Mergeland-Alice’s Adventure

Author: Discovery Games

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This is an island full of magic. On this mist-covered island, there live characters from well-known fairy tales, however, now they are sleeping in the mist waiting for your rescue. Rescuing them requires completing tasks and unlocking higher-level items by merging 3 identical items. Shhh, secretly telling you, if you merge 5, you can get 2!
Congratulations! You rescued the first character. Now you can send her to make food to feed Alice, who will give you the magic wand needed to dispel the fog. As fog dissipates, the true appearance of the island slowly emerges, the rest of the journey will be more difficult. Don’t worry, your friends on the island will use their wisdom to help you.
We have prepared a variety of themed activities, such as seasonal activities, for you to explore. Participating in the event to win extra coins, diamonds or special decorations, there are always new things waiting for you to discover!
If you’re a collector, you can’t miss this game, with hundreds of items waiting to be activated and collect. Invite friends and family to play our game and see who can collect the most items!
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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 1, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Discovery Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jade Doe-Smethurst

Great game but screens very sensitive so you merge things accidentally and event doesn't load most of the time.

Mandy Nikodim

Love the game but the birthday party section only loaded the first day and hasn't since. It just freezes my phone

Courtney King

So to make builds faster I wanted to watch an ad and it force closed the app. That so far is the only problem I have seen.

Connie Henry

Can't get the extra bonus game to open?

Melanie Duplisea

I wanted to love this game. It's Alice in Wonderland for crying out loud, who wouldn't love it, right?! And for the first couple of days I actually did love it. But recently, the game keeps crashing, won't load when I go from the main island to other islands, clicking to watch ads causes the game to close completely, and I've tried to buy two different gem and coin special bundles and get charged but never rewarded the items. It's really starting to piss me off...

Nyki F1

Would have been a five but game is still glitchy, some things do or don't load. Fun game I love playing but it'll be even better when it's running properly.


Would be 5 stars but every time I watch a video the game can't get any energy coins or prizes from this's junk!!! It's a fun game that's why I'm still playing it...but honestly it's a junk game all it does is crash!

Marina Riggenbach

I love this game but, everytime I try and go to the world with the donkey it never loads anyone else have this problem

Stephanie Rose

Can't get into one of the lands mystic isle... Won't load and no new updates

karen A

as of right now i love the game, which is weird because i have played these types in the past but maybe because my fave disney movie is alice. I sent the info, no response. Also, think about adding a magnet feature where it'll drag all like pieces together. My board gets so full I close out the game because in frustrated

Bhriguraj singh chauhan


Chelley B

Mystic Isle is not working. It will not load when I click on it.

Ava Pinckley

I was enjoying playing this game. Then yesterday it started messing up on the Eeyore part. I click to go there, but it freezes up, other parts go to each other just fine, no issues switching.

Mel Downey

Worked great at first, now when you go to watch an ad for energy or a free prize, it shuts the game down.

Tara Annett

Love the game but there seems to be a bug, since last night I haven't been able to go on the bonus game which is really disappointing, keeps getting stuck on the loading page.

Jessica King

Updated review: 8/7/22 I was asked to email the developers re the issues I've been having. Even provided screenshots and haven't heard a word. Ver disappointed. The new update messed everything up. About to delete the game. Such a bummer. Ever since the update today on the actual Alice board not the bonus ones I can't see what I'm gettig to do tasks and complete game pieces. I'm a lil bummed out.

Game Mg

Very fun and cute game

Angela McMaster

Great game and so cute.

Lasse Jørgensen

I actually really like the game. But i cant delete my Wood building and i cant ude Them for anything anymore. So now i need room om the board.

Johan Corujo Espada

After 3 days ago, I update the game now it crash everytime the game ask for an add.

Becky Schmidt

Great game but after last update it keeps shutting down. Frustrating because it does it often. About over it.

John Daniels


Patrick Wu

One of the ads keeps crashing the game.. it is so annoying. Pls fix

Hayden Darvin

The game is fun, ads are optional and non intrusive. But I can't play the game anymore - the app crashes on any ad I try to watch and I can no longer access events. It's a shame cause I love the game.

Tina Gillman

This is a fun game. It is not like the other merge games outthere in that you have a storyline. It has bonuses for checking in daily, and there are side events that keep it fresh. I would recommend this game.

Kirsti Stirling

App keep shutting down while playing since latest update

Heather Newman

Everytime I try to watch an ad the fame shut off.

Sue Williams


Kathy Hunter

Not boring and so repetitive. Always has new things happening. Really fun game.

Michelle Smoot

Love This Game

katarina söderberg


Amanda Brewster


Destiny Claar

Every other time I try to watch an ad for a reward the game crashes, closes out, and I lose a couple of minutes of progress.

malika dixon

The ads keep crashing the game otherwise its not bad

Melissa Oostra


Donna Farrar

Earning diamonds is easy and fun!!

Diana Talleh

Very nice game. Great graphics and seems to be better than most.

Brangeliez Nazario

That's awesome game.The game is charming, wonderful and excellent, all the graphics, the music, the colors. but my niece didn't really like to play it and that's why I can't give her negative points. The game complies with everything indicated.

