Mergic: Merge & Magic


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Join the incredible merge items & renovation adventure! The witch needs your help to clean and renovate her house. Progress through the game and learn her amazing story!


Merge similar objects and get useful items and tools to improve and clean the witch’s house!


Each merged item will help restore something in the house. Сreate a set of potions or tools to speed up cleaning and repairs!

Why you’ll love Mergic: Merge & Renovate

– Exciting plot – merge items, renovate and progress through the story!
– Unique combination of two game mechanics
– Atmospheric music & animations
– Interesting characters

If you are looking for an amazing merge items & renovate game, then Mergic: Merge & Renovate is just what you need! Wonderful music, stunning graphics, a captivating storyline, and various mechanics will grant you with an unforgettable game experience. Start your adventure and help the witch renovate her house!


Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 1, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sharon York

Good game

Christina Carlson

Love this game so much fun

Amanda Anderson

I am give no stars. I have made 2 in app purchases both for 2300 gems to continue to play and I have not received any gems nor have I gotten my money back!!!! I am highly upset

Carolyn Chisum

This is a good game it keeps getting better

Heather Justice

I'm loving it 😀🐺

Wendy Froshay

I really enjoy this game. But you can only spend a couple of minutes at a time before you run out of energy. Even waiting 24 hours does not give you very much energy to play with and offers RARE chances to earn energy. Sad because I really would like to enjoy this game. Unless you want to KEEP on purchasing energy then only expect to play in VERY short bursts. Guess that's a good thing, otherwise it would be addictive.

Super Tigress

I'd definitely play this game on a rainy day.

April Wilson

Nothing to really enjoy here. The graphics are nice, but the energy system is a joke, you get almost no gold and everything is super expensive, and right from the beginning you have to create high level items with minimal energy, no upgrades for your producing items, and hugely long renewal wait times. Almost every merge game I've ever played is better. Hard pass.

Samantha Yahn

Does this game stop at the beginning of level 18? I stopped getting any storyline at the beginning of level 18 and have not gotten any tasks in a week.


Forced sound & forced moves are the two biggest mistakes done by these games. Big bummer! Does have touch screen for pen which is a bonus. Now as for gameplay, it's decent. However - this game is stolen. This is a copied script and is not created by this developer. Shame shame. Pick someone else with more Innovation. Updated review: Clearly a cut & paste reply from you. Your game is stolen. Build your own.


This was becoming one of my favorite games until about a week ago when the conversations stopped appearing and I've had no new tasks except the daily ones.

Stephen MacGregor

not to bad power goes pretty fast

stargaming crazy turtle

Loving this game can't wait to see what the game holds

Kirsty Hattersley

Great game

Suzanne Nixon

I like the game, but there are some issues. The items that make the generators don't ever spawn from chests. It took several levels to make even the most basic generators, and I'm now at level 17 and no closer to upgrading them. I still have uncleared squares because the crystals I need to merge and clear them never drop. No owls, crystals, or witch's closet items can be obtained, not even with money.

Maryjane Stone

Im mad, theres no more tasks for me to do on level 17! Which means i cannot level up! Its been 3days no game update or anything!!!! Get ur shites together Update: took too long and u know it

Mandy Bradford

Game very good but I seem to have reached the end of story and hoping this will be updated

Maggie Devlin

This game is a good game for those looking for a merge game that's cheap on data and memory use. My only issue is I would like to know how much energy/gems I will get from a particular object that gives that thing

Theresa MacDonald

Good game

Debbie Hodge

I really liked this game until about 5days ago it wouldn't open matter what I tried so I uninstalled it then reinstalled it and I had to start at the very beginning of the game. Then today it just did it again it will not open, I don't like the idea of starting over again. The first time it happened I had completed the first set of dungeons, this last time I was just about half way done with the first set of dungeons. It just did it again so once again I'm going to delete it but not reinstalling

Gareth Barker-Forrest

Magical Gameplay

Julie Ann Bates

I really like these games guys can't stop playing them got quite alot keep them coming love ❤ them thank you very much you guys for these games


No longer getting any tasks from witch

Taiwanna Johnson

Very relaxing, having fun playing this game

A Google user

24 HOURS for a generator to recharge?! And then you only get 2 - 4 pieces?! NEGATIVE 10 stars!!!!

Ang Dox


Nikki Robison

It's awesome


Fun game! Cute graphics! But it takes FOREVER for the items to replenish energy. Sorry, got tired of waiting.

Wendi Sierra-Bartlett

Love it

Christina Brown

Addictive, fun, but way to slow of a recharge time on energy and no alternative besides spending money makes it disappointing!

Michael Gallagher

It's a fun game but takes forever to refill energy.

Suzanna Seideman

Addicted 😁

Sarah Louis

Fun app

jefke woef

goed spel

Zee Davis

Easy to play

Andria Booth

Fun so far!

Caitlyn Strozewski

Just started today but so far so good

Amanda Humphreyshultz

Great game to set for hrs

Angie Mccall

Game is a fun game and not boring

Candice Hatton

Love the game so far, seems like there is never enough energy and it takes forever to recharge but that's part of the game. I've only been playing for a couple days.

