Mergeland – Animal Adventure

Author: SuperFun Games Studio

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Mergeland – Animal Adventure
Welcome to Mergeland, the wonderful Animal Adventure Island! This is a magical area full of animals that need to be rescued. Here, you’ll discover the hidden world by merging three identical items to make a new one, and five to make two. You’ve found the ideal casual puzzle game!

Merge and combine clusters of identical things to clear the cursed fog off the island. You’d acquire new goods and face new challenges each time you rescued an animal. It will become increasingly difficult for you to get to the next level as your land extends around you. Don’t worry, the creatures you rescued will assist you with their expertise.

You won’t get bored playing our games. Why? We’ve planned a variety of events with various themes. It could have something to do with seasons, holidays, or even fairy tales. After completing certain events, you will receive coins, gems, or special decorations. A great way to get away from the mainland. There’s always something new to explore!

Remember to complete the custom orders to get magics and coin pieces. The number of unlocked animals increases the number of order types. Do you want to know what their favorite meal is? Then you’ll have to figure it out for yourself in the game.

Want to play with your friends, family members or colleagues? We thought of this in advance. Connect your Facebook account to our game and invite your friends to play. Are you ready to start creating your own fantasy world? Mergeland – Animal Adventure Island is now available for download!

Where to find us? We are only a click away. would like to hear your voice.

Detailed info

File size: 165M
Update time: May 2, 2022
Current version: 1.2.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: SuperFun Games Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Meep's mom

Fun game but soooooo many ads! Not only that but the ads are soooooo long. The secondary games take forever to advance and you run out of space to put anything.

Patricia McVey-Grant

Reached level 10, unlocked an item & now it is frozen. I've tried to uninstall & reinstall with no sucess. Still can't play the game anymore. So disappointed.

jeff barco

good fun and cool

Robert Wesselman

If you're looking for a way to unwind this is your game. No stress, no muss, no fuss and the background music is very soothing

Donna Calvert

Its been fun

Sharon Henderson

Passes the time, good game

Sylvia Vanderbooren

just started, but i really like it

Susan Watson

Great game.

Misbah khilji

Brilliant game

tara c

I play this game more than any other but I'm getting tired of it. It's taking way too long to progress ahead so I feel stuck. On the special events the items cost too much so you only get two chances before your energy is gone. You never get the bonus which isn't fair. Elven island is a joke bcuz I've been waiting forever to get the right characters to open new lands. As much as I play/have played this game I should be further ahead. I'm simply tired of this game by now.

Carol Love

Lots of fun. Wish the energy came faster 😊

margaret thompson

Love,love,love the game

Gina Perfetto

I cannot play or update. I fear uninstalling for losing my progress. I dont KNOW my in game ID because I am unable to open the game.


Love this game

Yisbel Vargas


Marie Mcgee

I downloaded this game through mistplay app and earn Amazon gift card while i play.. fun fun game

Juanita Harris

Great game

Vicki Oldford


wendy green


Rod Bentley

Very enjoyable and quite relaxing. Better than most merge games I have played.

Alice Gell

Love the game

Lerae Drayton

Ok play but I am tired of daily updates and adds for state of survival that stall really any add that stalls hinders game play

Nana Helen

Lot to do and lots of merging fun

Maricel Andres


Barbara Grover

I love it

Jennifer Porter

Nice casual game

Brianna Dinkins

I love ❤️ love this Mergeland game a hole lot

Devil's Dragon

Game won't download the newest content updates. If this doesn't resolve soon, I am deleting the app, which is sad because I literally JUST started playing and like the game.

Kathleen Dunham

Cute ,fun,easy.

Gemma Mulvihill

So far it's a great game

Teresa Stamps

I loved the game but now at level 23 find it boring. When I go to the other island it says my points to level up it says maxed, I have been patient.


After the update it has reset my collections on the diamonds and coins. I collected them all to capacity and now i have to start again.

Reesal Soobhawna

Should improved the game n get diamonde n money

pam green

The game itself is good, but after paying for diamonds and not receiving them, I won't give a higher rating. I contacted the developer with my receipt, and they gave me energy as compensation which isn't what I paid for. I contacted them again and was told they would need to look into it! I will upgrade my rating if they contact me AND I receive my purchase by tomorrow.

Blkkween Terri

Deleting game! Whenever they do an update, the games stops working. It doesn't do anything but continuing to show it to loading percentages!

jessie webster

I really like this game. The only issue I'm having is not being able to choose a specific recipe. I would prefer to be rewarded with 2 keys for making a recipe.

Patty Spangler

Joy complete and udder Joy

Rochelle Jones


Jamie Cook

Love it! Relaxing time killer!

lucy samples

nice game

marty derrick

Do want it stop having it pop up.

edylee arguilles

Very interesting to play

Obembe Oluwadamilola

I love ❤️ it

Marion Holliday

Brilliant game totally addictive

Maximilian Wendler

The game is a great way to just casually spend a few minutes if you have nothing else to do, but sadly if you're not constantly watching the buildingprocess of buildings and close the app, there's a chance they disappear upon theoretical completion.

Daniel R Simmons

It is a 7 ⭐ ratting truly appreciated 👍 it.

