Mergecraft – Idle Merge RPG

Author: Fumb Games

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Mergecraft – Idle Merge RPG – Merge blocks to craft resources and create Realms!

Detailed info

File size: 49M
Update time: February 4, 2021
Current version: 0.12.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Fumb Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Adrian Canales

This merge craft is fun.But when I reach the final block,I feel bored.But sometimes I still play it to have fun...

Kevin K

My favourite idle/merge game. No forced ads. Lots of playtime. However it really needs an ending. I have two Amber/Lvl 124 blocks. I was expecting something to happen when I unlocked the last tier, or maybe when I merged two of the last tier. But... nothing. There's just nothing left to progress aside from finishing the gold realms or achievements, which are kind of pointless once you reach the final block tier anyway.

Michael Abdallah

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Micky May

There's nothing to do when you get all 124 blocks, so I'm gonna delete it

Richie Haire

It is fun to paly

Ricky Octavianus

Rikorf2365 Uiogitirbcoy Ruyruit her iko

Ogal Finklestein-Birl

Pretty fumb, to be honest. Played for an hour and I still don't see a point to it.

Tonya Ryan

I like how the game is made but I don't like that when you merge stone with stone you get a burger. 😠 It is not even funny for me.😑

Enass Wally

نور مصطفى محمد ابراهيم والي عقلي

David Jenkins

It's a fun merge game with a lot of idle mechanics that will keep me entertained

Casie Strouse

Is not loading


Don't get another phone. Can't carry over progress

Jakob Zipp

Best game ever here's why. No rebirths. Merge game. Blocks. Can make stuff. That's why it is the best game ever. Also stuff like buying stuff. Build blocks. And also the best game ever has a 🐠 fish!🐠 this is so much fun! And it needs stuff like 🌹 flowers!🌹 and 🏢 buildings!🏢 this is sometimes good with a 🌋 volcano!🌋 And I give it a five rating with a pyramid! And sometimes this is great with no rebirths! Like bee swarm sim in Roblox! And I recomend playing this game! And it is good now!

Lee Cosgrove

There's not 1000 but there's 100 and I love it its so much fun

Little Octa Sone


Joe Arias

Fun game, gets boring at the end. Still, makes a great time waster.

Alexey Malashenko

Me E A T

Eduardo Miziara

I was going to give this game a 4. But the fact I have to watch an ad twice to make it work is just bs. I had to watch an ad three times today to get the bonus.

Keith Gillespie

Just getting started, OK...

Freddie Harris

I like it make it so much funner (:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(: Pls

Charnae Leigh


Jay Makes Videos

the game is pretty good but after you get over 10 mil rebirth points and discover all of the blocks it gets really boring...

Tyrone Barlow

It's amazing game

Marko Mitrović


Charlie Brown

Your just the best dev your so sweet to all the peoples coments ive played 763 games your number #2 congratulations this game is awesome keep you updated on bugs that i find and keep up the good work ☺🤗😎😎😎 im not a bot im a kid also i had this tablet gifted to me my name is bradley my nickname deathrider😎😎💀💀💀 im realy good at games not trying to brag



Jayden Camilleri

I love it

Jackie s

its 1 of the best games that i played keep up the good work:)

Ashton Henning

It is fun but a bet boring

Jade Holmes

IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER MADE IT IS SO FUN TO PLAY can you also make a update so you can buy blocks. Is this game from Minecraft?


It's funneh but pls add something like daily quests and when u do them u earn a lot of diamonds like 78 or 100 Plz

Joseph Keene

Pretty good so far


I really like the game, but can we get more blocks please? I have a grid full of amber and I got there rather fast...

Rayan Mandlekar


Marko Mitrović


David Ortega

It's very fun


Has a lot of potential. Maybe add upgrades you can buy with the rebirth Crystal's instead of it boosting the coins

Lone Wolf

I just restarted my phone because I wasnt getting my gems from the merge, and when I opened the game, I had 50 minutes of auto merge for free. I had just gotten 5 minutes of it from daily rewards so maybe something went wrong with that. But other than that, the game is alright

Corey Giacobbi


Noire Grimstar

It's cute. It's and def nice simple graphics. Altho I would've put some of the blocks before some of the others to make it make better since. But that's me. Ty for a nice experience. Don't care for ads. But luckily y'all have a way to fix that in game too. So ty for it as well.

Shaun Villandry

Pretty fun for emerge game. The name is pretty misleading though, definitely not an RPG.

Rachelle Parker

Played a long time ago, kept looking, finally found it. Love this game. It's changed a bit since I played last, but it's still sweet!

Joseph Nunn

I have enjoyed playing when I had nothing else to do but one complaint is after day 20 of the daily rewards it should not go back to day 1 because it ruins it

Li Yang Khoo

It has 124 types of blocks so I won't be bored and it is relaxing.

