Microcosmum: survival of cells

Author: Satur Entertainment

500,000+ install


Microcosmum – real-time strategy game with a relaxing atmosphere and original gameplay.

• 72 levels
• High-quality graphics
• The originality of the gameplay
• Original game setting
• Full freedom control
• Opportunity for strategic maneuvers

Join the wonderful and amazing world of microorganisms. Become part of a natural selection in the microcosm. Enjoy the atmospheric music and this beautiful world. Relaxing gameplay and the whole atmosphere will let you lose yourself in the game. The freedom of control will let you create a large amount of different strategic manoeuvres. Become the only winner in this battle for survival.

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The aim is to catch all your opponents. Improve your microorganisms to make them stronger. Attack and catch your opponents using parts of your microorganisms. Your way to victory lies through the circumspected strategy.

Detailed info

File size: 109M
Update time: August 9, 2021
Current version: 4.2.13
Require Android: 8.0 and up
Developer: Satur Entertainment
Price: Free
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Customer review

Alexander Lively

fun as heck

Darko A

2017 was simpler, 2021 version changed pan control. Normal difficulty is too easy, hard is unbeatable, no setting in between two. Gamma screen brightness would be great because it's too dark by default. Edit: I realized we can upgrade cells strength so it makes it more balanced in hard mode.

Prashun Kc

Please make it so that we can create new type of cell by combining different gens...

Dan Louie Lumanggal

Great game but lacking unlockable levels ya know

yves nkulu Kikudji

very simple and very nice


Extremely unbalanced in terms of difficulty. Hard is certain death while normal is piece of cake. I tried to "farm" some evolution points in normal just to become competitive in hard but again the AI was way stronger. The worst thing is that enemy AIs will team up (despite being enemies with eachother) just to kill you instead. Make the AI smarter in hard not simply stronger with brute buffs

Kaliman Hernan

terrible who moves the camera instead of the cell itself?! awkward controllers

Subhrajyoti Ghosh welness coach

good game

Tomas Ziutelis

Werry adictive


The game overall is good but the only thing I don't like about the game is because there is a limited amount of levels and there is no challenging levels. If the level gives you an option to make your own levels, that would be great.

Songpheng Khang

Please give me new life!

Lucifer Hades

Very good experience until it fails to actually respond. I have paid money into this game and now every time I try to load it, it keeps being unresponsive on a black screen. Will amend review once fixed.

Mr_Wurm 1

This game is great to play and basically all I have to say that's bad is that their's only three levels of upgrades for your stats


simple, fun, doesnt choke you with ads. cool game

Mitchell clark

this game is incredibly fun it's not too difficult but not too easy and it seems like if you spend it just a small amount of money there's a lot of extension to the game.

Michael Carson

Just tried to get back into playing the game but all progress is lost and purchase history not showing. No clear way on how to restore app history

Paul West

did not like controls

Fadia Kazma

it looks amazing and everything is amazing just wish there where more levels

Troy Harmon

The game itself is very good, but the Evolution screen is difficult to use. It requires more precision than most applications, and if your finger is covering the icon, that can be difficult. There are also no instructions on how to use it as there are for the rest of the game. It is intuitive, so if you keep poking you'll figure it out. The game could also use brightness adjustment. It may be the look the designer wants, but I had to go to max bright on my phone to play.

Ross Bouzianis

Won't load in anymore


Boring. Have to pay for 90% of the game

Richard Ward

It's a good bunch of improvements, it's turning into a nice game.. it's a bit boring tho atm.. add little breeding plants and other food sources so the cells only make new antibodies with enough nutrician.. also make the neutral cells do things, vary their type so in conquering them they retain some of their abilities.. some are small an long like bacteria, don't grow but duplicate, some have spikes so can ram enemy cells but don't produce as many antibodies.. that's probably your best route. X

Mohammad Azad

For those wondering why the controls are terrible, well it's because it is ported from PC. Not worth the time on mobile with such controls


app isn't completely free unfortunately, yet it's cool

Troy Bjornson

fun game

Chris Chimento

more used to be free like the pool. good improvements though

Kingwesley XIV

a good game shame that for most of the content you have to pay also... a little buggy with the walls of the levels .. i am fine if the dots just die... but they dissapear and dont respawn nothing happends if i tell all of the dots to move to one position


Fun and Chilling.

Cass Leiter

pretty cool


I finished the free levels... It's a great game even though it feels a bit lonely playing it...

John Joseph Isyl T. Dawa

This game is one of a kind like there's no single game like it and this one is just beautiful it's got good graphics and it's really enjoyable

g pi

I can recommend it.

Emily Goodwin



controls could (and should) be improved, otherwise it's a great little timewaster. edit: played again after a few years - it has become worse. Uncontrollable, upgrades don't seem to work, enemies can evolve to higher levels that the player can.

Mohammad Hemati

best ever

Bilal Haj


Crishelle Mae Queen Calo

very nice cell game I would love to see the next update

Jeff Robertson

The game called "OSMOS" nailed it and is still my preference. This game is a unique spin-off but doesn't quite match the ease of play and user satisfaction.

Jose Castillo

nice game but needs more leval

Rob Malon

Spawns are limited so lots of clicking required. Levels too easy or awkward and bugged in design. Most gameplay behind paywall. AI kind of dumb. Fun and mindless enough for the free portion but by the time yore done with it u need something more of the mechanics to make it fun

Spyke Paradise

this game is amazing

Nakul Sahdev

awesome game. natural.