Danielle Fox

Game play was fun until the game disconnected from wifi and froze. Game reset and I lost characters and the ability of getting them back. Advancing levels without the players available for jobs. Sent in several support tickets since it occurred with no reply or resolution. It's been 4 weeks since the initial issue and support ticket we sent with no reply or acknowledgement. Since developer commented, on 5/31/2022, I have sent 2 support emails in regards to the issue and never received a reply.

Heather Genco-Fisher

So far so good. But, just getting started

Joanie Pattershall

I like this merger game is doing tasks to get further to next level I like seeing what's next when putting things together making grass rolls to merging houses and strawberries and wheat to make candy and treats. Good work on the details making it seem like in a real movie or something.

Frantina Guzman

I love it

KaiLyn HoFFman tHe RainBow oF Love


Noah Bertram

Fun been playing for a couple of months

Koolsville Tattoos

Love this game

Angela Smith

Game won't load past 65 percent

Shinning Eyes

I really do not care for this one very much. Thought it would be much better than what it actually was. Even spent money on in that purchases to see if it made it any better? Not a whole lot but just enough to kind of ramp things up that and it's not one for me but what highly recommend for some younger adults and kids!

Vanatru Baphomet

It's A fun game. There is forward progress in the game however if you really want to progress quickly you have to spend money. It's another game based off how much energy you have energy depletes rather rapidly with with every action.If you have a lot of patience you can progress slowly if you're like me and you're a little bit impatient and you want to move forward and discover everything there is to discover you're gonna have to spend money and money's hard to come by right now. So, no.

Tara Sonesen

Love this game

Rosario Belmares

The problem got fixed ty

Cassie Holloway

Its fun until you have to pay to continue 😒

carrie selby

I really like playing

Suzanna Eastmond

A bit anoying when characters keep popping up when collecting objects

Doris Anibal

Just started this game. A great game to pass time

Laura Bixby

Updated and now it won't load so I can't even play it anymore 😐

Terri Hliwski

The issue has been resolved! I spend way too much time playing this game; my favorite of all of the merges I've played so far. One thing I would change: in the recent events, it has cost 30 energy to remove one thing. When you only get 80 energy, you can play the special event for about 2 clicks before you have to wait for more energy- which takes awhile to recover. PLEASE go back to 5/7/10/15 energy costs!

Charlene Toland

Keeps cutting out when am online I can't connect to Facebook.

adalgisa reitz


Claudia Olivares


Ashley Hernandez

I love this game just wish the random purchases were fixed.

Joanna Heldenbergh

I play a lot of merge games, but I would have to say this one is the best . I love the group play with the extra rewards.

Lois Wellington

Love the game...need more open land. Events need more time. Events use too much energy to open.


It's cute, always get the same animal prize... bear

Kendra Nicky Justice- Kersten

Fun game worth the download

Phyllis Benson

Good game to play

John trotti

Lots of adventure, lots of different ways - just the way a good game should be. Never boring.

Tammy Jones

Alot of fun..great character's..


Google is trouble. Having trouble sign in password. No sense. I may have to delete the game.


I really like this game the only thing that I don't like is that everything is about money and it's in your All the time so that is one reason why I'm gonna delete it also it runs the background and drains my battery completely Yeah great game but I don't want to buy anything I just want to be able to enjoy the game and and not have manipulation pop UPS 299 it's your last chance to get it gas lighting And manipulation is not OK. That is what is wrong today it's terrible.

kathyann_ann Richard cox

Awesome best game

Cindy Carlson





The game itself is doesn't crash and the energy builds up QUICK on the main island - at least for me...currently at 1500+ without spending a cent! There's also an "anti mistouch" feature, which is nice...unfortunately the group leaderboard "went away" in the middle of an event! Maybe it was just moved and I haven't found it yet, but until then, -2* for that...

Shunda Irons-Brown


Amber McGhee

Since the update yesterday my team event and main event have disappeared. The only one I have now is the robot one.

starsha lowell

Really cute game

Jesslyn Giawa

Updated more about this game because it's very relaxing and so much fun,I loved it so much


Nice game.

Sue Cowell

It's not bad. But when is it being updated again?

Sandra Lofty

Best game ever, I love it

Nicole Wynne

Great game

Bee Johnston

Fun game, a little slow to start,

Sutharsanan Sutharsanan

Super game

Jessica Johnson

Really enjoy this game, it's very addicting and the graphics are great. Lots of great content and there's always an added special event you can travel too. The last 4 days though I haven't been able to get past the start up screen, I've tried all the suggested troubleshooting tips that were posted as it seems like I'm not the only one having this problem. Really hope it gets fixed soon.

Kimberly Van Dine

Love this game.

Samantha Henry

Awesome game so far

Teresita Secondez

I have fun and relaxing dis game

Acis Jones

Only level 8 half a gig data...i did pay 13$ for stuff.. at begining.. was fun now super slow down.. high data & slow down will probly delet.. interesting at begining but pace dies quickly.. dont buy anything not worth it.

Kim McQueen

Great game

June Myklebust

Great! I've played quite a few other merged games this one is actually kind of cool it's got great sound effects for your actions more than some of the others do

Cindy Lanier

Ok. I love merge games. This one is great. The color scheme the charters. I like to see what the final merge is.. a couple of things: first. It is very simular to Alice wonderland merge. Second.. they are both as fun. Love to play. Its fun.

Cynthia Israel

Love it