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METEL HORROR ESCAPE – Can you escape from the hands of a killer? New horror game of 2021!

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File size: 153M
Update time: April 25, 2021
Current version: 0.360
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Linked Squad
Price: Free
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Customer review

Malina Mandal

Very nice game

Prerna Mhasawade

In this there are many ghost and we have to escape from ghost house so i like this game and I give 5 stars

Shahid Khan

So so so good game

Bhowmik Choudhary


shyja s

i escape in 52 minutes😎😎

Mughees Ijteba


Isha Ghaghada

Amazing game 🤩

Muskan Rangrez

Nice game this game is good

Boitumelo Molelekoa

Pretty worderful wow man wow nice game I should say the asome game in all history wow graphics are amazing and the textures pretty good nice man wow good game

Becky Hart

Completed both these levels over and over. One of the best games I've played however I'm wondering if the new levels ever will become available.....been waiting so long!!

Vijaya Srivastava

Amazing game ever

Santosh Sahoo



This games is obviously meant to be hard, to force the players watch the ads, the items was so hard to find cause it's not noticable.

Agnimitra Ghosal

This was amazing.. the ending was tempting

Ratnakar Shetty

Please release the other levels also eagerly waiting to play them too

Rajesh Tank

what is a good game GTA 5

Scythe Lord

Amazing graphics, and the riddles and amount of details and the eerie and realistic atmosphere really made me into that I am being imprisoned by a serial killer Granny is nothing in front of this game Kudos to the developers

Aryan Ali

Amazing and scarry

bappy Hussain

This game is one of my best horror game... When i played this i was hopeless but now i now everything about this game... So u hould try this game 🧟‍♂🧟‍♂🧟‍♂ So i would like to give this 5★

Vishnu h 29

Best physco escaping gamee

Artist A.T.Bijukumar Kollam

Supper horrer game And plz give a updaten for next lev

Marko Radulovic

Game is so good,I can't wait next chapter,plss hurry up with chapter

Nishat Anwar

God game.)😅

Yash Gupta


Rumxn SS

Good Game But needs More Lvl


This game is awesome .especially the timeline where one character saves the other was superb..... please update the game with new story line and characters......

Siba Narendra

Wow nice

Chakradhar Sethi

This game is super but it is so scary game

Shreyas Gasti


addi waseem


balin xabati

Wow such a best game keep going and make a new games, finally thanks.

Aadarsh Babu

Best horror game

ROHIT Pusame

Nice game


Its amazing game. 🤩🤩🤩 I am waiting for the third level 😃😃 Please make it fast😀. And you can add more horrifiying sounds in background!!👍🏻👍🏻



Ikaram Yasin

Good game + horror game I never play this game alone lol 😆😂


Op Game

Beautiful Honey

Geufjeqg dig cod can god sister car fit hush gtauggdd him via D you x you are so sweet baby Jesus name we can get the money I can see you tomorrow night for a bit late but happy that we can get the money I can see you tomorrow night for a bit late but happy that we can get the money I can see you tomorrow night for a bit late

sneha Walawalkar

Very nice gameee


Rlly fun app!! Love it!! Beat both levels But im lowkey ready for adele to be released 🔥😩❤