Merge Town : Design Farm

Author: NO.7 games

50,000+ install


Merge Town : Design Farm – Complete tasks to organize and repair the farm to make the farm look new

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File size: 99M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: NO.7 games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Steva Raymond

There's a glitch with the recent update. I reinstalled thinking my device had an issue and wouldn't let me in but its the game itself and now I've lost all my progress

Samantha Valdivia

Fun merge game! Adds are minimal and don't get in the way of game play too much. Fun & cute story line and graphics. The tasks can get a bit redundant but over all a nice merge game. The $ packs are a bit high, slash those in half and I'd purchase one or two.

Cat Pang

Game ID 228775... dropped 1 star, I believes alot of players having this issue 'Plant Green Plant', just like other players is waiting for developer fixing the issue, now the only thing doing is daily competition.. bored

Charlotte Holmes

Game still not letting me in. They still not answering me about this freaking game. Still can't get in this game even uninstalled and installed and still nothing. I don't know my game ID. It's been just that long for me to remember that. It want even get pass the opening screen that say play. When I press it it says retry. The last time I was able to get in the game was 3/02/2022. This is ridiculous. I should get back what I spent on this game. And it was a lot!!!

Norazilah Yunus

Watch ada but no rewards. Then watching failed.

alex murphy

Liked the game alot but stuck.on the plant green plant task but its a black package with a ? On it but no way to finish the task and nothing else to do guessing developer isnt gonna fix the problem been too long nothing to do can not make go any further in game

Gemma Corlett

Good,not too complex or take too long to complete missions

Jamie Kreps

I've been waiting for more quests for over 2 months now. Is there going to be more so should I get rid of this game


The more I play the more ridiculous it gets almost 900 points to level up from 16 to 17 and you're getting two and three points for each hard item that you turn in. 🙄 Shame they took a good concept and ruined it🤦🏽 Love the canned response support gives on reviews 😒 support, pfft, non existent

Faith Adams

This game is kinda boring. I keep it to pass time, but it puts me to sleep. There is no "WOW" factor to this game. I've seen a dozen other games just like it. But it's my once a week game, so I'll keep it till it actually bores me to death. If that's even possible. Lol

Bianca Popa

Nice game but the plant green box task keep on driving me nuts.please fix the problem .


I just started but realized that it's not possible to link the game to Facebook or Google so I am not going to waste time playing it. I have lost too many good games before because my progress wasn't saved. UPDATE: Are you guys planning to add this feature soon?

Ashleigh Wray

Please please please make the wooden boxes sellable. I'm coming down with them so it's hard to play

Donna Vanderpool

I love this game. However I have one task to complete and it's a black prize box with a question mark in it and it says tile title 88

Tracey Cartwright

Hi, I really don't think I am going to get a reply but, I have a mission - plant green plants pic is a box with a ? Inside and have almost run out of game/missions again, I have the (impossible) ones left that I have had since the get and it is getting ridiculous and boring how long they are taking and now I have one that makes no sense because it doesn't say what I have to get. I really did enjoy the game but like other games I USED to play it is running out....!!!!

Vladawen H.

Cute, nice graphics. Wish times were faster. Right now I have a quest for needing plant green plants and it has a question mark. As far as I know I have all items. Getting frustrated.

Lilly Persicke

It leaves streaks on my pictures.

Skylar Jaxx

6/3/2022 finally!!!! It's been so long!!! My items are working again and I'm able to complete task so will raise this to three stars now. Once I've gotten caught back up will update again. Still need to find a way to award upgrade items as well. my "suppliers" are basic level so takes long to go from level one to 13 4/9/2022 Keep deleting my review have been stuck for months as my items aren't producing the correct items contacted developers for months with this issue.


update please

Nazanin Movafaghiyan

I couldn't into game in this last update please help me ,just suddenly i can login but remove some part of game and had to play game again and then i couldn't into game. Help me

Amanda Forsey

Having trouble with knowing what tile_title.888 means?

Ericka Winston

It's an ok game.

Rhonda Davis

Really love this game ever time get really high level then miss up and unstall it take me back to level 10 and lost competitive I was level 3 and lose all my over 900 energy then back 292 energy really suck first time paid money get extra and loss it again and pay for again which I refuse truly giving up great game but done it with very very mad this game

Rebecca McCann

Needs an update!!!!

Shelly Mae

Super fun until lately... Played religiously until ran out of tasks and weird bugs. "?" competition points not fair or bugged...

Dee Hochmuth

Changed to three stars the items to merge won't merge can't play this game if it doesn't merge when it supposed to.

Tami Tenbrink

Somehow can't play the competition bc my points go from 0 to thousands

Diana Rodriguez

One best games Marge, relaxing 😌, mindbusy. Fun, more

Eunice Marquez

Fix the game! I can't go further into the game! It says I need level 1 tile_title.888 What the heck is that?!!

Missy Sadler

The Game does't work. It's just a black screen.


This is an awesome game. I love it, only game I spend actual money on. Devs may need to check out gameplay after this update today. Has gotten a little klonky. please check it out. oh and LOVE the new board!

Fenix Gonzalez

Theres an issue with the ranking system, it really needs to fixed. Other than that I like the game.

