METBOY! – Retro gamelike! Let’s fight for the regional ranking!

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File size: 99M
Update time: August 13, 2021
Current version: 2.0.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review



Oto Vashadze

Really fun game with great gameplay and combat, simple to understand but still challenging, would recommend to everyone!

Lena Zavorotna

Wow. Awesome and addictive game. Really simple and smooth gameplay. I loved how the credits were also playable!


This is a really fun game. The only downside is the bad grammar but thats just a minor issue and it doesn't make the game any worse. I 100% recomend it

Leonam Santtana

Um dos melhores arcades de celular que já joguei. De parabéns a empresa. Que lancem mais fases em breve

Thomas Shumway

Great game, super fun. Not much else to say other than it being a wonderfully done mobile game.

Fox Fox

This is a fun, cute and pretty good game. Im so glad scrolling by this game.

8 GV

Cool game, but still needs a bit of work like ads, the pay to upgrade fast is a bit questionable to make the game fair but I can understand why you did it. Overall great game, it'd be better if you just removed the gold buyer privilege

Sky Thekidrs

I seriously don't understand why it's under 5000 downloads, but this game is exceptional. It has a good combat system which is pretty easy to understand - it's challenging, AND you get to have a leaderboard system if you're a competitive type of guy. although my only problem I have is the "pay this and you'll get 80% off for upgrades" and that sorta makes it mandatory to progress and compete. I also have a problem with the excessive ads during my gameplay and hope this can be fixed very soon.


Good game


Very fun game ! ! !

TuRtLe KiNg

I love it but I can't go in full screen mode on my Samsung s20 so there is black bars on the sides

Lazy Lightning

After tutorial it just loads forever. Tried restarting app, restarting phone, reinstalling app, nothing helps. Edit: Just tried with a new device Samsung Galaxy, still doing the same thing, works fine until I lose then just loads forever.

Conor Clarke

Love it. Massively underrated and deserves a huge audience. Incredibly well polished, really easy to pick up, and the skill ceiling is high too. Monetisation is very relaxed as well!

Владимир Красий

Great arcade fun!

Sunny Bonnard

This game is amazing. Really fast paced bullet he'll style gameplay. I just wish there was more variety with chios; whereas rare chips give you special abilities/boosts. e.g. coin magnetism, higher headshot chance, extra blade from the back, blades do additinal damage over time... I feel like there's so much potential for more diverse gameplay that isn't being used right now.

rado rada



Quick and fun arcade like shooter!