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Merge Wonders – ever so magical! – Merge to heal the wonderful world. Begin your magical adventure now!

Detailed info

File size: 103M
Update time: April 25, 2021
Current version: 1.6.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: UP STUDIO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Joanna Fernandez

Love this game


This game is so annoying, it takes forever to get into game or to load a page, this just test your patience. Im giving up, i can't do it anymore, rising my blood pressure. SUPER IRRITATING.

Little Sisters

Super game

Isabel Jackson

Lost everything since i upgraded my phone help???

Tammy Boland

I love these kinds of games just wish we could win gift cards for playing these games.

Justin Breighner

Won't let you retrieve your save data from Facebook

Spooky Foxx

This game is stupid beacuse you have to wait for enyge

gypsys heaven

sticky board; too much 'tension' in piece movement. makes for super sloppy gameplay. screenchange takes 45+ secs?

Pesab tidak dapat dikirim

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Denise Howard

It won't let me watch a video to get 2X the rewards and it won't let me save my process to the cloud

Dana Coates

Maybe I'd really like this game, but you have to use your finger, to move objects, instead of the pen that came with my notebook.

Christina Metcalfe


Purple Moon

So far its gd just started though

Diana Senn

Really wonderful! My only issue is that I have arthritis and I'm not able to use my stylus! It's painful to try moving things around with my fingers! Please help! Hugs, Di

Kimberly Kaste

I really enjoyed the game until the update yesterday. Now I can't even open it, it crashes with my phone saying it has a bug.

Elizabeth Williams

Game play is interesting but I can't access whatever the little floating tower is. Keeps saying check internet connection, while I'm using internet.

LaDrayous Johnson

Facebook link to game is not working. Done tried 3 tablets all are samsung. I played this game before had it for more than a year. So I know that Facebook uses to work. Any idea would be useful . Thanks

Tina Summers

Excellent game

aram kuro

Your game doesn't open for me it jump out

mariana blackdott

What happened to the version on ios? It was my favorite game on my phone but now it is suddenly gone. Will it be coming back anytime soon?

Brits De Villiers

Very satisfying for my OCD brain!!! Graphics and animations are beautiful ;)

Helen Wheeler

Why is there a restart button ? I lost all my progress. Already deleted!

Rachael Herrick

Used to play this game all the time; now it crashes every few minutes and comes up with the error that the app has a bug and needs to be fixed by the developer.

Michelle Tokos

I love this game but I have almost two weeks that I haven't been able to play. Every time that I try to open it saying that it has a bug to wait for developers to fix it

Nitti Jha

Game is good, WONDERFUL But no new updates And NO EVENTS make it little boring

Virginia Hamorski

Been playing your game for a while now and haven't had any problems and I do enjoy it. Tonight I try to get in but the game shuts down and tells me there's a bug in it and to clear the cache. I did clear the cache but the problem is continues. I don't want to get rid of the game but maybe a new update is needed.

Tabby Adik

Best 👍👍👍👍

Sarah Mohr

I cant link my account to another device. My UID: 137188. Thank you

Bummble bee

I am now unable to log in and get THE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS worth of stuff I bought back

katimeana keloy

A truly unique merging experience! Literally the best merge game I've found. You don't have to wait on creatures to do things and you can just keep playing! Plus the gems are super easy to collect so it's not pay to play at all! ^_^ The only thing is the controls seem to be a little glitchy sometimes like somehow the calibration is off. But seriously I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes merging games!

Virginia Constien

Like the game. Needs work on the opening.

Brigitte Mofokeng

It is fun and exciting a new game thet is entertaining

Jay Bergen

Very slow when moving items.

Ruthie Easterwood


Maria Jordan

Bug is not fixed


Stupid devs. Super ruined mechanics.

Amber Hughes

Doesn't work

Jayne Cooper

I like the game but when you tap on the fairy it freezer the game uninstall the and reload it and it still freezer when you tap on a fairy

Lisa Wilkinson

This game will not load

Deborah Martinez

I really enjoy it, I just wish I could save my game without using a facebook account.

Jess Payne

This may have been a great app but they don't let you access any controls until you've gone through a very long very loud tutorial so I couldn't turn off the sound so I exit the game and uninstalled it.

Shelia Burgess

I don't know what I'm doing but it's fun trying to figure it out I like this game 5 stars it is

Natasha Winston

I actually like this game and had fun with it. My husband spent $25 and bought me three of the islands. At the time I was logged in on Facebook. I have since changed phones and logged in on Facebook again. My account did not restore. I have tried emailing the developers 5 times and have not gotten a response. I am disappointed that they do jot support thier paying customers at all.

ALICIA Newpher


Joe Joe's Wacky world

I love this game and I think it's alot of fun because it isn't like most apps that shove ads in your face the ads are optional. This app is so much fun and easy to play I love it so much and think that anyone who likes to play merge games should play it and if you haven't played a merge game you should install this one

Holly Davis

This game is very boring. They want you to do way to much to be able to move up. Also you spend the time to get the requirements to up grade in the game they don't give you the up grade. As well as when you report a problem they don't care enough to get back to you or to try and fix there problem

Teresa Seagraves

I totally love this game!!!

Maham Noor

It is an amazing game but the only thing which frustrates is it takes too much time to even open and when we go to explore it takes double time like my free time is all gone in only waiting for the to open... 😥 uninstalling

RTM Vivi Qiran

Malay Kelu resah English Resam Dunia Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre

Cindy Wyatt

Loads of fun

Stephanie Luedde

I just downloaded this game today. I was able to get in, merge the initial items. I wanted to buy some gems then it froze. I uninstalled and reinstalled to only be stuck on the loading page. Frustrating

Patricia Mottler

I love this game! So many fun levels and so many fun things to do! I give it a5 star!