Tawni Carrock

Its not even loading fully since I installed the app, before it boots me. Days later since I installed the app, it still boots me out before I am able to play.

Samantha Tilley

Excellent job


Long recharge wait times and right out the gate there are items I can't even obtain because I don't have the right spawn items. Plus I have noticed that my Energy bar never seems to charge past 70... This game definitely needs work and don't even get my started on the dialogue.. super short and sometimes like 2 sentences from each character.. then it's back to merging... Just needs work. Big time.

Shellymarie Broad


rick Guess


Lilithe Aislin

It takes way too long for production items to regenerate and you don't even get all of the production items you need to play the game. My game stallled out when I needed items produced by the Crystal Ball, but never recieved enough items to make a usable Crystal Ball. It's a cute game, but completely broken.

Shannon Scudder

:) :) :) :)

catherine whitlock

Its fun

Amanda Rush

I love this game! The theme is different from others, and that makes it fun.

Benjamin Denton

Awesome game

Jody Mangham

Can't stop playing

Lori Mahan

Time on generators need to be longer. Need better selling of items, instead of clicking INFORMATON key to be able to sell items on board.

Liz likes

I love this game

K Butler

Love the game! Took a bit of figuring out, but I love it.

Tylin Hancock

you have to wait for energy to regenerate and it takes for freaking ever. open the game once a day, play for a couple minutes, wait til the next day. it would be great if I could actually play it. uninstalling. stop with the energy kills.

Loredana Faro

So much fun

Rick Helmer

I love games like this and this is a lot of fun

Shannon Dastrup

Relaxing and makes you use your mind. I like it

Frances Schwartz

It is very hard to complete tasks because energy is very limited and costly.

Megan Buchanan

Fun way to kill time.


So far so good.

Richard Morris

New favorite game

Mark Peterson

Another Merge Mansion copy. But the best I've played since the original.

Ofelia T. Gonzalez

I love to play

Ben Gabbard

I like it

Melissa ward

Was fun to start but once you get a few levels in it gets to be almost impossible to get chests that have rare items and there's not enough experience points from other quest to help get you anywhere.

danielle skeens


Diane Fordham

It is fun to play, just run out of energy to fast.

Billy Bonnette

Something fun to do while trying to sleep

Joanne Martinez


Kimberly Sonnenschein

I just started playing this game and I am hooked. Great game

TtGr81 4ever

I like this game

Jeff Mosey

No forced ads. Different interface, odd progression tree. So far, this game is a refreshing, different take on merge 2 games. The story isn't bad either!

virginia beavers

this game is very fun to play

Lee Bodsworth

It's good how ever I'm stuck because I need a crystal ball to advance but can only get from magic trunk which you only get one every few levels. Fix the rarity of the crystal ball.

elaine hannah

Easy to play

Jessica Smith

I like that it has a story plot not just merging things together.

Mary Ann Roy

It's a fun game.

William Ziegler

It's one of my favorites

Daymien Dellinger

Love it! Cute story and beautiful graphics. No ads unless you want them. For example, to get more energy or something.

Venus Kinght


Janice Bachelder

I love the story line.

Virginia Beavers

It's fun to play but not enough spaces for your stuff

Sin Blazer

Very very Interesting game.

Dawn Parsons

I have a lot of time invested in this game. I have uninstalled other games to have plenty of room for this game and videos won't play and I keep getting kicked out. This is an update from my last review. Still hasn't been fixed, I guess our opinions don't count.

Nicky Salyers

There's no way to get rid of items that you don't need on the board. There should be a a way to seel them for either coins or energy. Otherwise, the game is cool.

Lokyra MacAuley

Really enjoying the game. Delightful & charming visuals and storylines, though dialogue is a bit stilted. The items & generators are fantastic. Luci & Alice are wonderful. Cooldown timers on certain generators are a bit absurd. Night to day transitions are gorgeous. Dungeon event is fun! Wishlist- make the splitters, etc. stackable. Give us a way to earn increases to our maximum energy.

Dottie Smith

Very fun game!

Synth wave 095 Cool kid

Fun game

Jeff Skaggs

Very fun and simple game

Mary Witherell

I play a lot of merge games. This is among my top 3. Other than I'm done with the storyline thus far, I'd be playing several times a day. I'd like to see the story continued, and the cost of fixing the gold come down.

Tammica Longo

So far so gd

Emily Vandegrift

Love it.

Kathy Casso

I love this game

Tina yerden

Love it.

angel chadwick


Deborah Bissette

So far, so good... I am giving it 3 stars as I just literally started... It may go up or down depending on how it goes... So far is a cute concept... The time limits for collecting is a little short so takes a bit to be able to make things .. kinda sad for just starting out.... Seems that is the consensus of the reviews... We will see if the developers listen...

Karen Jourdan

Just started, but it's fun do far

Donna Ascensao



So far I am enjoying the game but keep running out of energy