Judith Snelson

Good game

Kim Herald

Fun game, totally addictive. The only issue I've had is although I don't normally spend money on these kind of games, I decided to spend a little and never received my purchase. I'll still play just wont spend anymore extra money on the game.

Nancy Mayhood

Love this game. One of the best games of merge out there.

Lisa Muir

Love this game

Barry Sims

It's fun game

Heather McColgan

Love the game, you get extra energy for free for choosing a card when the exclamation is on the lightening energy bolt and free energy from watching an advert. I like how the flying things when you click on them you get extra items and if you click on the pink one you can choose another item of choice after watching an advert. Theres none that pop up you have to click on them to watch which is great as it's your choice. The only downside is that I wish the 3rd extra game lasted longer.

Claire Savard

Having a lot of enjoyment

Oneta Cantlon

Very addictive and fun!


I'm just in love with this game 😃😃

Richard Harris

Far too crowded for play. I still have no idea of what is going on. This is one of 5 merge games and this is not ready for prime time. They keep throwing new stuff at you with no explanation. Will be uninstalled.

Lisabeth Dixon

LisabethDixon Save

Nancy Dempsey

This one us a lot better than the first one that i played so far

melissa brian

Starting getting into the game but can't get passed level 5. Says tap to continue and won't! ... maybe a bug in the game?

Daphne Murphy

Lots of fun highly recommended

Yoda Man

Pretty boring and money-hungry. Uninstalling. 👎🏻👎🏻

Lashell Courter

Can't see any of the idames to murge or any of the task pictures if you can fix it I might give a better response I took it off my phone

John Lastar


Cindy Booth

So far this is merge game has the best story line of all the merge games I've played. Also, I absolutely love the graphics and drawing style! 😍

Cerina Ford'allison

I absolutely LOVE this game! It's sooo different than the other merge games because there are 2-3 different islands to work on while you're waiting for your energy to load back up. I love that you're able to watch videos several times a day to acquire energy and the other island has it's own separate energy. However, the little purple helpers, i loved then at first BUT if you don't use their amount of time they have correctly, they will have under 14 seconds left and you can't use them.

Melissa Moore

Wonderfully Wonderful!!


This game was absolutely addictive and had me sucked in for about a week. No real issues, ads are always optional and the economy is fair. Doesnt feel like a total money grab like other similar games, but the devs ask wayy too much for paid content. 7 or 10 dollars for small sections of land, not worth it. Overall amazing game that i had to delete because it was literally too addictive lol.


Fun game but very very money hungry. You can only play for a limited time before your energy runs out and it takes forever to refill. This is when they constantly push offers and try and get you to spend money. most of the ads don't work, more so after the latest update

Maryanne Webster

I lve this game its fun to play

Micheal Lowe

Great game hours of fun

Cindy Curtiss

So far it seems good, but I just started playing it.

Patricia Pr

Fun challenge great time consuming game

jumz Qaz

How can someone advance and in fairytale island past level 6? I can't get my characters to develop further and all new areas require higher level. I'm stuck 😭

Carrie Clymer

Very exciting

Julie Mcgary

It's wonderful to play

Theodore Van Skiver

Good game

James Dupray

So far quite fun, will update with more playtime

Leonie van der merwe

Love the game

Audrea Flowers

So far so fun...will update in a few weeks

Patricia R Mouser


April Alvey

Great app

Metal-Up- My-Bass

Slow and Google play claims it to be offline but it in fact is not

Earl Roy Boyer

Easy to play runs well

Kari Green

Horrendous I've placed two orders for things in the game and I've been charged twice but never once got what I bought from the game! I was super excited because it was Alice in wonderland but it's a SCAM!!

Ginger Johnson

Fantastic! So far I just started playing the game last night. So far so good.

Ricky Ricciardo

It's just another merge game, nothing special about it.

Zimika Gabriel

I loooove this game but i cant access videos to get free stuff so 2 stars for that plz fix it

Gator 157842

Almost had a good game here. Events are not able to be completed in the time limit. Greed has taken over every merge game. (Edit) I will not elaborate because you don't really care about the players having fun. You just want money. Until that changes your games will continue to fail and I'll keep rating them as low as possible. Cheers

Archfeld Serethai

Kind of fun but repetitive, and as the screen gets busy movement becomes VERY difficult as you have to find a clear spot to touch without activating or picking up something.

Shannon Daniels

Great game

Claudia Ashford

Awesome game love it

teresa scarberry

Cute game!

Pattie Balderas

I ❤ this game

Babi Saint

I adore

Sadie Kinne

I love this game!!!

Amanda Grace

Awesomly addictive

Eun jung Yoon

My stress reliever this Game

Kerri Phillips

Good merge-3 game!!

Amrutha Thrissur

Superb game❤

Dina Murry

Fun and relaxing game

Jessica Rivera

I love this game so,so much

Tasha Jones

This game keep u on your toes

stargaming crazy turtle

Totally loving this game having a blast would love to see how it goes and then I will update

Susan McPhetridge

This game is so fast with responses and great gameplay

Nayada Maloney

Pretty f'n addictive

James Carpenter

Fun games🎮✌️😇


Awesome and addicting game!😃👌

Steve Farthing

Love the merge games