Gelyn Trasmil

I love it but its still loading dapat tag playstore hay owat download download ngaron dapat pag pindot mo eagi it playstore may nakita ako mga manami nga games hay una eon ta sa home pero maskin indi ko ma download e star ko lang tanan

Monyet Jelek

new update please

Dravyn757 The Ice Dragon

Yes just yes

Grant Disrud

Awesome game 🎮

Nita Moeller

Love the game

Nayeli Viktoria Pormento

Wow ive played this before on my old phone,but now its broken:(... Then daddy had just gave me a new phone for me to play, im installing this game back so i wont miss the new updates about this game. Have a good time, fumb games, get a better smile to me! And all 5 stars for u in this app!!! Awesome day!😃😎😊 thank u👍💯💙 AVOCADOS FROM MEXICO🥑🥑🥑!😂🤣 from minecraft,to me.

ryan adiwinata

Cool Game. Its Just Time Burning My Kids Love This

Brianna Vandevander

I like the game but it could use some new cubes.... will you be updating any time soon? Will reinstall once you've updated..

Calvin White

I love it. It doesn't have many ads and it is very entertaining. Keep up the good work, Fumb Games! :)

bency Joji

Its relaxing and stressful at the same time I LOVE IT



yeah Lies Storms

Thank you for making this game

Eclipsa Butterfly

After a while u dont hsve much to do so ur succes isnt worth snything


Yes again the diamond merge glitch shows me it merged and gave me a diamond but doesn't give me a diamond.I know its ever gonna get fixed.Worst game ever.

tom Seery

20th review

Liam Tesner

I love 💕 this

Thierry Fineau

Thats great

Tj pring

I love it its merge its craft its everything

Eciruam Naes

I still don't get how to open the vault diamond


I like it

Destiny Phagan

It WAS a fun game until you started requiring diamonds to level up! Thats total bullcrap

Tahlia Charlaff

Please fix the diamond merge, it shows i got 1 when it merges but i don't actually get one

Irvin PT

I love it I play it!🤩😘


Best Minecraft reference game ever! I have found something funny though. It is that I found 2 cactus blocks in the library but they had a different texture. Please make it only one.

I'm Made For Content Last Breath Undertale

This was an awesome game!

Killabee 85

You can't even craft in that game so why is it called mergecraft

kingston dorion

An amazing game that does not mean you will like it but i been playing for like one min and I love it so five stars and a good game😃

Emily Donohue

This game might be a virus or something. I do not know why it is,nt responding.

Fish Boi 2000

Great game onlyproblem is glitch when you clcik on cube to use runes. You can't back out.

Ascylas Irrelevant Gamer


Anton Yanchuk

Just a clicker

Ramy Mohamed

Wow merging game

A Google user

Well it is fun in all but it starts to get boring when all you do is merge blocks

Christian Tinuoye

Be creative!😇

Heidi Stange

Nice time waster.. No ads unless u choose them..

Alexa Gillis

Yet another incredibly expensive merge game with gemstone currency. I don't see why developers can't just charge once, upfront, and drop the microtransactions entirely.

Taylor Premo

repeatedly tries to change privacy settings every launch, no way to undo once you accidentally accept

Christopher Doing

So fun

Erik Perez

I like realms so much!

Kaden Mejia

This game brings a huge new meaning to merge games

Becca Isanerd

Hope there will be future updates with new blocks and new realm builds/upgrades. I have an over abundance of builder blocks.

Didrik Lundh


Kyle Hoffmann

The screenshots are a poor representation of gameplay. There is one screen where you merge blocks together endlessly to make exceedingly more valuable blocks. You dont build a landscape, just more blocks that make you more passive income. Personally I dont mind these games and this game does it pretty well. Its major flaw is that the blocks look flat and boring. I get its mimicking minecraft, but in a 2-d setting drawing colorful cubes is uninspired.

Sebastian Quinn

It works It's just not very fun.

Theodore Durkee

Many of the "watch ad to activate" option don't work ever or work occasionally and then are grayed out for days.

anna clark

It is a very exciting and interesting game to play.


EDIT: Please fix the diamond merge upgrade. It has never worked for me, it shows the diamonds from the merges but they are not added. It worked once today but after 20-30 it stopped working again. Thank you. Great, easy way to kill time. Unfortunately I've killed too much time and maxed everything out, with nothing new to do in the game. I hope you have more updates/content coming soon. Great work and thank you!

Collin E

The best Idol animal RPG I've ever played (it's not an RPG)



Simeon Fraiser

Great game not to many adds and its not made by VOODOO

Rusti A.

This is actually lots and lots and roll ice cream would you like a water box

Joe Fischer

Needs more blocks like space resources and so on it is a very good game but I am maxed out

Amanda Robison

It works again! Thanks!!

Jason Mills

Awesome!! I love the details!! Keep up the good work!!

Adam Tenenbaum

Have to update again my review. Great idea for the lvl up, (mod do to response) ok now that makes sense. I didnt read it anywhere in the patch notes, so it confused me. In light of this i cant argue its more thought out than it seemed. You did deserve the 5 stars.

Trench Token

Seems good to me.