Rebecca Buckland

This game is making me sign up for a competition, which I want nothing to do with.

Lashanda LoweryBledsoe

Second time downloading and I love ❤ it

Nkechi May

Cool game

Audra Nicholas

Fun game

Patricia Burnsides

I'm really upset. I was at like level 23 and had over 6000 energy points and then it stopped letting me sign in and I had to uninstall and reinstall and start all over... Again it is not letting me log in... I hit play and it says retry again and again.... I'm at level 23 and have over 890,000 energy points and almost 1000 gems... I'm going to be really upset if I have to start all over again. I have a sleeping disorder and I play this game for over 12 hours during the night and early morning..

Paula Howton

The game keeps cheating me out of awards the last 3 days. I loved the game until the last 3 days.

Meghan Kelly

Used to love this until the error planting green plants task error isn't fixed and requests ignored

Khadija Nadat

You can't access the game offline, add notifications and daily bonus

Napat Sin-amnuaiphon

Can't login with facebook.

Jeannie Ray

Can't play it. Won't let me connect to my Facebook to play. I liked the game but haven't been able to play for a month now.

Ron Lorch

Im stuck on level 31. For the mission it says planting green plants and has a question mark and wont let me do anything else. Its been like that for a what do i do now. Please fix this or tell me what to do. It wont let me move foward

Emma Ellis

I really enjoy this game, however, its failed to log me in now for almost 3weeks (if not longer)... new update 2days ago, worked ok but since then it's failed to log me in and therefore unable to play... If this carries on, I'll have no choice but to delete the game which will be a shame.

Mikaela Turk

The game was fine for a while but I have been unable to play the game for months. I have one job that's been here for months that just says tile_title. I have updated the game several times and I am completely stuck.

Mandie Howarth

I loved this game, but I've had to down score as it hasn't let me play for weeks :(

Dark Angel

I recommend everyone to download this game! It's so relaxing, smooth and music is nice.. I love this game.. Thanks!!

Franz Mikul

Good game

M bariq

Its fun and i have a great time

Paula Dekock


محمد ٧٧٨

Like game

Stephanie Mckenna

Fun, challenging game. Lots of ways to get more energy

Pam Padgett

4/6.... havent been able to log into the game for a couple of weeks, error 11......can't get into the game...keep getting an error.......1/26...many bug submissions, still no help....1/23... tasks i had completed earlier in the game are now incomple. 1/17......lost ALL MY PROGRESS. I have spent more than i care to admit on this game. I WILL NOT pay another penny if all my PROGRESS is lost!!!

A Google user

Another update with no new tasks...

Hazel Higgins

Love the game. Easy to do and quite enjoyable.

A Google user

Good game i enjoy playing. I have not been able to get into the game in 4 days. Its very upsetting. Had to clear my data to play agai.

Sara Ahmed

Loely game

Christopher Leonard

Great game, and quite entertaining

Emily Daniel


angelica woods

Love it ♥️

Bryce Beckstrom

Good,no issues

Dalia Dawood


Ros Stillman

Great game. Great rewards

tracey marriott

It's brilliant

Gaye Peyton

Good game to play I like it

Monalee Bulawan


P cwk

Why suddenly fail to log in? Facebook connection problem. Please fix it.

melinda moore

Great game with great graphics. The quick turnaround time allows for longer game play, enjoying very much.

Savanah Farmer

This game is addicting and fun!

mika hopkins


AGA Floras


Jeanly Estares

Why I can't log in always say failed

davinda wetzel

Good past time game if u like merge games

Mardihah Sabaruddin


هانیه ناصری


Sharon Edwards

Had to change my review from 4 stars to 1. Yesterday and today the game won't even open. It keeps saying login failed. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it still won't work. And it doesn't even give you an option to try to fix whatever login issue is has.

Desiree Dominguez

Very much enjoying this game

Debbie Blakey


sunnie chong


Natalie Bullock

I just started this game but I love it! Great game to keep your brain active.

Christie Learue

Good game so far

Obembe Oluwadamilola Christianah

Great game, but pls had gems to my daily wins

Asmaa Akhi

Very good game.

Nacm Mllh


Jonquil P

What is Mission: 'Planting Green Plants' Level 1 tile_title.888? Has a picture of a gift with a question mark over it, saying 0/1 (Worth 16 XP)????

Sarah Corder

Good game

Tina Tryon

I like this game

Iza Slodka

I like this game.i have a lot of fun

Jennifer Draper

Cute game to pass the time. Lots of fun

Charlotte Davies

Love it so relaxing 😍

Fatemeh Salahi

Veeeeray Goood

kristi wilson

Have been unable to log in for a week now. My app is up to date and still not able to log in.

Haley majer

The game won't let me login I have checked for updates but there isn't one I've tried deleting and redownloading it but nothing has worked I've put money into this game and I'd like to continue playing it

Kendra Cuddihy

I was playing just fine and then yesterday I was unable to play without even an update to install. It is sad when you ask for help in support and do not get it.

May Thu


Briana Stephens

3/27 still getting error code 11

Mohaya Sahni


Rebecca Stump

There is always something new to do with this game. I love it. You don't have to spend a lot of money. That's a huge plus.

Tiffany Keyanna Russell

I love this game

Danielle Wilson

Love it!