. Good time sink. Good graphics, decent audio. Good enough challenge. Try it.

Joseph Gossel

the only thing holding this game dack is the amount of not to useful skills in the rng pool.

jack A raagas

What a joke!!... I saved up 70k gold to get chest Hopefully getting a good weapon.... 70k later...not a single weapon..just garbage equipment

Simon Farrugia

TO THE DEVS I like this game, I really do, great gameplay, progression and not too many ads... BUT am getting really annoyed with bugs making my gems dissappear. Tried to reset stats for 100 gems, took the currency, didn't allow me to reset. When winning gems on wheel of luck, sometimes they're not applied to my account. There's no 'bug report' option in game, and it's an ongoing very annoying problem. Please refund my lost gems and fix the problem! Otherwise a 5* game.

Maraniella Mohammad

It's a nice game but kinda lacking. The damage of the bats of the Vampire are too minimal and the HP stolen by the bats are too low. The passive skill: Grace of the Rogue does not trigger. It's useless. Some equipments are way too hard to be obtained. Monsters are way too overpowered and their hit proficiency is pretty high to avoid and their damage are insane. This game is unbalanced. It unfair. The vampire lord is pretty useless cause the familiars are way too slow to respond and attack.

X Belormoroth

STOP calling "gift" things player must buy because thats SCAM. If it has price then it is _NOT_ gift.

Charmaine Anne Hilo

its really a fun game

Jeanette Mccollum

it ok t

Matthew Wagner

Name is misleading, see no ties to Tolkien. Also not an RPG... Could be a good time waster I suppose but not as advertised.

Arjay Home

1-3 maps you enjoy it the game until 4 maps above it become boring monster and your item are not balance even you have strong set of armor and weapon the monster still hard to kill and hit damage is high don't download this game. The Event is useless the drop rate of legendary is so low my attributes always fill up and still not enough unbalance monsters and boss i say it again don't download this game

Valerie Stevens

Love it

Mr. Bigz

it's ok

Mark Bodimeade

Great game play. Well worth a crack.

Gr Ta

Great game! Looses 1 star for missing offline feature on upgrade. Please do not compare this legend with archero which exits your hero on accepting commercials or the even more disappointing brave fighter 2 which with out any warning or apology reverts back to chapter 1 deleting all your years of multiple character development and über powerful equipment. May your MEH family grow from strength to strength.🖖

Bruce C

Go at your own pace, but be warned it is only your skill that will take you far down this road

Peter Thelen

Super fun!!!


This game us an exact copy of Archero. Please do not support games like these who copy the ideas of the original games.



Admiral LionHeart

[NEW UPDATES, 122721, Av10, A505U1] Gameplay is nice, but its not aggressive enough for esports... even it is a good game for casual players.

Travon Edwards

great game

Ed Edwards

The controls get stuck and frozen

Mike Rogers

it pulls you in to play more

Phạm Anh Tuấn

I can't play game

Alfonso Sosa

very good 😊 keep up the good work.

Jaffa Hands

I good but could do with mor to do


Outstanding gameplay, fun, and enthralling

Chawalit Tungkaburee

I like this game's heroes because we can play any heroes for free. But I don't like the skill selection part from level-up which we can't see the skill descriptions before we choose. But now, I cannot use gems to play event mode. After I Try many tines, I quit and log in again. But I Am banned until 2022. What's happening???

Lord Bowser

The icon is just a magic Archer from clash royale


The definition of plagirism this plagerises on not 1 but 2 games one of them is clash royale as the game menu and the art is nearly the exact same bit worse the other game is archero bc the gameplay is the exact same.


just an exact replica of Archero, every single thing is the exact same.


No more code. No more refferal. Pay to win

Mike Maloney (TccDogg)


IHRorg FabianSociety 2030Agenda KalergiPlan CODOHco

Trash. Each update makes the game worse. LET THIS GAME DIE! Most unbalanced game of these types I've come across. Pets target enemies outside range/not your target. Uses AI to make levels you've already passed HARDER than before, so you CANT GAIN XP. Chat and multiplayer are a waste as they don't work. Items/Enemies change stats, so no use choosing. Noin game contact for bugs. Ad Reward Wheel DOESNT give coins/gems. Gives Mana Powerups when you have NO skill to USE mana. Chinese quality -AVOID!


good game

cody martin

its a really good game, I played it over a year ago and got really far had an amazing character and broke my phone and lost it all. a friend told me about "an amazing game, like no other" and it just so happened to be this one. so I'm back and I see not much has changed which is hoe it should be!! bravo

Chris Abercrombie

Awesome game been playin for a while just recently redownloaded love it 👍👍👍

Tlynn Really

Love it!!

Travis Wilkinson

Yet another Archero rip off, they didn't even try to be different. Such a lazy developer.

Ri Jinn

Love the game, finished almost of the elite maps, got all legend gear. Why 1 star? I can solo multi player but the rewards for the 2nd multiplayer map is just 28 tokens and for a weapon i need 30k tokens. So i need to play this game every day for 3 years just to get a red tier weapon? Good luck with that. There's not even much population in the game for the multiplayer to work better and the reward is too little. Soloing multiplayer should scale or if not scaled should grant better rewards .

Alejandro Teneyuque

I had a lot of upgrades and this games was on my Google play so my progress should have been saved. I reset my phone and this game and one other game all my progress gone. I have other games connected to Google play and all them games I'm back where I was progress saved. I know how to use the Google play so that's not the problem. I made some purchases in this game.