Author: Dual Cat

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MicroWars – Conquest and destroy them all!

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File size: 44M
Update time: July 30, 2021
Current version: 4.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Dual Cat
Price: Free
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Customer review

bhrant kumar dandoutiya

Can you please the minigame name Change memory game name to lucky draw game


Too many ads

susana mendez


Sir Pauli

Too much advertisement 👎👎👎

Selma Alhayoti

I'm pretty sure the levels are supposed to get harder so that it actually is fun not so hard to the point where it's not even fair anymore.

Ghada Yousif


Trever Stearns

Got boring after one week

S Coles

You guys forget difficulty changing

AidenK Clayton

its fun

Jason Esparza

this game is like state.io

Kind Killer


Mike Taylor

good game

Chedda Hustla

ads to frequent. played for about 4 minutes of actual game time and watched the same amount of time in ads.

Omar Ahmed

It's a good game but it's a very big space

Josh Winter


Matt Wintjes

Way too many ads

Tom Abbott

Kinda fun. I couldn't tell any difference between the difficulty levels. Expert was the same difficulty as easy. What is the point in the gold? Just to change a skin that only I see? Pointless


All ads no gameplay

Makre gadi sentar Lakhni


Mercar M

Just full of adds...

Latoya Robinson

Hope Ygcjgx

grand titan

ads ruin it

Grigory Zinoviev

pretty good design but way too easy. just go straight for the enemy instead of going for neutral bubbles.

trevor mteto

So fun!!

Levi Carney

Intrusive ads, don't install.

deep sea king


Nathan Holland

Too many invasive ads for it to be too enjoyable, I don't mind an ad sometimes in a free game, but opening the playstore page for both BetFred and 888Casino just strikes me as scummy.


Cool game, until the ai become so dump that he stop attacking me nor trying to defend himself, it's so easy even on expert mode

Sharzilawati Adnan


Leong Chin kit

This game is a 10/10 BC even if we get lower units than the enemy's we still win people who put 1 start is 0 IQ

bundi bird

I was straight up addicted to this game for several weeks. Eventually it gets a bit repetitive, especially once you work out some strategies, but before it gets repetitive its great fun. Only 4 stars and not 5 tho cause I was promised a maze in the ad and there were no mazes, so

L u c i f e r L u c i f e r


Keila Lagunes

beat the level

Chetna Madnani

This is very good game but can you put 5 enemies I am playing till 1 hour then also then also ther is not many oppotents

Denham McLaren

pretty good

Dusk Dawnfable

forced me to do a review

Amber De Marco

Nice game and fun concept, but it doesn't work with my SPen on my Galaxy Note so I can't play it much

Joe Green

I hate apps that ask for a review within the first five minutes of playing, so one star it is.

jorn hoofwijk

The game itself is quite fun actually. But literally after each level (which takes about 30 seconds) you get an unskippable add of 30 secs. Making for a very unpleasant app overall.

Christopher Davis

I love the app so much

Tamuno Wariboko


Aungkyzgaming 2021


Bart Olo

A lot of ads here


too many ads

Nicat Əliyev


Chris Wolfinbarger

Nothing but ads games is terrible

Yousef Alkelebi


Saransh Saini

Nice gamr

Ryan Thompson

Way too many ads

Edward Elizabeth Hitler

Reasonable one of these.

Steven Ditta

Purchased ad free option and nothing changed, still was forced to watch an add after every level. Fun concept, but poor product.

talha hashmi

Thats game only for adds. Nothing else

Wes Batte

More ads than game.

Fabricio Zogbi Dias

ads all time, everywhere, every level

A knoy Zin2

wow game so cool. I like game. ♡♡🤣🤣👍👍👍

Nish Gowrie

The game is great but the ads force you to shut the game down. Clever way to prevent people from playing the game...

