Merge Sweet Isles

Author: JoD Studio

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✱Game Introduction
Merge Sweet Isles – Merge Sweet Isles is a super fun casual merge mobile game. I believe that many players will think of candy when they talk about the sweet feeling. Merge Sweet Isles not only has a very challenging map, dreamy and sweet candy theme, rich and fun sound effects, refreshing and smooth graphics, and original strategy fusion gameplay, it brings players a high-quality gaming experience.
Join Merge Sweet Isles for a sweet journey. At present, the game has thousands of magical secrets waiting for you to unlock, and there are many candy elves that will definitely make you embark on an unprecedented new journey, and all the synthetic props in the game are all candies.
✱Game Background
There is a mysterious island in the far sea, which is called Delicious Candy Island.
Rumor has it that there are all kinds of candy fairies living on the island, and they are very fond of sweets, especially candies. They jointly guard a kind of candy called “Star Candy”, which is located in the deepest part of the island. It is said that you can taste the taste of stars and it is the most delicious candy in the world.
One day, a magical gourmet who was traveling around the world came here to taste “star candy”. It is said that he has a magical handbag that can hold all the delicious food in the world. All the delicacies he has encountered and tasted when he traveled the world are collected in his bag. This time, he hopes to taste this “star candy”.
Will he be able to get his wish?
✱Game Features

-Collect sprites-
Wake up dozens of candy elves slumbering on the island, evolve them, make them span 9 growth stages, and finally get the loyal guard who gets the star candy!
Hatching elf eggs, Elf Dreams will travel around the island to collect food for you.

-matching items-
Hundreds of desserts are waiting for you to drag and blend them! Create new delicacies to further unlock the island!
Find sleeping elf sculptures in each level, match them and wake them up to create new life!

-Daily Challenge-
Open treasure chests, collect gold coins, merge gems, and get daily rewards.
New missions are always waiting for you to challenge!

-Seasonal Events-
Colorful seasonal events continue to roll out!
More limited-time elves and limited-time food are waiting for you!

Detailed info

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Update time: Oct 6, 2022
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Developer: JoD Studio
Price: Free
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