Metal Soldiers 3

Author: Play365

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Metal Soldiers 3 – Lock ‘n Load! Get your weapons ready for the ultimate action game!

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File size: 121M
Update time: July 7, 2021
Current version: 2.91
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Play365
Price: Free
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Customer review

ritesh kumar

Ghiak KU Leuven to use the same to me as I have been working with a friend who has ke liye

Deep Kumar

Tati game💩💩💩💩💩


This is outstanding game and very hard challenge....

Mash Rabin


Md Parvaz

This is the best offline game I playeg.In this game we got a man give us a mision by completing the mision we reached a new level.very good graphicse

Ks Chouhan

Nihayati Ghatiya game hai

Mohammad Sinno


loggy yt

5 star free

max safin Ahmed

The game is best

Ana Padilla

Es muy bueno 💖💖💖💖💖❤️☺️😊😉

Mohammad Karaki

Nooooobie game addddddssssss

Ahmad Mirza


Chnar Barwary


Riko alfred

Tena tsara izy aloha, no sad mahafinaritra ary mampivelatra n saina ,f tokony hatao partager rehefa manao zay!

Asim Iqbal


Aung Chan


Sidra Saleem

Good game

Rajkumar Yadav 12 sci roll no.18


Aslam Sbg

Thanks for update



Tayyab Anees

Very interesting game and best challenging game but in my opinion there is not any type of battle where we can't see a bullet which is coming from sky and soldier becomes skeleton and his grave is ready for others... I mean a person definitely know from where a bullet is coming either it is from left right or upper way

mujeeb rehman

My favorite game


Same as the old. And right off the bat an ad. No thanks

Makweya Kkkk

Is this ednless

Akash Keshar



What a waste of time its totally thesame thing with the previous one


I dont recommend you to download this app because it hard to use the control. And when you die you must wait 10 sec and you can skip it,that waste my time.

Nurey Ansari

MEtaLSoLdierS2 Ratethisapp


Meilleur jeu

Meraj Ahmad

Good One

chit minthu

good app

Omafuvwe Onohwakpor

You guys made the best 2D GAME ever

Shoaib Shoaib khan

Good Game

Saith Saithadnan1122

Full Full time job

hadi aamir

the mechanics don't work, sometimes the guy would not jump the game also lags

Usman Khan

This good game but after mobile charging force but you have laft game matal soldiers 2 good game

asmat khan

Gulzar khan

Subhan Faizan

Faizan jan

Umaima Imtiaz7d

No 1 game but same as metal soldier 2 , there should be other places like mountains , deserts and sea etc

Farhan Butt

Farhan butt g

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