MergeCrafter – Magical Merge World

Author: Fiveamp

1,000,000+ install


MergeCrafter – Magical Merge World – Merge everything, craft tools, collect items, and explore all the biomes!

Detailed info

File size: 58M
Update time: September 6, 2021
Current version: 1.2.8
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Fiveamp
Price: Free
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Customer review


I LOVE THIS game 1 thing can u add a auto merge button when u press the button it merge all the available merges because it's SO much work but other than that the game is awesome thank you for your time 😊 🙏


I like merge games, but I like idle clicker game more. If your not a fan of idle clicker games but a fan of merge games, then this game is for you!

Stef Ramos

Well merging is my favorite

Caleb Phillips

it is fun

anar anar

ok5 star

Droplet _Gaming


Erick Garcia

Ok so I was bored and wanted to get minecrat but I came across this game and (about to explode) holds in) Amazing.

sebastian craig

Been a long time player of this game, and recently I had to restart due to switching over to a new phone, I'm stuck on camp level 3 and its not giving me any other quests or showing that I can unlock different areas if it weren't for that I would give this game 5 stars Edit:restarted a few times and the issue is still occurring. Hopefully no one else has this issue, because it makes the game unplayable.

Lucas Lehrhaupt

It's like minecraft but you have to merge stuff and its similar because you also can craft tools

Erick Soto

I love this app

Travis hunt H.

it is amazing

V Singam Ela Ema Edy


Amy Hovater

Customer service went above and beyond to help me. This game is my new addiction.


★★★★★ Bring a sexy Clark and stand on knees when she stubbed her toe she'll cry on knees! Do a video! Requested by MinecraftLoving 12

Nick Marlow

A lovely reminder in why Minecraft is loved and cherished

myo myo


Christian Falls

Lost saves

Michael Edwards

I love 💕 this game

Mon Soe


[Yellow Protogen]

It's good

Marianne Mallorca

Nice game

Komsan Arom


Максим Рагозин

Game top omg I play 2 ears ago and game


This game is very fun. There are a lot of fun things to do, but personally I would like some more features. I highly recommend this game


Coolest game

Jessica Comte

I love it please play this game I rated this game 5 star 💵💵💵

teejhay moises

i love the game but i am not fun spending whaterver i had thats only thing i do.. like buying tools whom i dont guys sorry if i stuck only in birch and iron....but i enjoy much.

gamerman 506

Didn't give me my pickaxe smoswc



Chris Clohessy


Daniel Kaminski

I'm playing on my phone but it doesn't go full screen, so can you update the game to fix that bug plz.

Máté Horváth

This game is good

nana humaira


Yzabelle Josette Montoya

I will rate 5 stars if it installed(its beacuse its 89%)

Dawn Birkett

It is a good game,I only started playing it. It's almost like crafting games but like a merging game as well.

GaMer GUy

Maybe too hard after you unlock mines



A Google user

Yes i guess

Granter Stein

Purty game. Takes a known type of merge game and makes it look good

Carter John



Great game. Slow to respond sometimes but it might just be my device. Is there a wiki or guide somewhere?

Mira Vic

Honestly, I found this game and started playing it just thanks to Pickcrafter, at first I just did the usual playing for that pickaxe but after a while, I've found myself really enjoying it, it's so fun and a great way to pass time! You did a really nice job, and the graphics are so pleasant too

Giogimahi Kiogi


Harrison Church

If fiveamp was a cartoon, it would be on life tv!

Isaacdaniel Cabaltera

Ill be honest i got scared when i saw 3.9star rating and when i play it it look pretty cool idk why 3.9 only though but ill give it 5 cuz its cute texture for me :) ♥

پریسا پور مصطفی

بازییییی عالییییی هستش حححتمااا نصب کنید

Siyavula Education

🍑 butt

Mewmew Yt

I really love this game its so fun but i keep unstalling it becauce it has too much storge so yeah but its still fun!

Brandon Peterson


Ivan Benter

I like the details so much

zahra lotfi Mahyari


Battlefield hardline player


sajjad mirza

Very very good app

hemlata nagar

Very nice game

Maria Dura

Not enough space for all the items, and not able to progress further because axe/ pickaxe are not powerful enough so basically you're stuck with doing the same missions over and over again

thet paing



I love the tools and I love the game

Louis Groenewald

Never get this game it will waste your time on getting somewhere never ever do it again it's ugly and it has a ugly chicken and you don't see your cow to anywhere😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 😭😭😭

Rajesh Tadvi Tadvi


Yuriko :3


Jhassy Magallano

This game good and the tools it too nice

ShrekObama L


Kate Twomey

I love you so much the game 🎮 ❤ 💙 Hope you can make some more games 🎮

Golden King

I love this game because like the name is not a lie and it's like Minecraft PS4

Kirk Hersey



Only good merge game

Kurt Faustino

Cool game

စစ် ရတီ


Baljit Kaur

The best

Victor Thompson


Riddhi Agrawal



Game is solid been playing everyday since i downloaded it. Quick at the start then a slow grind but its still very entertaining. wish there was a way to lock some items in place tho.

Reem Ahmad


Stark Boyd


Kendra Walch

Soooooooooo satisfying best game ever

Maeceigh gabrielle Patriarca

Sorry, it dosent download please can u fix it? Thank u!

Rajaram T


Omar Alwan

I hive to old mod

Mohamed Masoud

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oscar ruan

Good game

Michael Cekinovich

Love how it is a merge minecraft game but really don't Ike how long crafting takes


Good nice

master99 loot

It was super laggy.

Dj Angel Nonya

Like the Sigma Pickcrafter Merge rafter has unique characters and its one of the greatest merge games though it would be nice to get another crafting table without needing to spend money. I would spend 1000 runic on another crafting table and space managing can be so annoying when the lands inflate xp cost by a great amount. Other then thatna str8 8 out of 8

Jeff Parcels

It is amazing

Charlotte Altiery

Its the best game ever

j garland

I like Minecraft and merge games so my 2 favorite things put together is just amazing.

David Tsui

Yay minecraft merge 😃😁

Jelly Agoose

This game is good if you like merger games so for me it's awesome

Noah Brown

Best game ever 😁

Syler Mock

I've played pickcrafter too

magic hikaru


normah muhammad


Aubrey_lee BG

In the arid sands temple thing the game is currently stuck i cant redo the round because of the bubble thing i currently dont know what to do pls help

Michelle Morgan

Best experience for " just a stupid game", as my husband calls it when hes sick of telli g me bexhungry and im staring at mu phone all day long like i was glued or attched to it somehow . . lol

Ftgcdfgcggvb Gudfdggghuj

This is a great game, don't get me wrong. Or was, at least. A while ago, it would crash a fair bit, but now I can't load it at all. Tried a lot of times, even redownloaded, never got past 98%. Edit: Believe so. My phone probably just can't handle it anymore. Perhaps "MergeCrafter Lite" is worth considiring? For older devices?

Tatum Bailey

This game is super awesome

Herman Gabriel Riobuya

The first problem was fix. The game play is good at first but after higher lvls the screen glitches again. I can't play again.

Jade Holmes

I've done very good I have went to different worlds and you should join my discord account

Nick Rye

This is the most chill game, I could play it for hours!