Tumelo Dee

I like everything obout this game

Angelo Tenido

haha kill 3 win game

Lkay Johnson

Eh..this game is ok its little to hard people say its to "easy" bad game and also my computer randomly froze the devoloper should really fixs this im not trying to be toxic or anything im just saying the truth.

Kieran Simmons

Way too many ads. Gameplay is fun but makes it impossible to enjoy if you have to watch multiple ads each round

Kyle Bomaster

Ads after every level, levels last about 1 minute.

Ben Hanson

nice game

Mitar Vulf


Pankaj Tyagi

fantastic👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 game

Sushant Shrestha

Too many ads

See Wei

fun game but lags when the balls releases. not sure whether is it my phone or the game. my phone works well with all the other games tho

James theman

Way to much delay.


Too many ads

Shaviz Faisal


Marca Salvatierra Gabriel


William Dickinson

Game add bonus are broken... And it game the like to run or more adds in during a level. It cute but there better games of this type.

Jim Mage

r farfetched sdi

Khairi Madi

I enjoy the games but too many ads even during playing... uninstalled.


Ads suck really bad

Shelli Kaylene Day

kinda boring


very badly optimised

Adi Putra Bodeth


Daisy Tee Yung Er

its goodddd

Aaron Avers

Played 5 levels so far, and it seems like a game a might enjoy. However if watched about twice that many ads, all unskipable, 30 second ones. About to uninstal out of frustration and annoyance.


This kind of game just want make it too hard for us.. Because every single level always unfair for us to get smaller number from enemy and how hard we try to win, we cannot win because the enemy number has 2 time of us.. I really hate this game.. The coins only give u opportunity to buy new skin/ball.. Why don't u give us something else to use the coins for.. Arghhh.. And every time you want to go to the next level always hav ads.. It suck okay.. Please improve ur game to much disadvantage..

Bean Heart

Wow I'm noob

N The One

Very barebones, yet still heats up my phone. Also definitely NOT worth 5 bucks. If you want people paying five bucks, harrassing them with ads is not the way. Make your game worth the money.

Latoya stoutamire

some good


First you agree to the disclaimer about them collecting data and they tell you this is to reduce ads bit then you get full screen ads instead of game play and when you can play, there are ads across the bottom. This isn't a game, it's an advertisement distributor.

Chris Eisentrager

80% of your time will be watching ads. Games are very short and all ads are impossible to close without "accidentally" clicking them. Avoid!

Prabuddha DasGupta

Game keeps freezing

A.M.A Teto


Mario Sepp

Too many ads

Viktoria Knight

It's okay


the game is too easy, the AI is bad and slow. you can't move points inbetween your bubles like you can in all the browser versions of this game. to top it all off, the game is programmed very badly and it causes most likely unnecesary calculations to happen making the game unplayably laggy when moving over 100 units at once which happens a lot in this game.

Erick Jimenez

Too fast paced, only reason for a three.

Rick van Hattem

Fun game but the constant nagging for watching ad videos is ruining the experience. I just want to play the game, I don't care about skins and other stuff

Steven Galloway

Lot of fun until you get to an impossible mission

Adam Currier

Buggy, ads crashed it over and over.

Ching Daniel

The game is cute and ok, but u have to watch a full screen 30 sec ad after each level (u can finish a level in a minute), which is really annoying

Noneya Biz

Very laggy and ads after every match even if you say no thank you to watch an ad for bonus rewards. Waste of time and space. A sign of greedy developers.

Jamie Peters

I love this game!!!! This is my favourite game at the moment, can't put it down, I love the strategy involved & it's so much fun. I also love all the different characters that u collect, playing a serious game with Minnie Mouse or Snow White is so bizarre & I love it. My only issues are 1. I've run out of new characters to play quite quickly, some new ones would be amazing & 2. I'm on level 281 & I have amassed a serious amount of coins but I have nothing to spend them on, this seems pointless

Archi 523

When you get to the later levels there is an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL, and the levels are short to very short

Riot Sterling


Analye tom