I found a bug: if there are many cells near a wall, they cam be pushed out, otherwise good game. (Done on lvl 12 or 13, possibly 14)

Whistling Whiskers

Needs more levels, NOW, please!

Romone Walker

I want to take you this game is very fun it is very amazing fun. I like the game cuz it's very awesome and very amazing and everybody liked it they get it all so it'll be very happy and happy and happy if you get the game and make you have a lot of fun and that's how we like the game so the person that made this game I give you I give you 10 Stars he'll be amazing for you and make another game like this but to but you get to change your color of your man I love your ball so that's have arranges

Fh Cv


xJust Zx

If youre putting a paywall in a game to let players know that only the first 3 levels are free, then please be so kind to mark your game as pay to play, dont waste the time of some people that dont want to pag

Rob Germon

fantastic time killer without ads

Shrek, the real one

super. good ngl just needs more interesting mechanics for F2P players :)

Kaiden Hallas


Teresa Strawser




Mark Pearce


Kristopher Nelson

The gameplay itself is very fun but you can't be putting paywalls over EVERY SINGLE THING besides the main game. I would much rather have to watch an ad when I start and complete a mission than have 90% of the game locked behind a paywall. You can still make money by having things like buying evolutions, removing adds, or skipping a level, because, although it's not the best fact, a big part of your age demographic is probably kids who don't think twice about spending their money.


great idea, great mechanics and gameplay .. just wish for a online or a survival

Jansen Smith

Fun game, no ads.

Sarah Katie Lousia McCarthy

Excellent cell expansion game, the only problem I have found is the tendancy for the "bullets" (not really sure what they are, antibodies?), to fall out of the play area. Still worth 5 stars though. Please make a new game or add more levels to the existing game!? I want to send you more money! 😹😅😹


Can't link between devices or sync with Google account to not lose progress or purchases. With that said I have enjoyed the game!!

a darker path

This game is awful! Nothing l works as intended

Armoni Gholson

This is a certified hood classic

Oven Heating

Honestly wish it had more levels. So much potential in this game. Edit: after so many years finally an update and its pretty great. Ive purchased most.of the new level packs and they have plenty to offer. Ive enjoyed the extra levels and am pretty pleased with the update.

Michelle Francisco

Good game well you need to pay for it but besides that good game i have a few suggests to make the game better 1.add more cell types 2.more upgrades for the cell (not the genes the upgrade when you tap the cell) 3. Add new modes and add new abilities also i cant use the snow ability and there is no upgrading effect on the orange color type cell and also the Ai is so bad the bosses where easy and the glitch walls and the cell sometimes can go outside pls fix it all but overall good game ☺😁👍👍

Bill Benson

Its good a good game but speed button doesn't work.

Ahmad Azman Sidek

It was fun and no ads 👍


Needs more upgrades and more challenges

Gitesh Khare

Controls dont work.

Chitea Radu

this is nice!

Ian Adam

very cool game. afew problems but thats 2% of them. other wise great game


Pretty good strategy game, giving it 4 stars since it has a limited amount of levels and you need to pay money to get all the rest of the levels.

Uther Pendragon

It's a fun game, but not very challenging at all





Ilia Naghdifar



It is a good app but this days it crashes

Zac Nibargers Art

Not bad

Lucas Montgomery

fun game which really passes the time

Corey Brooks

Fun for all

Astra Lynn

I could not understand how to upgrade my cells, was doing as I was directed but nothing was happening, uninstalled quickly afterwards.

Neeta Bendre

This game very nice and beautiful very nice beautiful beauty I much this game I proud this game very nice game thoughts coming lights all nice know how very nice thank you this game you take me I know man united this game I playing playing for iPod beautiful game and they said come


Been playing this game for two years and I never get bored of it. Excellent games and even more levels.

Alex Brown

I'm new to the game. It's going to take some time to know how to play it, but could be good. The tutorial should be better, it's amateurish.

Helen Jones

Confusing at first but beautiful


So far I haven't been able to do a single thing in this game. Controls are wonky and unresponsive.

Scott Palermo

Well executed

Link Nebeker


Dre 0ne

Edit2: The Fast Forward button desperately needs to be either moved away from the edge to prevent the thumb from hurting or have a fast forward toggle option implemented. Edit: played for a week and the main issue is the touch controls. Very unresponsive a lot of the time. Original review: Really fun game, but the speed button needs to be moved higher up and away from the edge of the screen. The thumb starts to hurt while trying to hold the button down.

Luke Johnson

Wish the was some new levels

Blake Wapshott

It's amazing but there isn't enough levels

aidan rogers


Awg Haziq

its a simple game but i like how unique it is

David Smith

Love it especially the evaluation .

Shannon Lemoine

It's a good game but the controls are horrible besides from that this game is good

Budi Nugroho

Good game.

Ken J

Way too easy

Avery Naumoff

I dont usually spend money on apps, but honestly this game is so good i bought all of the dlc for it, and it was worth it. This is good stuff. I love you <3

Pashoo T

god and entertaining game…

Christian Martinez



The game is really fun but like it wont let me get the gamepasses


I love this game. I bought each of the map packs. Its a great game to play offline.

Siam Hossan

Microcsumum 2game play store upload please