Merge Town!

Author: Zynga

5,000,000+ install


Merge Town! – Merge and build your very own towns with Merge Town!

Detailed info

File size: 62M
Update time: April 28, 2021
Current version: 4.0.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Zynga
Price: Free
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Customer review


Very entertaining!

Jayson Wack monster

Amazing game all thr buildings you can get is cool the quality is great I recommend it!

Alex Giles

Its a really fun, addictive game to play. I would recommend it to everyone!!!

Preston Wall

It's very addictive👍

Karl Cruz

Get rid of stress nice game

Nikky Munoz

This was amazing game I love it so maybe you can try

Hasaan Zahid

Nice game

Zahida Zareen

Its rlly fun yo play merge town because i like how you can buy stuff and it doesent even have ADDS unless u wanna get something and you have to have an add and i like there is present so its like a superise i think you guys should get it😍😍


Great game.

Ams W

Too many forced ads. Game appears to be "zoomed in" which doesn't effect game play in the early stages but is annoying as it doesn't fit on screen properly. May effect game play later on. Bit rubbish really.

Inflatable Mattress

Fun, time wasting. Ads are annoying but the intrusive ones are short.


Nothing special here, just a typical merge and upgrade idler. However, you have to pay real money to get any of the usual upgrades. For example, $1.99 for the boxes to give you /level 2/ buildings. I get devs need to make money, but that's ridiculous for a cookie cutter idler.

Ashley Hannah

It's so cool to play thank you


Wow the town's I was planing for one but there are more than one so amazing But there is no catalogue witch is a bit confusing

Sara Milovanovic

Amazing,love it

Allison Bettonville

Cool housing game

drew wilson

Xander: 5 years old "i love it"

Nicolas Connault

A little bit of lag but still one of my favourite games!!! 😍😍😍

Rhonda Rummelhart

All the ads, argh!. You have to watch an ad to do anything. When you go to get your full amount because there's no ads available. Then you see an ad. I can't afford to pay and the watch to skip never works. The game is fine though. I recently changed phones. This makes the game to big for the screen. Hard to get out of mystery box.

rosemary tucker

I like it

Jacki Kordich

Unfortunately tried to buy no adds...declined...WHY...yes there is REAL MONEY on my Google play...deleting app...I do not like adds

Eleven's gacha animation world

I love it I think it's really cool

A Google user

I have a tablet but every time I open a box and connect a building it lags you need to fix that. Where did merge plane go?

Mel Raidfadrago

0/5 very bad

Dany Ngy

This game SUCKS you can not upgrade your house to level 2 you have to pay MONEY if you don't go level 1 and start over to level up your HOUSE

Sahil Mohammad

Good geme

Joshua Lange


Stidger Fam

It's really fun and I love these games but maby pipe down the adds

Chase Ariya

Good morning my own personal injury

heartfixer Mahmoud


ツ 10k subs with no content? ツ

I Rated this game 5 stars because the game is satisfying like merge gems. WHOEVER DOES NOT LIKE THIS GAME SHOULD BE PUNISHED

GoodGuy Gamer

This game is not the best but it is really fun

Dawn Reichhart

A really amazing game. Cool graphics but mabie lower the adds. Way too much adds

Steve Chapo

Didn't get past the T&C's because it says you may collect passwords. I can't think of any reason this would be necessary.

Mili Hdz

Supper fun. Loved it

Jessica Shafer


Zachary Cowling

Awesome game.

JP Bantigue

Really not a fan of clicker games, but to be fair I give this 3 stars because of the graphics. But this is not the best merge game out there.

Karri Thuglife

Too much ads... Ugh

T Walker

Far too many ads to be able to enjoy it.