Game crashes as soon as I download the update and it starts to load. Just freezes up. Uninstalling.

Biman Saha


Tawon Ar

ภาพสวยดี เล่นได้เรื่อยๆ

Avia V

Best merging game i ve found, simple, RELAXING , no whatever pressure of levels based on cash items, timed quests, etc etc, graphics are beautiful, music too , 4s from 5s cause of a map bug to which the support team sent no answer from a week already :(

Kitty Wu

Super slow to load and start the game.

kori stalnaker


Lori Dickerson

Love it!!!

Amy Todd


Chiching Peres

What happen after the update ... i cant connect to facebook acc to save my progress ... it always say i dont have internet connection even do my internet connection is always on....

Kathy L Sothan

I love this game very much and I play it as often as I can.

Priyanka Ghosh

My UID is 32988. After the last update I cannot collect daily gems and gifts now nor i can visit other lands. It says check your connection, whereas my internet is working fine. Also cant reinstall as my facrbook cannot be linked to save the progress as its saying same thing check your network. Please fix it soon. I did email you about it. No reply till now, reinstalled it and problem is same and i lost all progess. I guess there is no solution.

Cherry Leonardo

The game just stop moving around after severalonths of playing

Lynda Williams

Once again on update, unable to claim paid daily gems, unable to access other lands, constant flashing on screen that there is no internet connection, even though my internet connection is fine. BUGS BUGS BUGS!!!!!!!! UID79634

victoria free

I like this game but I with this last update I lost the seasonal game before it was done and says I'm not online but I am and that didn't change and restart didn't fix it. **Thanks for the quick reply but I think you misunderstood I never had this problem UNTIL I installed the latest update. The seasonal game isn't as important as all the other stuff I can't do offline tbh.

Ethel Burley

It's interesting enjoyable and i like it

Deidre Davison

Would love for the information tabs on items to give more information. What they do, valuable item, benefits having them, regeneration time...etc.

sheena carpenter

My all time favorite game!!! Lose many hours playing!!!! All the merge games from up studio have been the best!!! Thank you for fixing my game

Momota Ahmed

It's a good game,,I love to play it

Brittany Fowler

Please I'm really enjoying this game but it does not want to load. I have to uninstall it an reinstall just to be able to play it. PLEASE FIX.

Prudence Dorsey

Why do I have to keep Uninstalling the game and reinstalling it to play

nicola lawler

Game won't load

Jo-ann Hilton

Love the game.

Tammy dill

Can no longer access the game it will not open. 136534 is UID still nothing waited over a week so just uninstalled it.


no longer loads BYE

Jila shayan

Not working for me

ishika banerjee

Loading very slowly. Nothing special just like other merging challenging quest.i've deleted the game.

Bobwhite23 Mac


Heather Spaulding

It was a good game now it never wants to load at all ever! I've removed then reinstalled it still nothing, if it gets fixed I may raise my rate edit 4/10/21 it's not working again, it's been updated and Uninstaller and reinstalled all that not working 😕 not happy at all


I keep trying to reload past saved data, and it keeps saying I'm not connected to a network when I am. Can you please fix this, or direct me to a site that can help me? I'd really like to reload my saved data. I'm using a Chromebook.

Jenna Christy (KayTee W)

does not load at all

Tamara McNeal

I love this game only one like it and only one I'll play but it recently started loading really slow and now I just got a new phone it will just stay on start load screen and I can't hardly play also the eternity tower wont all me to access it but I'm addicted and want it to play right help

Caroline Balkon

Needs to have google play login for other ppl or discord server.



Beth Lewis

Fun..i haven't been able to get in to get my bonus from the Tower..i say i have no internet connection...but i do..i back out ..and come back..nothing changes..been that way for a week or's Def. A Kool game..different from most..

Cheryl Wilson

A little slow to load but still love the game

Erik neil Wilson

Funny I try and play it keeps saying needs internet to play and I'm on the internet. So it's a load of utter rubbish.......

Lucienne Dayle Newsom

So beautiful, love this game. It does load slowly, but it is a relaxing game. I love the periodic seasonal side games as well. Only issue so far is that it refused (updated to past tense) but I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and now it works properly again. I was VERY happy that (unlike some other games) I did not lose any progress! I love this game, recommend for calm passing of time

Bieanka Heikens

Couldnt get passed load screen so i couldnt even play i waited 5 mins for it to laod and nothing i have a stable internet connection and its definitely not my phone

Prudence Page

Cute game

Sari Setyowati

Ok first,the loading was so slow. And I don't like those paid chest cannot be deleted. And I don't get my daily reward since yesterday. The rest was so good. Nice job I got my daily reward but still can you please make the loading game faster?? Btw,I think this is the best merge games ☺👍

Chantelle Vanover

Fun easy and interesting

Loganathan 1972

Nice game


Never boring first for

Rosie Graham

Love the game, very relaxing and full if surprises.


Just started playing and when I click the bubble to get my first elf, the game Freezes! I've tried more than 3 times and it won't do anything

Diann Gunzburg

Nice relaxing game. Since the update I have a button on the top of my screen that when touched brings up two boxes. Don't know what it does but it doesn't affect the game play

C. Pethke

Pros: Edit mode that allows players to change the island's looks. Free gems. Cons: Energy system drains very quickly (as opposed to other games with critters who harvest things awhile and go to sleep for 20 min). Very slow progress as it soon takes 50+ power to revive one block with energy that likely takes hours to refill. Exit button doesn't work.

Shilpa Julian

Keeps showing that I don't have an internet connection when I do have a stable connection. Cannot go exploring more than 2 places. Takes too much time to load. Otherwise a good game. -Issues sorted, thank you :)